Life Long Learning in exponential times


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We are living in exponential times. For ages and ages developments and the increase of knowledge of mankind went relatively slow. Man perfectly could function with the knowledge he learned from his parents and grandparents. We lived in small communities where everybody knew each other and everybody needed each other. Long ago? No, it depends on where you live. But at that places of the world which are connected at the internet, development evolved rapidly from evolution to revolution.
Now that I am nearly sixty years it appears to me that al the now existing modern electronica based technology has been development during my life. Since approximately 1995 fibreglass connects all continents and at the internet you can find all the data you need. (Major innovations and improvements which made this happens are at the field of the transducers and powerful small batteries).

But nowadays anybody connected to the internet have access to data to be gained from sources all over the world. People now themselves can be responsible for their thoughts and acts. Unless, people is educated and trained to interpret the data, to distinguish facts and fake. Development in technological, social morel economics fields at this moment are faster than ever before. Now there is no lack of information, there is an overkill of information. People can be drowned in it.
This leads to the question: “Is the way we teach still adequate?” Does education keeps up with the needs and the revolution of timeshift.

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Life Long Learning in exponential times

  1. 1. Toulouse France 17 octobre 2013 Saxion Final Year International Students ma 4 octobre 2013 Université Paul Sabatier 2 octobre 2013 Lycee Ozenne Ing Nico Vloon IEE Saxion University of Applied Sciences School of Business, Building & Technology Opleiding Small Business & Retail Management Postbus 70.000 | 7500 KB Enschede kamer: E1-20 | T: +31 53 537 6890 || View Nico Vloon's profile on Erasmus 1500 wm Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 1
  2. 2. To the Pauze Ad’s Content • Nico Vloon • Saxion my university in the Netherlands • Why do we let students learn in practice (firmly coached by us) • What the students win with this method of learning and carrying out projects in the professional field, in addition to following classes Skip the Ad’s
  3. 3. Final Year HONOURS PROGRAM WHY Performing Projects is an Effective way of Studying and Life Long Learning Saxion University School of Business Engineering of Applied and EntrepreneurshipSciences Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 3
  4. 4. About Saxion Deventer Enschede Apeldoorn
  5. 5. Three locations in the Eastern part of the country: -Enschede -Deventer -Apeldoorn Bridge position between Holland and Germany International programs - Entrepreneurship - Business Engineering
  6. 6. 22 International programs at Saxion
  7. 7. An international community More than 1,000 international students, coming from all over the world. A total of 55 nationalities represented at our university. Afghanistan Algeria Angola Argentina Brazil Cameroon China Colombia Congo El Salvador Ethopia Germany Ghana Hungary India Indonesia Iran Finland Japan Mexico Netherlands Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Rwanda Vietnam
  8. 8. A winning Entrepreneurship program Winner of several innovation awards for student companies and spin offs Winner of Dutch Wijnand Wijnen education award for most innovative university program concept in the country.
  9. 9. STUDENTS ACHIEVEMENTS ERASMUS PROGRAM • • • • • • • • Professional Orientation Gain Expertise Competence Development (NSA) CV, certificates of proven ability [ A, AA, AAA] Feel the meaning of EAT to succeed Life Long Learning developed skills >> LLL Professional profile / Your Specialism  Your sustainable Wellbeing 
  10. 10. WHY SME* Projects Why perform individual SME-Projects at SB&RM ? *Small and Medium Enterprises” *Situation Method Effect”
  11. 11. Summary written by our Students Naomi Kooiker and Dieuwe Spoelstra At Saxion University in Enschede we offer our students project based learning, in addition to regular classes. The main reason we use this approach is because 80% of their future work will be concerning project management, but also most of the knowledge gleaned during their studies will be outdated soon, especially in technical fields. Therefore, we teach our students concepts such as Life Long Learning (LLL), and solving problems instead of only reproducing facts and simply answering the questions asked. By using this method, they will develop Applicable Approved competences. We are encouraging our students to choose and acquire their own projects, by doing this they will develop their own unique and outstanding resumés. By the end of their Bachelor students will be better prepared, competent and more confident for the work they will be doing, thereby finding their key to success and sustainable happiness.
  12. 12. SB&RM Curriculum General Regular Lessons Projects Specialisation (Minor) Graduation • Student acquire projects themselves at companies they choose themselves. • To Solve real Business problems • To create opportunities NO traditional internships Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede
  13. 13. Your Professional Profile • After graduation project management will be 80% of your work content • It is not enough to know, you also need to have developed project management skills. Do not wait until you left school.
  14. 14. Mindmap Accreditation Student Goals The Profession Educational Targets The longterm experienced effect To Experience Integration Theory and Practice Theoretical Boundary Theory of Effectuation Students professional profile Method of Accomplishment Assessment and Rating
  15. 15. Different ways of Development and Education Applicable to develop knowledge recapturing skills Applicable to develop entrepreneur skills
  16. 16. Shift Happens
  17. 17. at the busstop At the bus stop  < 30 Not enough Experience  45 Too Old  Pension 67 Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 17
  18. 18. Thus: Global Social Economical Developments • • • • • • • • No job for life International competition To prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet To solve problems we don’t know that are problems yet At the hands of investors / the plaything of investors Technological developments Facts quickly becomes outdated Shortening Time to Market Effort Affection Talent The LEARNING ABILITY for individuals and companies is the core competency to survive and to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 18
  19. 19. Assignment Teacher/Student • Develop your Lifetime Learn to Learn CYCLE => FORGET ABOUT JUST LEARNING FACTS Ask Questions, Seek, Find, Judge, Select, Integrate, Compose, Conclude, Advise, Document your BUT findings: • Learn to Think + FF EAT TO SUCCEED • Learn to Do, Projects, Research • Learn to Assess + FB ENDURANCE • Learn to Reflect/ Experience AMBITION TIME Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 19 19
  20. 20. Learningstages Clockwise Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 20
  21. 21. That’s Why Projects Theory Theory used in Practice Theory used in different practical circumstances Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 21
  22. 22. Evaluations SCHOOL MARKS Data IN PRACTICE To App or Not • •2 Information • 4 • Knowledge • 8 • • Insight • 10 Competent Performance• Innovative • 0 2 4 6 8 10 WRONG Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede RIGHT 22
  23. 23. DO NOT ANSWERS QUESTIONS ASKED But solve problems Due to the production increase, by how many square meters should our stores expand their work floor? Answer after research: none, but reorganize the production line A student was asked to carry out an employee satisfaction research. The basis of the questionnaire was drawn up by the company itself. The result of his research was that the questionnaire drawn up by the company did not lead to reliable results. He designed a new survey. The Executive Board loved it and asked him to perform the survey (on a commercial basis) in all the Dutch locations. The results will be used in redefining Human Resource Management. Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 23
  24. 24. WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME ? Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 24
  25. 25. APPLICABILITY APPROVALS; [APP’S] • • • • • • • • • • • • CO, STAR Picture/Video Letter/e-mail Implementation Certificate Article / Web review Feedback Showcase Publication Presentation Management review Newspaper Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 25
  26. 26. YOUR RÉSUMÉ, YOUR PERSONAL DIPLOMA • Candidate selections are based on the resume • Most people underestimate the value of the résumé • You will simply find the job that suits you quicker with an irresistible résumé! Source: Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 26
  27. 27. How do we do it ? • We will tell you and let you experience at Small Business &Retail Management Enschede • We invite you to attend our national week in March (every year) Contact Jacques Bazen, E-mail: Phone: +31534871488 Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 27
  28. 28. Want to know more? Need Help? Further Reading Het CompetentCV, V&H-uitgevers, mrt2009, ISBN 978-94-90138-01-1 • Nico Vloon, Matthijs Hammer, • • The Professional Nico Vloon SB&RM Enschede 28