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Ra in public libraries

  1. 1. Serving Fiction Readers in the Library and Beyond Nicole Adams Oshawa Public Libraries October 2013
  2. 2. Who am I? Hold a Master in Library and Information Science from FIMS at Western CNIB Library, Boston Public Library and Markham Public Library Held a variety of positions in the Oshawa Public Libraries Vice Chair of OPLA’s Readers’ Advisory Committee
  3. 3. Engaging Readers Local Initiatives in public libraries  RA Services, Staff Training  Programs RA Committee  Mandate  Work of the committee
  4. 4. Engaging Readers Oshawa Public Libraries Direct Readers' Advisory  One on one recommendations - RA conversation  Personalized Reading Service – form based RA  Visiting Library Service  Outreach – book clubs in the community  Programs for readers
  5. 5. Engaging Readers Oshawa Public Libraries Indirect or “Stealth” Readers' Advisory  Read-alike and Themed booklists - print and online  Reading map posters and pathfinders  Shelf talkers  Displays in library and at programs We try to make reading suggestions a part of everything we do
  6. 6. Readers' Advisory Training Oshawa Public Libraries  RA librarian offers training each quarter  Genre Talks  Book sharing sessions at staff meetings  Webinars from EI and SOLS  RA Committee's Core Competencies Toolkit  RA in a Day
  7. 7. Programs for Readers Mystery Author Festival  Pass the Book (Community Read)  Genre talks and Book Chats  Book Clubs  Book Club in a Bag  Book Club Celebration 
  8. 8. Readers’ Advisory Committee Develops and promotes adult RA service in public libraries Provides a forum through which public library staff can meet, exchange ideas, and promote services Ensures educational opportunities are provided for staff working with adult readers
  9. 9. Readers’ Advisory Committee Raises the standards and strengthens the guidelines for RA services province-wide Advocates and promotes RA excellence Honours excellence in service to adult readers
  10. 10. RA Core Competencies A comprehensive document providing RA training materials. 1. Collection Knowledge 2. Readers’ Service Skills 3. Readers’ Advisory Conversation 4. Reader Development • First 2 competencies are on the OLA website
  11. 11. RA Core Competencies 1. Collection Knowledge Understanding of, and familiarity with, the depth and breadth of materials and resources in the branch and/or system, including material in all formats and media, both fiction and non-fiction
  12. 12. RA Core Competencies 2. Readers’ Service Skills Developing and maintaining a system for exchanging information in a nonjudgmental environment for the purpose of suggesting reading materials that support the reading interests of our customers.
  13. 13. RA Core Competencies 3. Readers’ Advisory Conversation Interacting with readers to match their needs and interests to library materials.    Using interview skills to clarify customers’ interests Assisting and advising customers on the selection of materials in a variety of genres, subjects and formats and at an appropriate reading level Understanding the appeal factors of books,
  14. 14. RA Core Competencies 4. Reader Development Developing customers` awareness of their own reading interests, the ability to articulate why certain books appeal, and the ability to make connections to similar books.
  15. 15. RA in a Day • A day-long event features the leaders in RA • • • Guest speakers, authors, interactive discussions and roundtables Allows staff across the province to share RA knowledge Recognition of Excellence in Adult RA - Award
  16. 16. RA in a Day – themes  The Many Faces of Our Readers:Including Diverse Communities in the Reading Experience  Getting Your Community Reading  Reaching Virtual Readers
  17. 17. RA in a Day Speakers’ List • Rachel Van Riel, Opening the Book • Raymond Mar & Keith Oatley, On Fiction • Duncan Smith, NoveList co-founder • Neal Wyatt, non-fiction readers’ advisory • Authors: Terry Fallis, Charlotte Gray, Kelly Armstrong, Deborah Harkness, Elizabeth Ruth
  18. 18. How can you get involved? • • • READ and be prepared to talk about your reading in a professional way Be knowledgeable about readers in your community and events they might be interested in Join professional associations and assist with RA programs • Attend events and share in the reading culture • Participate in reading activities in your job
  19. 19. No One Reads Anymore?
  20. 20. Thank-you and Keep Reading Nicole Adams nadams@oshawalibrary.on.ca