Big Data From Hype to Reality from Richard Benjamins of Telefonica at Big Media by Actuonda

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Big Data From Hype to Reality …

Big Data From Hype to Reality
Richard Benjamins (Group Director BI & Big Data, Internal Exploitation, Telefónica)

Primer encuentro BIG MEDIA
Conectando Media, Audiencia y Publicidad con Datos
24 de junio 2014, Madrid
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• Con el apoyo de : Big Data Spain, Medios On
• Socio tecnológico : Agora News
• Organizadores : Actuonda y Cátedra Big Data UAM-IBM
• Contacto : Nicolas Moulard (Actuonda) @Radio_20

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Dr. Richard Benjamins Group Director BI & Big Data Telefonica Big Data – From Hype to Reality Telefonica © 2014
  • 2. 2Telefonica
  • 3. Xavi: movements faster than 5 m/sec Time at each position sec. 3Telefonica Messi movements faster than 5 m/sec
  • 4. What’s the big deal with Big Data? Big Big 4Telefonica McKinsey Big Data McKinsey Big Deals
  • 5. Big Data is a hype 5Telefonica
  • 6. Where does all the hype come from? Today, huge marketing budgets are being thrown at those two words, driven by new business… no wonder all the noise! 6Telefonica 2004: Google publishes Map Reduce paper (link: here) 2006: Yahoo’s Doug Cutting open sources Hadoop out of his older search engine project Nutch. (Link: here) 2011: McKinsey Global Institute publishes report on Big Data’s market potential for business, reaching out of the tech. world (link: here)
  • 7. But what is Big Data? 7Telefonica Dave Feinleib, Forbes blog 1. Big Data is Only About Massive Data Volume 2. Big Data Means Hadoop 3. Big Data Means Unstructured Data 4. Big Data is for Social Media Feeds and Sentiment Analysis 5. NoSQL means No SQL
  • 8. Where is Big Data coming from? Type of Big Data OTT/Telco Cost of data collection By product/ seeking Batch/real- time Differential? Social media OTT Low Active Both No Web logs Both Low Passive Both No Network data Telco High Passive Both Yes 8Telefonica Network data (telco) Telco High Passive Both Yes M2M (sensor) data Both High Active Both Might Open data OTT Low Both Batch No Transact. data Both Medium Passive Both No
  • 9. PI EconomyExamples of external useInternal use Several business opportunities with (big) data Different “business” models with different maturities and different risks Data = improved business Data = risk = business Data = business Data = better advertising Improve services Advertising Access to insights Become a gatekeeper of personal data 9Telefonica Leverage data to understand and improve business (x/up sell, churn) and products Recognize that digital data is delicate (privacy) Turn that into an opportunity Insights that help improve businesses and governments Leverage data for targeting users with relevant ads and higher CTR and conversion M2M Smart cities
  • 10. Privacy remains an issue 10Telefonica
  • 11. Are you aware where your data is going? 11Telefonica
  • 12. The industry is learning by doing 12Telefonica
  • 13. External Monetisation - Smart steps for retailers 13Telefonica What are the profiles of the people in the area of my store? How does the footfall in our area change throughout the day?
  • 14. Organizadores Sponsor platinum 15Telefonica Sponsor Gold Con el apoyo de Socio tecnológico Nicolas Moulard, Director de Actuonda Tel : +34 699 248 200 @Radio_20