integrating TBL with iPads in academic writing tesol arabia 2013
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integrating TBL with iPads in academic writing tesol arabia 2013






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integrating TBL with iPads in academic writing tesol arabia 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Integrating TBL with iPads for Academic Writing Workflows for teaching and learning with the IELTS Writing @digitalemerge
  • 2. Discussion StarterHow effectively can we teach IELTS with the iPad?
  • 3. Tasks Ellis (2003)Task: Focus on meaning, Info gap, Language choices, Clear outcomes.Focused (specific language)vs. Unfocused Tasks(general)Representing real ‘academic’world
  • 4. Task Based Language Learning Ellis (2003) Student centered learning Scaffolding Student Choice - language
  • 5. IELTS Academic Writing
  • 6. Discussion #1What IELTS Task 1 and 2 skills could be incorporatedwithin projects?
  • 7. Discussion #2What tasks could incorporate these skills?
  • 8. Workflow #1 - IELTS Task 1 and present To engage with a data analysis results. S K] TA -To prepare vocabulary and language through[P RE brainstorming and researching. To design, prepare and administer a survey K] AS [ TTo interpret and analyse the survey findings ToAGE and present the findings in written and/or create GU form[ LAN oral ] US FOC To reflect on and discuss results from the surveys
  • 9. Workflow #1 Brainstorm QuestionsChoose Topic Research and languageCreate Survey Survey Analyse DataCreate Graph Analyse Produce Analysis Make Task 1 Question Write Task 1
  • 10. Workflow #2 - IELTS Task argument within a To explore both sides of an 2 particular issue To develop contextually relevant vocabulary and K] AS E-T R language throughout the project[P To create a video presentation displaying the full K] [ T Aargument S To write a position essay outlining one side of the GE UA A Nargument G ][L C US FO To discuss and edit classmate’s work throughout the project
  • 11. Workflow #2Introduce debate Brainstorm Topics Research Make Task 2Note Language Create iMovie Question Write Task 2 Reflect & Discuss
  • 12. PositivesIntegration of skillsEngagementMotivation - Slight ofhandAffordances of iPadDeep(er) learningMeaningful / purposeful
  • 13. Negatives Preparation Student work time
  • 14. Discussion #3Would these projects (series of tasks) work in yourclassroom? What would some positives and pitfallsbe?
  • 15. ReferencesEllis, R. (2003) Task-based Language Learning and Teaching, Oxford,Oxford Applied Linguistics
  • 16. Photo ReferencesDiscussion StarterBara-Koukong: Academic WritingAlbayantoniazzi: #1Athena: #2l’ethan: #3vmaurin:
  • 17. Brainstorm Questions
  • 18. Create Survey
  • 19. Survey O ] IDE[ V
  • 20. Create Graph
  • 21. Produce Analysis O ] IDE [ V
  • 22. Write Task 1
  • 23. Introduce Debate
  • 24. Brainstorm Topics
  • 25. Create iMovie O ] IDE [ V
  • 26. Write Task 2