First grade curriculum night 2011 knox


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First grade curriculum night 2011 knox

  2. 2. Ms. Lawton Born and raised in Atlanta, GA Lived in Cherokee for 10 years Masters ECE, Gifted Endorsement, Reading Endorsement, Teach 21 2 children: Lauren 12-7th grade and Nicholas 11-6th grade
  3. 3. My Children!
  4. 4. CCSD Performance Standards Cherokee County Performance Standards can be found on the Cherokee County Website. Standards are linked to the Georgia Standards elcome.aspx
  5. 5. Behavior All students will have a fresh start daily, as they begin the day on green. Sunshine=Student exhibits great behavior, meaning he/she has gone beyond the normal expectations of following the rules Green = Student has had excellent behavior and completed all class work assignments. Yellow = Student received several verbal warnings and 2 minutes off of recess. Red = Student received 5 or more verbal warnings, 5 minutes off of recess and possible trip to the office. High five compliments from outside the classroom.
  6. 6. Our Schedule 7:30-8:00 Morning Work 8:00-8:30 Calendar Binder/Marcy Cook Math 8:30-9:30 Saxon Phonics 9:30 -10:40 Reading/Language Arts /Guided Reading/ Literacy Centers 10:42-11:12 Lunch 11:12-11:20 Restroom Break 11:20-12:30 Math 12:30-1:15 Specials  Mon., Tues., Fri. – PE, Wed. – Music, Thurs. – Art 1:15-1:30 Snack/Recess 1:30-2:00 Science/Social Studies/Writing 2:00-2:30 Pack-Up – Closing/Dismissal
  7. 7. Morning Work Free Journal Writing Handwriting Review Skills (Grammar & Math) Special seasonal activities School starts at 7:45
  8. 8. Saxon Phonics This year your child will participate in an intense, systematic phonics program. Saxon Phonics teaches readers the phonetic value of letters, letter combinations and syllables. This program presents information incrementally and reviews daily. Spelling is incorporated into the phonics program.
  9. 9. Reading Shared reading in text Small group instruction; guided reading Literacy center activities such as spelling, phonics, sentence work, story activities SuccessMaker program Independent and partner reading Accelerated Reader taken in library
  10. 10. Math Number Sense Charts and Graphs Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving Money Place Value Fractions Geometry Measurement and Time
  11. 11. Math Manipulate physical objects until the topic has been mastered Timed math test called Mad Math Minutes (addition / subtraction facts) Success Maker Math IXL Math Games Daily Calendar Binder Marcy Cook
  12. 12. Specials Monday: PE Tuesday: PE Wednesday: Music Thursday: Art Friday: PE Computer Lab: Friday Media: Every 3rd Tuesday
  13. 13. Language Arts Writing Process: prewrite, draft, revise, edit, publish Write paragraphs: narrative, expository, persuasive and informative Use graphic organizers Letter writing Sentences structure, Punctuation, Capitalization, Rules of spelling, Parts of speech
  14. 14. Social Studies John Henry, Johnny Appleseed Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyan, Annie Oakley Meaning of America Map Skills, Oceans and Continents Economics City, county, state, country, and continent
  15. 15. Science Weather and Seasons Water Magnets Plant and Animal Life Cycles Sounds
  16. 16. Grading System O – Outstanding (96-100%) produces high quality work consistently S – Satisfactory (80-95%)produces work of satisfactory quality and applies learning N – Needs Improvement (70-79%) produces work of inconsistent quality and needs frequent reteaching U – Unsatisfactory ( below 70%) seldom produces work of satisfactory quality or demonstrates lack of effort TD = teacher directed lesson Check mark = reviewed for completion
  17. 17. Homework Sent home on Friday Due the following Friday Homework will be checked for completion Any books that come home (library or classroom) are to be returned the next day
  18. 18. SnacksYou may send a snack with your child each day. Snacks will be eaten when we return from specials. Please make sure that they are nutritious. Finger snacks are best…nothing messy  Please no drinks.
  19. 19. Communication Everyday:  Agenda-Please sign each night. Transportation Changes:  Please send note so that it may be sent to the office. Friday Folders  Sent home on Friday with weeks work, school information , and homework.  Send back to school on Friday with homework inside. nox-es/default.aspx
  20. 20. Parent Expectations Read and sign your child’s agenda each night. Have your child to school on time. Make sure that they get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast. Read to or listen to your child read each night. Please stress the importance of school…this is your child’s job!
  21. 21. Important Information Every Friday is 1st Grade ice cream day. Ice cream is $.75. Please send in money with your child’s name on it. Individual birthday snacks are welcome at lunch (10:42 in the cafeteria). Please send in store bought finger items. Birthday invitations must be brought for the entire class or not at all.
  22. 22. J. Knox Curriculum Night 2011Thanks for coming!