Using technology to communicate (digital communication)


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  • The purpose of this training is to address a digital communication using technology. This workshop is designed to provide teachers and other school personnel with an introduction to digital communication other than email. Participants will actively participate in the workshop learning about free web2.0 tools they can use in the classroom to promote communication with parents and students.
  • Digital communication transmits information in a digital form. Most of us are currently communicating with parents and students using digital communication in one form in our classroom. Please raise your hand as I present a list of digital communication tools so that we can see what popular methods of digital communication teachers and staff are already using.
  • Today we are going to focus on three main forms of digital communication. Each of these tools are free which is something every teachers loves to hear. Today during the workshop each teacher is going to create an edmodo, remind101, and twitter account and practice using this tool by sending a message to me the instructor. Each of these tools is easy to use and all you need is an email to set up your account. I recommend using your school email to set up your account because all of your notifications for work will go to your work email and will not get lost in your personal email accounts.
  • Ok class, first I would like you to watch the short clip about many of the features that Edmodo has to offer. We will not get to use all of these features today but I do want you to set up an account, set up a class, and send me your class code so that I am able to join your class and see the messages that you send out. Now watch the video! ……. Now that the video is finished go to the website Here you will need to sign up for a free account at the bottom of the page you need to sign up under I’m a teacher. When your students come to make an account they will click on I’m a student to make their account. I will give you a minute to create your account. I recommend using your school email. Now that you have an account. You will be asked several questions you do not have to add a picture right now or change your edmodourl these are all items you can change later. Now that you have your account I want you to add a class, I usually name mine by block. You will be given a code to give to your students so that they can become part of your class, please send me a message with the login code so I can join the class. Last I want you to send out a short welcome message to the class using the wall post feature at the top of the page. If you would like to do this from you phone in the future edmodo does have an app to make communication even faster and easier.
  • Remind101 has fewer features than edmodo but is still a great easy form of communication with parents in which no personal information is ever exchanged an parents can not message you back. To begin watch the short clip provided for a brief overview of Remind101. Now you are ready to set up an account. Click on the link to take you to remind101. com and set up a free account using your school email address. Now that you have your account on the left hand side there is an option to create a class. My class is called 8th grade math, name yours appropriately. After you have created the account you will be given a phone number and code to text. Please message me this information and I will join into your class. I would then like you to create a short welcome message to send out. When sending messages they can be send immediately or set for future times. Please set your reminder to send out four hours after this workshop so that I have time to sign up for each of your remind101 accounts and will receive your messages, to know that you have correctly created a remind101 account.
  • Begin with watching an introduction video for twitter. Now that the video has finished you are going to create a twitter account. Once you have signed in you will be asked to start following people if you scroll down you can hit skip for now, and you can always go back and start following people later. When creating your username you may want to make it something easy for you students to remember mine for example is harrisonmath14. Once you have created the account and username please send the instructor (me) a message containing your username so that I can start following you on twitter. This will be the same username you provide your students and parents with as well so that they can follow you and see posts about homework or new websites, or study tips to help students inside and outside of the classroom. I want you to send a tweet it can a link to an interesting youtube video, or something you find interesting about your subject matter, or a random fact of the day. I need to see that you know how to send a tweet, so that you can effectively use this form of communication in your classroom.
  • Ask participants to share their thoughts and allow them to comment about which tool twitter, edmodo, or remind101 they think they will use most often in their classroom. I personally use remind101 the most because it is so quick and easy, but each tool has its on purpose. Please raise your hand to share your input.
  • This concludes the workshop and I encourage each of you to continue using these free tools in your classroom to communicate with students and parents to create an even stronger learning relationship inside and outside the classroom. Please complete the survey provided on this slide so that I can receive feedback about the quality and effectiveness of this workshop for educators and participants like you. The survey should take no more than 3-4 minutes. Thank you for your time and effort during the workshop, have a great day.
  • Using technology to communicate (digital communication)

    1. 1. USING TECHNOLOGY TO COMMUNICATE (DIGITAL COMMUNICATION) Created and Delivered By: Nicki Harrison
    2. 2. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION  The design and construction of communications technology that transmits information in digital form. What are some ways that you currently use to communicate in a digital format? Raise your hand for each one that you use.  Email ?  Edmodo ?  Remind101 ?  Twitter ? 
    3. 3. FOCUS QUESTION AND OBJECTIVE Standard:NETS-T:3. Model Digital Age Work and Learning   Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society. c. Communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital age media and formats.  What are several ways teachers can communicate with students and parents using technology?  Objective: Teachers will learn to use edmodo, remind101, and twitter to communicate with parents and students to keep them informed of classroom information.
    4. 4. SETTING UP YOUR EDMODO ACCOUNT First I would like you to watch a short clip to introduce you to the features of edmodo.   Next visit  Click on the button that says “Sign up now” I’m a teacher.  Now it is time to create a group (left hand side)  Provide me with the code to join your group so that you can send me a message.  REMINDER: Your students will have to create an account before you can communicate with them. 
    5. 5. SETTING UP YOUR REMIND101 ACCOUNT Watch the link  Remind101 is an easy way to send out texts to students and parents in a safe way so that no personal information is exchanged.  Go to  Sign up for a free account (use school email)  Create add a new class and you will be given a phone number and message to provide parents and students with so they can join your group.  Send a message to me with this info.  Send out a short welcome message. 
    6. 6. TWITTER AND TWEETS Begin with a video  Now you need to set up your account  Once you account is created send me your username should be for example: @harrisonmath14  This is the username you would give your students so they could follow your tweets  Send out a quick tweet (message) that I will be able to see once I start following you. 
    7. 7. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! Which communication tool do you think you will use most often in your classroom that you learned about today?
    8. 8. USING TECHNOLOGY TO COMMUNICATE (DIGITAL COMMUNICATION) Please take a few moments to complete the survey listed below.   Created and Delivered by: Nicki Harrison
    9. 9. RESOURCES      