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Presentation on the use of social media at the Notting Hill Carnival

Presentation on the use of social media at the Notting Hill Carnival



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Don't get around much anymore Don't get around much anymore Presentation Transcript

  • Dont get around much any more:Synchronous Travelogues at the Notting Hill Carnival
  • Why this research?• Study mapping the Experience Production System of UK Carnivals using social media• Technology and social behavior coevolve: – Technology influences social interactions – Social interactions can also influence technology• Synchronous Travelogue – Emergent form of online behavior by individuals
  • Why is this important to Carnival?• Commercial implications for festival organizers and entrepreneurs• Every visitor/customer has an audience >150, combined reach of over 1 million in any medium sized event• Young, affluent, educated audience – Influence visit/ product purchase decisions – Influence festival layout and design View slide
  • Literature Summary• The travelogue has a long history – Narrated – Written – Printed – Photos• From late 1990s overtaken by travel blog – Online – Participative View slide
  • Research Design• Content analysis online• Archive of Social Media interactions around Events and Destinations• Virtual interviews with bloggers in Delphi format
  • Findings• Blogs evolved• FROM • Post hoc, asychronous, rich text, descriptive, discursive text, pictures (semi-synchronous, often with proprietory blog platforms)• TO • multi-faceted, synchronous, interventions, bricolage, varied content, fragmented (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare)
  • Findings• Motivations of Travelogue writers:• Travel experience enhanced through virtual conspicuous consumption or through altruism/sharing.• Audience vicarious consumption (as of old), but with the ability to interact and instantly demonstrate appreciation, prior knowledge or suggest activities
  • Synchronous Travelogue• Virtual transmedia souvenir created by traveler/performer and audience• Blurs performer/audience boundaries• Linked multiple networks and platforms (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Flikr/Pinterest/You Tube/Blog)• Instant sharing/responses
  • Synchronous Travelogue• Facilitated by technology – “Free” Social networks – Cheap online storage – Ubiquitous network access (wireless/mobile)• Evolving social norms – Sharing thoughts and impressions – Sharing content
  • Example from Noting Hill Carnival 2012 CONTENT/AUDIENCE HOWMASQUERADE BAND MEMBER TWEET INTERACTION SHAREDI hope people realise its the first day of Notting Hill Carnival twitter.comnext Sunday.Stewards needed for Notting Hill Carnival. Anyone who may twitter.combe interested then please let me know.This is my last carnival doing a large costume... Look out forme if youre heading down Notting Hill. Ill have my phone on twitter.comme. :)My costume for Notting Hill Carnival 2012. PHOTO twitter.comI think I had the longest eyelashes out of M2K during NottingHill Carnival. Loool. blackberryRT @NatashaTL: Notting Hill Carnival was pretty fun formost of the day! @M2KMAS is definitely the best band for MESSAGE TO FOLLOWER/costume wearers! I <3 M2K BAND MENTION blackberryOmg. Im hearing I was dancing with Police Officersyesterday at Notting Hill Carnival! Why dont I rememberthis? Loool. =| blackberryHow can Notting Hill Carnival be 3 days ago already? Omg. Imiss it so much!!! blackberryHey @JackieEyewe. Can you send me the pics you took atNotting Hill Carnival please? x MESSAGE TO FOLLOWER blackberryIs it bad that Im planning for Notting Hill Carnival next yearalready? twitter.comCongratulations to my carnival band @M2KMAS! We came3rd place at Notting Hill Carnival for Sunday and Monday. BAND MENTION
  • Before
  • On the Road: AM
  • On the Road: PM
  • Post Event
  • Summary• Travelogues extend the travel experience spatially and temporally• HOWEVER, Travel information was mediated by influential broadcasters• Now democratised• No curator or filter• Immediacy without mediation
  • Implications• Need for power, communications infrastructure / mobile broadband to facilitate synchronicity• Tourism authorities and providers to supply readymade narratives (photo opps, local colour, music, culture)• Monitor networks to identify emergent themes and legitimize/amplify them