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Network News                                                    June 2010

What happened in May

Network News                                                         June 2010

What happened in May

  Watch from a dis...
Network News               June 2010

May / June and Beyond

                                               Members invol...
Network News                                                       June 2010

May / June and Beyond

  In a few mon...
Network News                                                June 2010

      The 2010 Actors Network

Network News                                                          June 2010

About some of our members

Gareth Clark:...
Network News                              June 2010

Photographer Alex Brenner is offering free 
photos of ...
    Network News          June 2010

Charlie Allen
Sandie Armstrong
Emily Ballantyne
Sarah Barfoot
Stuart B...
Network News                     June 2010

Companies / Organisations / Venues mentioned
Actors’ Network, The 
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Brighton Actors' Network - Network New - June 2010


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Brighton Actors' Network - Network New - June 2010

  1. 1. June 2010 Network News Brighton Actors’ Network May Hello and welcome to the Brighton Actors’ Network and to  the first edition of Network News.    The Actors’ Network Schmooze n Booze   Before I Sleep The first Schmooze n Booze was a success indeed. It was   Ambleton Delight Screening comprised entirely of members of A Fish Called Improv. A  lovely sociable time had by all plus  some semi‐inebriated   Guest Who planning, the details of which may be revealed if pressed!    A Fish Called Improv The next Schmooze n Booze will take place either 2nd or 3rd  June. Day to be confirmed via Facebook.   Without Planning Permission Membership  June At the time of writing the number of members stands at 55 (see list on page 9). I am   Fringe Report sending this first edition out to non‐members as well as members. If you would like   The Essence of Love to receive invitations to events and future editions of the newsletter, please become  a member of Brighton Actors’ Network on Facebook. I know that some people prefer   Improvised Comedy Classes not to use Facebook and I will attempt to accommodate that. If you would like to be  for the Terrified a non‐Facebook‐member, please let me know. Those who are not members on Face‐ book, nor emailed me regarding membership will not receive anything further from   Before I Sleep Brighton Actors’ Network after this.   July Other networking groups and events   A Clockwork Orange I would like to bring attention to the next Fringe Report’s First Monday of the Month   7th June and The Actors’ Network 27th May and to British Theatre (more info on  these on page 6).  Please send your news, adverts, information about yourself, etc to:   nicola.dane@gmail.com  Looking forward to meeting up with you soon and hearing your news.  Happy networking!  Nicola  1
  2. 2. Network News June 2010 What happened in May Members involved:    Ambleton Delight Jos Lawton  Screenings: Samantha Green  Wednesday 5 May 15:15 (Bolter)  Wednesday 12 May 20:30 http:// www.terramedia.co.uk/brighton/ made_in_brighton_film_festival_features.htm A Parkes Production, directed by Daniel Parkes, written by Itsaka Yamasaki Starring Jos Lawton Kristina Anne Howell, Samantha Bolter, Sophia Sanchez, Ernest Worthing and Brian Capron http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambleton_Delight Members involved:    Nicola Dane  Simon Topping  Ian Jones  Thea Anderson  Simon Scott  Jos Lawton    http://www.afishcalledimprov.co.uk/ 20th May Latest Music Bar (Brighton Fringe Show) - 8pm £5 29th May Cabaret on the Common 2
  3. 3. Network News June 2010 What happened in May Watch from a distance. Or go to the site that interests you and discover who you are. The performer opposite you knows who you are because you're someone in the life of this character. They're playing a scene and you're part of it. As events play out on the national stage and impact on (Actors v Spectators) conceived and directed by Chris Johnston, presented by Fluxx 15 tables, 15 improvisers, 15 encounters - a unique impro show Members  with music by Alison Blunt and Anton Maiof involved:  www.fluxx.co.uk   Jenny  Rowe  Performed on Election Night and the night following, a unique show in which spectators meet char- acters whose destinies are all in some way linked to the outcome of the election. Characters re- spond to moment-by-moment events on the national stage in front of your eyes. ELECTION NIGHT SPECIAL featuring MAGGIE GORDON-WALKER, RACHEL BLACKMAN, AN- DREW ST JOHN, KATY SCHUTTE, ALISON WILLIAMS, OWEN AARONOVITCH, FIONA BRUCE, JENNY ROWE, JACK COLE, REBECCA MACMILLAN, ELKA DE WIT, DIVIAN LADWA, CAROLINE WATERS, AMANDA BOLT, LUCAS ADAMSON, MARCUS MCCONNELL and other performers to be announced GUEST WHO? The improv show with a special guest each night who will divulge some secret revelations which we'll use to turn into comedy magic! Komedia Studio Bar Tales from The Coffee House This got a 4 star review An exciting half- improvised interactive show. Moksha Caffe (opposite St Peter's Church) Members involved:    Amy Curtis  3
  4. 4. Network News June 2010 May / June and Beyond Members involved:    Murray Simon  Samantha Bolter  (Green)  Members involved:    Ocean Isoaro  Tessa Cushan    3 week extension on the  tour!  4
  5. 5. Network News June 2010 May / June and Beyond ACT In a few months time the next group of Actors will be Graduating from the two year Actor Training at the Academy of Creative Training in Brighton. We have our Trinity exams coming up in May and then showcases in London on the 8th July and then in Brighton on the 16th of July. As industry professionals, you would all be able to come to the Brighton Showcase if you wanted. It has been a wonderful, exciting, intense and exhaust- ing process as I'm sure a lot of you know! It feels very strange that it is now com- ing to an end. We are all filled with a mixture of excitement and fear at the thought of entering into the professional world. Lets hope all our hard work will pay off! Annie Taylor   Members involved:    Annie Taylor  Jannette Eddisford  ACT  Joanna Oastler  Daniel Finlay  Improvised Comedy for the    Terrified    9th June for 4 weeks  7.30‐9.30  £36    creativecomedy@googlemail.com or call: 07790 472446  Members involved:    Ian Jones  Thea Anderson  Simon Topping  5
  6. 6. Network News June 2010 Networking The 2010 Actors Network Cocktail Party  Thursday 27th May—8pm  Maya London  1 Dean Street  Monday 7 June 2010... Fringe Report's First Mon- day of The Month ... Coach & Horses London from 6:30pm till 11:00pm ... private First Floor Bar ... junction of Poland Street and British Theatre is a social networking site for theatre people. Meet, exchange ideas, recommend and realise creative partner- ships. BRIGHTON ACTORS’ NEWTORK     FUTURE GET-TOGETHERS   June 2nd  June 15th    Future ideas:  picnics, screenings of films, bowling...   Please send suggestions to   nicola.dane@gmail.com  6
  7. 7. Network News June 2010 About some of our members Gareth Clark: Student of ACT, Acting Diploma. Also a Writer in my spare time.   Nicola Dane: Actor, singer, part of A Fish Called Improv, The Vogueabonds and  Theatre 21, trained at ACT, currently appearing in A Fish Called Improv 29th  May, children’s party entertainer and training as a drama teacher for 4‐8 year  olds.  Jos Lawton: Actor, part of A Fish Called Improv and Theatre 21, recently   appeared in Ambleton Delight screening 5th and 12th May and   A Fish Called Improv 20th May. Currently in the Birdseye idents on ITV3.  Brad Glen: Third Term Diploma Student at ACT, currently working on The  Cherry Orchard.  Dave Hall: actor and director, currently teaching drama to surly teenagers.   Jamie Langlands: I trained at The Academy of Creative Drama school and I am currently  working on a feature film called love and money as a member of the cast.  Rachel Merriott: Actor, currently working with Crimson Horse ‐ their first event ‐ A  Clockwork Orange, Marlborough Theatre, 17th to 20th June....also working on Clo‐ sure with same company ‐ a devised piece about a seance.....King and Queen, 12 ‐  15th July....just completed filming in a Short film by Andy Nicholls.  Aiden Stephenson: Just finished 3 week run in when the lilac blooms , at the Leices‐ ter Square Theatre with the lovely Brighton actress Judy Cornwall .. Filming a fea‐ ture film the sweetshop with the equally gorgeous Gemma Atkinson .   7
  8. 8. Network News June 2010 Opportunities Photographer Alex Brenner is offering free  photos of theatre productions and   rehearsals on or after 2nd June for a   limited period.    www.alexbrenner.co.uk  info@alexbrenner.co.uk   8
  9. 9.   Network News June 2010 Members ACT Charlie Allen Sandie Armstrong Emily Ballantyne Sarah Barfoot Stuart Brown Gareth Clark Lou Conran Amy Curtis Tessa Cushan Nicola Dane Áine de Siún Janette Eddisford Daniel Finlay Tracy Forsythe Samantha Green Brad Glen Dave Hall Sascha Harman Augustine Flint Hartle Bradley Head Elaine Heath Murray Hecht Derek Horsham Jez Hughes Naomi Hymon-Mayo Ocean Isoaro Ian Jones Sophie Jones Rebecca Kenny Robert James Knowles Jamie Langlands Jos Lawton Jane Lesley Rachel Merriott Miranda Morris Joanna Oastler Matt Prout Ros Riley Aaron Schwartz Simon Scott Isabel Scott Plummer Murray Simon Andy Small Fransesca St John-Caleb Aiden Stephenson Hugh Stockdale Darius Sutherland Annie Taylor Louise Taylor Simon Topping Dave Tremaine Katie-anna Whiting Karl Williams Chris Willoughby 9
  10. 10. Network News June 2010 Companies / Organisations / Venues mentioned ACT   Actors’ Network, The  A Fish  Called Improv  Brighton Festival  Brighton Festival Fringe  Brighton Fringe Film Festival  British Theatre  Cabaret on the Common  Crimson Horse  Dream Think Speak  Fluxx  Glue  Komedia  Latest Music Bar  Leicester Square Theatre  Marlborough Theatre, The  Nightingale Theatre, The  Moksha Caffe  Parkes Productions  PCK Productions  Ropetackle, The   Theatre 21  10