The change from AUDIOEMOTION by Elisa Escobedo @ Rencontres Radio 2.0 Paris


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The change from AUDIOEMOTION by Elisa Escobedo @ Rencontres Radio 2.0 Paris

  1. 1. THE CHANGEWellcome... Bienvenue!
  2. 2. The World is changing Coopetition vs competition Partnering vs standing alone Digital vs analogic Worldwide & Local viewThe user is the real king ... More than ever!And the market procedures also change...The systems to monetize projects on the Internet are simply different than on analogic We have the chance to live something magic, we all are part of this new era, therefore we need to CHANGE!...
  3. 3. TO CHANGE.. WHAT? Reinvent Focus on the user experience Interact Socialize Be part of something bigger & attractive Build an awesome media kit Seduce but not overexposse to adsBe obsesively local & Worldwide both together Enough is not enough... It should be perfect! Partner with the best Don t take anything for granted Learn.... Every day!Invent yourself and your company ... Every day!
  4. 4. Analyzing Online Radio Monetizing ...a reality?• Why is it a great media?• Which are the Breaks?• Ecosystem• Formats• Market Figures• Examples• Final Reflexions
  5. 5. Why is it a great media?• Reach• Relevant and fast growing audiences: Ex: 12 million in Spain• Educated, Mid to high level listeners• One to one advertising• Great formats and communication opportunities• Effective if well done• Prescriptive• Targettable• Accountable (real impacts vs estimations)• Measurable• Premium content: Music & Talk Shows from relevant personalities• Best “meanwhile” media – while working or studying• Purely emotional
  6. 6. Which are the Breaks?• Where´s the budget for online radio? It does not exist!• Not enough education/expertise – professionals on radio online• Audio format is not “clickable” nor third party measured• Fragmentation: Too many players for distributing low budgets not organized• Not branded enough (many online radios are unkown to the media buyers)• Too many broadcasters thinking it is “the same” than selling radio, and not realyzing or accepting that there are competing with other players (Google, MSN, You Tube…), and that their positioning on digital is not equivalent to the one they have on the offline.• Still decission process via digital teams• Radio is not only but primarly a “blind” media.. Also at the Internet• Lack of homologated measurement & transparent technologies• Lack of knowledge enough at agencies, specially on audio digital format• Crisis = less budgets to “experiment”• New creativities to be built for online• Free untill now? …. At least on broadcasting for the audio• Not really adapted: ON/OFF radios have not necessarily analyzed the e-listener preferences
  7. 7. Ecosystem• Aggregation• Partial• Direct• Market
  8. 8. Market Ecosystem – Spain ExampleAudioemotion Media: Measurement and analysisAggregated Network ModelAdvertisers Agencies Partners - Sales Tools - One of the Kind Positioning - Audiences aggregation Agnostic targetting - Objective Targetting Groups - Traffic & Operations - Unified repporting - Specialized Team Technology - Technologies homologation Value Aded Services - Procedures: “making it easy” 9 M UU Profiling & content based 45 M listening sessions Network 75% Reach % of Inventories at the Network Partial Model Radio X Direct Model Others
  9. 9. And now... let´s imagine amedia planner today !...
  10. 10. TVRadioMagazinesPressOutdoor...And now also the one online...SearchDisplayVideoSocial NetworksMobile... SO... Radio Online on seem processWith literally thousands of players! How to be at the digital top of mind list?
  11. 11. Let´s look on what happens with the air radio in Spain:95%of all Radio Investiments go to the 3 top National RadiosRegional & Local with tremendous audiences & influence power remain withonly the rest:5%And Digital market is much more fragmented.Plus, remember online radio competes with other kind of players.Being at the top of mind is not an easy issue,but it is possible: Audioemotion in Spain is proud to be just there
  12. 12. Formats• Multimedia• Formats• Specials• Target Groups
  13. 13. Radio Online is multi-media• Most of the listeners are NOT WebRadio listeners, but they connect through iTunes, Winamp, Mobile, WiFi Radio, iCarRadio…• The only format without boarder is Audio!.... BUT it is not the only format for communicating
  14. 14. Formats For Online Radio – Web Radio TechnologyPreroll Audio + Synchronized Banner In Stream Audio + Synchronized BannerPreroll Audio In Stream Audio Banner and Vídeo at Web PagesVideo In Banner Pre-roll Smart & Targetted Audio Podcast Prerol Podcast
  15. 15. Radio TV: Video on Online Radio Visual Content Technology Vídeo Pre-Roll In-Banner 300x250Vídeo Preroll 20” + banner 300x250 synchronized Mid-Roll Vídeo 20” + Banner 300x250 synchronized + Banner synchronized Overlay
  16. 16. Radio Online on Mobile TechnologyAudio Preroll 15” Audio In Stream 20”Audio Preroll + Banner synchronized In Stream Audio + Banner synchronized Pre-roll Video Audio Preroll 15” + Interstitial synchronized or Alone
  17. 17. Más de 5 millones de Usuarios Únicos WebRadio Mobile & Tablet Examplesen nuestra Red, ¡3,3 millones con IP de España! iPad
  18. 18. Top Branding: Audioemotion Specials  Exclusivity on blocks  Linking Brands & Music  Campaigns to Radios Social Networks  Content Sponsoring  Mobile Specific Campaigns  Corporate Radio  Smart Podcasting ONE STEP AHEAD COVERING ALL DIGITAL RADIO ADVERTISER NEEDS COVERING ALL POSSIBLE MONETIZATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE RADIO PUBLISHERS
  19. 19. Social NetworkCampaignEstrella GaliciaIn just 18 hours132 k views135 comments+ 116 more likes
  20. 20. Play ListsSponsoringCampaignBMW2 MM homeImpressionsat Spain300k visitsto playliistsIn 15 days!Still online
  21. 21. Targetting: Audioemotion Target Groups By Content Talk Shows, Music & Pure Internet Stations By Ages Teens-ON (17 to 24 years) Plus-ON (24 to 40 years) y Select-ON – 35 to 60 years By Sex Rose-ON (women) Blue-ON (man) By S.E. Level Mid-Class, Mid-High Class y High Class Microtargetting As per content: Sports, Magazine, Music By Styles, etc. We select the appropiate stations & channels based on the objective target of the advertiser, As an independent company we are appreciated at the market to be agnostic
  22. 22. Our Chalanges for Pure Audio Formats• Homologated Official Measurement• Third Party Tracking both sides (adserving and official trackers)• Analysis on Impact & Effectiveness• Education
  23. 23. Market Figures & Profiles• Who is the e-listener?• Figures, predictions• Brands that have tested the media
  24. 24. Who is the e-listener? The online radio user is an educated student, professional or enterprenaur. Urban, mid to high socioeconomical level, ages within the major buying capacity & level (18 to 40 years) Curious, unconformist, music, culturaly diversity & technology apassionate. The online radio user loves to interact
  25. 25. Users Evolution – Market Figures The fastest growing media at the Internet • From 40 to 180 million users in the last 6 years (Bridge Ratings data), and 30% increase last year The Digital Ad Revenue Projections • 3,6% from the total Radio Investment at USA • NOT a canibalizing market, as radio on air grows.
  26. 26. Our reason to be.... Brands that already invest on Online Radio
  27. 27. Some Final ReflexionsWe have big challages to improve,we must act now!The actual money invested is nothingcompared with the impact of the media,so we just have one option: growing sensibly!Remember that you need technology,top level team, true partnerships, shareknowledge, and focus on the e-listenerexperience, stablishing dialogues, avoidingacting unidirectionally.The opportunity is real and it is there...Just CHANGE and take it!
  28. 28. ¡Thank you for your attention! Here Bellow my CredentialsContact me for Anything you Wish Elisa Escobedo Tel: +34 616 932 642
  29. 29. OrganisateursXavier FILLIOL Nicolas MOULARD,Directeur Editions de l’Octet Directeur