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Audience profile

  1. 1. AUDIENCE PROFILEI have taken a poll on my audience’s ideal magazine characteristics and the statistics on whether they would subscribe to amagazine/how much they would spend on a magazine.I have taken note of the fact that the majority of people would not take the time to subscribe to a music magazine for aset price a month and by this I will keep subscribing details to a minimum to keep the audience thinking my magazine isn’tall about revenue/profit. Would you subscribe to a magazine for a set price a month? 58% No - 7 41% Yes - 5As my next question was “Do you enter competitions on magazines?” I was taking note of the idea of including magazinecompetitions to get the audience more involved in the magazine as a whole and giving them the chance to win free items,and by this the prizes will hopefully interest the audience into reading regularly hence forming a regular readership for mymagazine. My results were even therefore I would include a few competitions to keep the half of the audience who wouldenter competitions interested. Do you enter competitions on magazines? 50% 50% Yes NoWith my next question of “Do you enjoy images of artists more than articles?” I appealed more visually to the audience ofwhich I would use the answers to respond to the bulk text in the magazine, whether I should break it down andincorporate more images of bands etc. The poll came back with the majority vote being on the idea of text and articlesbeing of more interest to them, therefore I shall keep text high with a main bleed image on my double page spread(s).Images are a high part of my magazine due to the fact that my audience is individualist/aspirers so they will be interestedin seeing the fashion of the bands they read up on.
  2. 2. Do you enjoy images of artists more than articles? 54% 46% Yes - 6 No - 7My next question appealed to the idea of my audience being interested in new music/trends with the question being “Doyou follow up-and-coming musicians?” The answer of this would determine if I would speak of the bands I write about in astyle of the band being new and fresh or old and have been followed over time by the audience. I could determine thesewith such phrases as “Check Out This Up-And-Coming Band!” or be it an old band “They’re Back, And Better Than Ever”.The results of this poll came back saying that my audience preferred reading about new bands and by this I will keep mymagazine mostly about certain un-heard bands. Do you follow up-and-coming musicians? 25% 75% Yes NoMy next question involved distribution of music and asked “Would you be interested in free downloads for music?” linkingto the zeitgeists of the internet and music. The results of this poll would tell me if it would make a difference to the appealof the magazine if I were to add links to free music from the bands I would speak about in my articles. A large proportion ofthe poll came back with a “Yes” therefore I will be including various links to free downloads of the bands I includes music.
  3. 3. Would you be interested in free downloads for music? 16% 84% Yes - 11 No - 2My next question involved having more than “Yes” and “No” as answers therefore would make it harder for me toincorporate information to make the full audience satisfied. The question was “How do you get music?”This would saywhether my audience preferred to use Itunes as a music source to the internet and by this would show me if it would beappealing to my audience to include a reference to itunes when it came to the music. There was also the option of beingable to buy CD’s by this I may include where to buy the CD for cheapest etc. How do you get music? 7% Online - 4 30% Buy CDs - 3 38% Itunes - 5 Other - 1 23%My next question linked directly to the questionnaire I will be including in the back of my magazine with an artist and thequestion asked the audience “What do you prefer in an artist questionnaire?” The answers included “General Knowledge”,“Music Knowledge”, “Knowledge Of Themselves” and “Knowledge Of their Band Member/Collaboration Artists” Theanswer of which will be what the audience is interested in having the most insight with. The poll answered with “GeneralKnowledge” being the highest answer therefore I shall quiz the artist on such things as music/maths/English/worldknowledge and others which will keep the reader entertained into the knowledge of the band member overall.
  4. 4. What do you prefer in an artist questionaire? General Knowledge 30% 46% Music Knowledge Knowledge of Themselves 7% Knowledge of Band 15% Members/Collaborati on ArtistsThe next question was on magazine prices which would relate to revenue and profit, by the question being “What pricerange would you spend on a magazine per week?” I would be able to determine what the full price my target audiencewould spend on a magazine. My poll came back with the majority saying 50p-£2 yet there were a close number saying£2.01-£3 of which I think it would be safe to price my magazine around £2.25 due to this. What price range would you spend on a magazine per week? 7% 50p - £2 £2.01 -£3 £3.01- £4 53% £4 + 38%The question “How often do you read magazines?” related to my readership and the revenue that I would get from mymagazine sales. The highest percentage of my audience said monthly therefore I’d distribute my magazine monthly to gainthe readership of my magazine.
  5. 5. How often do you read magazines? 7% Daily 23% 61% Weekly Once Every Two Weeks 7% MonthlyMy next question relates to text and articles and asks the audience “What do you prefer” between “CD/Album Reviews”,“Articles”, “Quotes” and “Gig Reviews” by this I can distinguish what my target audience would like to read about most as awhole and use that to write about in detail for my double-page spread(s). Of which I will include these all but as theaudience answered “Articles” I will include mostly articles on the band in general. What Do You Prefer? 7% 15% CD/Album Reviews Articles 15% Quotes 61% Gig ReviewsMy final question asked about genre as a whole as it asked “What genres of music do you most listen too?” and by this Icould extract the main genre of music my target audience listen to and use this to interest my audience into my magazine.The answer of this came back with Rock/Indie and by this I shall merge this with my ideals of a punk-pop/rock magazine tomake it an all-round rock magazine to widen my target audience.
  6. 6. What Genre of Music do you most listen to? 15% Rock 38% 7% Indie Pop 7% Drum & Bass 30% R&B/Hip-Hop