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Career Lead (Leadership, Empowerment, Acquisition, Development) Program
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Career Lead (Leadership, Empowerment, Acquisition, Development) Program


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A nascent program designed to help people achieve their goal of securing employment.

A nascent program designed to help people achieve their goal of securing employment.

Published in: Career, Business

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  • Program Outlook: Classes last one day for a period of approximately 2 hours.
  • Primary Goal: Create a Resume
  • Primary Goal: Create a Cover Letter
  • Primary Goal: Create and Utilize a CCN account
  • Primary Goal: Demonstrated understanding of the utilization of Alumni Resources
  • Primary Goal: Create profiles on Monster and Career Builder and demonstrate ability to search for jobs.
  • Primary Goal: Create a Linked In profile
  • Primary Goal: Create a portfolio that displays significant achievements.
  • Primary Goal: Learn how to properly network in the business environment
  • Transcript

    • 1. Get a career lead and run with it!
    • 2.  A program designed to help prepare you to search for and secure a career  The program consists of 8 core activities spanning 1 month  Consider it a “short class” on practical career skills
    • 3.  A certification in Scranton’s first and only program designed to teach students the practical skills needed to secure a career!  Gaining a great advantage in securing a career after college  Alleviate apprehensions associated with the fear of not finding a job
    • 4.  If you answer No to at least 4 of these then YES, you need this program! Career Questions Yes No Do you have an updated resume? Do you have an updated cover letter? Do you know how to use the alumni resources website? Do you have a CCN profile? Do you have a profile on Monster or Career Builder? Do you have a Linked In account? Do you have a portfolio? Do you know how to professionally network?
    • 5. Portfolio Networking Monster/Career Builder Linked In CCN Alumni Resources Resume Cover Letter
    • 6.  Upon completion of the program, students should be able to:  Create a professional resume and cover letter that encapsulates the students’ achievements and experiences  Leverage networking skills and job searching resources to increase the chance of securing a career.  Demonstrate an understanding and ability to use internet job sites to secure interviews  Utilize alumni resources to discover job leads and network professionally  Outperform peers in interviews
    • 7.  Create a Resume  Maximize resume value by focusing on key achievements  Learn how to show demonstrated success  Learn how to change and update your resume for the future
    • 8.  Create a Cover Letter  Maximize value by featuring succinct examples of successful and relevant achievement  Learn when and how to use a cover letter  Learn what content and type of cover letter is appealing to specific industries
    • 9.  Create an account on CCN  Develop a full CCN profile with demonstrated understanding of the importance of various CCN components  Learn how to utilize CCN to find jobs
    • 10.  Learn how to create an alumni profile  Learn how to utilize the alumni resources to learn about or secure a job  Learn how to network with alumni  Demonstrate ability to use and understanding of alumni resources tool
    • 11.  Set up complete profiles on both sites  Learn how to define search and visibility parameters  Learn how to search and apply for jobs on both sites  Learn how to avoid scams and fake companies
    • 12.  Set up a Linked In profile  Learn about the various features and components of Linked In  Learn how to network over Linked In  Learn how to search and apply for jobs
    • 13.  Create a Portfolio  Learn about the benefits of a portfolio  Learn how to use a portfolio in interviews  Display your created portfolio and explain it in a mock interview
    • 14.  Learn how to network in the business environment by obtaining business cards and following up  Learn proper business etiquette for networking  Learn how to create job leads from your network  Learn how to network on the job