How to Use GDI's SiteBuilder to Create Your WebSite


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GDI's SiteBuilder is a simple tool that can help you create an effective WebSite from scratch in just minutes.

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How to Use GDI's SiteBuilder to Create Your WebSite

  1. 1. Global Domains InternationalThank you for watching this presentationHow to use GDI’s SiteBuilder to create a simple, effective WebSite
  2. 2. Question #1Jean: How do I promote GDI on a limited income? You Don’t Have to Spend Money for Great Marketing. But you do have to put in the work. Free Marketing Ideas • Create Your Own Videos • Create a Twitter Account • Invite Your Contacts • Attend Local Business Events • Promote the Opportunity and Product • Your Upline and Other Affiliates
  3. 3. Question #2 Angel: What are some tips to grow your business?Connect with the Right People! People Like You The easiest way to figure out what kind of person might be a great GDI member and downline, is to ask yourself what drew you to the opportunity and what qualities you have that make you successful. As you answer these questions, there is no doubt that some people you already know will come to mind. These people may think the same way about business as you or just have the drive to succeed. Invite them to become a GDI member. Be sure to explain the opportunity clearly and get their thoughts and insights on the opportunity to build Income for Life. Once you get some feedback, this will help you think of more people and personality types who might be interested in GDI. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great professional resource and fast growing social network, and not just for people looking for a 9-5 job. Use LinkedIn to search for people with the same business interests as you. You can search “network marketing” and get lots of results of people you might have some shared connections with. LinkedIn allows you to ask your current connections for an introduction to new people you would like to build a business relationship with. Anyone on Hard Times It’s no secret that the economy is still on hard times. Lucky for you, times like these are great for fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and taking your career and life into your own hands. Think of people you already know who are out of work or could benefit from GDI. Explain to them the amazing opportunity and chance to change their life and income despite their circumstances. It’s a great time to be a GDI member and control your own income.
  4. 4. Question #3 Shari: What are ad words?What is AdWords?AdWords enables you to create online advertisements and show themon Google and across a huge network of partner websites. Advertisingwith AdWords allows you to reach new customers at the precisemoment when they are searching for your type of products andservices. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and youcontrol how much you spend on each click, your daily budget, andwhere your ads appear. AdWords accounts also include graphs andperformance data so you can track whats working and edit your adsaccordingly. (courtesy: You Need AdWords?AdWords is a pay service, separate from GDI. You don’t need to spendmoney to succeed with GDI. It is up to you.Free “Words” ToolGoogle Keywords to find which words drive traffic.
  5. 5. More About KeywordsKeywords are words or phrases that visitors search to find your page or ad. These keywords should exist through out your page or your ad. For your site, create a keyword list of at least 4 words or phrases to use through out. If you create an ad, create a much larger list and test with different campaigns.Targeted You want to fill you site and adds with keywords that are targeted, not overly general. Phrases that are too general may mean the wrong visitors end up at your site and too broad keywords will not reach as many users as you would like.Variations Use different forms of your best keywords through out your site and ads. Think plural and different names for the same thing.
  6. 6. Question #4Debbie: When I send people to my site they get redirected to a replicated site? Does this have to do with my domain settings? Yes. It could be that you have you Domain Name System (DNS) setting set differently than what you would like people to be directed to. Your DNS setting is what tells your domain to show WordPress, SiteBuilder, Forwarding, etc. To change your DNS Settings to allow forwarding, please consult the following steps: 1) Log in to your account at 2) Click on the "Domains" button on the left-hand toolbar 3) Click the "Change DNS" link next to the domain you wish to edit 4) Select the "Domain Forwarding" option. Click "Continue". 5) Change the "Web Forwarding To:" field to the URL of your new address.
  7. 7. SiteBuilder: Creating a Professional Site, Simply Choose a Customizable Template With fourteen template groups, each with multiple templates within there are dozens of template options to chose from. GDI SiteBuilder template groups vary from business, to family, to hobbies and more. Once you select a group of templates to choose from, there are many different designs, colors and layout within each group to chose from. You can select which colors you prefer and add images, text and GDI extras like buttons that link directly to the 7 minute video to make your website truly yours. If you decide you don’t like the template you’re using you can even swap it out once you have added text and images without losing any of your changes.
  8. 8. TemplatesTemplate Categories Individual Templates
  9. 9. Don’t Want to Use WordPress? Use the SiteBuilder Blog! Add a Blog We talk about our WordPress plugin often, but it’s not the only blog in town! With SiteBuilder you can easily add your own blog and update it as often as you would like. Simply navigate to the “Plugins” tab in SiteBuilder and click to activate or edit your blog. When you want to add a new post, click on your Blog in the “Pages” section of SiteBuilder and then simply click “New Post” and you’re ready to go.
  10. 10.  Banners SiteBuilder Tools The banners offered in the toolbox are a great addition to any website, whether your site is explicitly promoting the opportunity or not. The banners act as an advertisement for your GDI business. Each banner is customized to your account to ensure that when visitors click on a banner they will be redirected a to GDI promotional page with you as the sponsor, inviting them to learn more and submit their contact information. Buttons The buttons offered in the SiteBuilder tools can serve a variety of purposes. You can invite people to sign up right away with you as their sponsor, watch the movie or learn more with our different buttons offered. These buttons are powerful as they are bright and stand out from text, inviting people to click on learn more.
  11. 11. SiteBuilder Tools Movies GDI’s most powerful marketing tool is the 7 minute movie. So why not add it to your page? In the tools you can find the movies and simply drop them in to one of your pages. We offer three movies to chose from, including the animated interactive movie, giving your page a professional feel as visitors enter their contact info before watching the movie and learning more about GDI and your opportunity. More If people need to be convinced to join GDI, why not give them a chance to find out how much they could make or read more about others who have made money with GDI? In the “More” section of the tools you will find our income calculator, allowing new visitors to crunch the numbers and see the possibilities of GDI right on your page. This section also allows you to add an image and link to our Testimonials page which showcases some of GDIs members.
  12. 12. The Income Calculator
  13. 13. is Your IDN Headquarters!
  14. 14. New: GDI Tutorial Videos GDI is happy to announce our new Video Tutorials Section in the Members Area Have a suggestion for the tutorial? We want to hear from you!