Welkom ma international events students


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Introductory lecture for MA International Events Management Students

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Welkom ma international events students

  1. 1. WelkomMA International EventsManagement StudentsIntroduction, Course Overview, Module Overview & some helpful tips
  2. 2. Introduction• London Metropolitan University & Events Management• Concepts in International Events Management• Assessment requirements & working throughout this week
  3. 3. London Metropolitan University• One of the foremost university educators in London with a student body of over 30,000 students – A diverse and vibrant university right in the centre of London – Welcoming students from all over the world and from all social or family backgrounds – In 2007 Londonmet launched the LMBS, one of Europe’s largest business schools
  4. 4. London Metropolitan University (cont’d)• LMBS’ diverse and innovative courses have produced many talented – Recording artists – Media business Oriste Williams owners – Sport events organisers & culture sector managers Jennifer Dong
  5. 5. Events Management• Two of the most popular MA courses at LMBS• One is about the use of events by countries, communities, organizations & brands as promotional tools• The other is about using events to change the world• Both comprises 5 core modules, 1 elective & 1 dissertation module• More information from: – MA Events Marketing Management – MA International Events Management
  6. 6. The MA International Events Management Is Great! LondonField visits Friendships
  7. 7. The MA InternationalEvents Management Is Great! GWR! Great work Your own opportunities textbook
  8. 8. Concepts in International Events Management• A core module• Worth 10 credits out of the 180 credits needed from most MA courses at LMBS• Always taught as a one-week intensive• Meant to introduce you to Londonmet teaching and learning
  9. 9. Assessments at Londonmet • Varied set of tasks which include: – Posters – Short films – A theoretically informed case studies – Proposals – Presentations – Putting on events
  10. 10. Working This Week • This week you will be introduced to many new ways to teaching, learning and assessment – Using visual media – Leading academic discussions – Academic writing & referencing – Using re-mote electronic databases
  11. 11. Working This Week (cont’d)• All new skills will be demonstrated in class• Time will be dedicated to explaining exactly how the assessment should be completed• You will be expected to start to develop, in addition to subject knowledge, skills & attributes of all LMBS students – including an international outlook & appreciation for research & interpersonal & critical thinking skills
  12. 12. Week Overview DAY 1 DAY 2 Ambush Marketing Field TripChanging the World One Event at a Time DAY 3 DAY 4An International Approach Events: Product Service to Events Management or Experience Authenticity in Events DAY 5 Cultural Events Marketing
  13. 13. Getting Started ...• Please read chapter one of required text (will be on FB• Read everything you can about SUP 11 city tour• Keep checking FB
  14. 14. For Helpful Tips...• n.ferdinand@londonmet.ac.uk• http://facebook.com/Ms.NicoleFerdinand• Nicole Ferdinand @evntmgt