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Evalutation question

  1. 1.  Our film trailer had many conventions that can be seen in real film trailers. Conventions such as sound, text, effects and footage were in our film trailer and as such, represented a real film trailer Our film trailer is a psychological horror genre and therefore had the usual conventions as creepy music, fast paced scenes and darkened effects.
  2. 2. As you can see from our film trailer of a psychological horror, ‘Alter ofBones’ our film trailer contains conventions which are represented in realhorror film trailers . The music creates the atmosphere of a horror style,the black and white effect helps to create a dark environment and fastpaced cut scenes helps to build tension.
  3. 3. The film trailer for horror film, ‘The Day’. This film trailerhas music which relates to the genre, color effects on thefootage and fast paced scenes. The film trailer also hasthe film companies logo and text, all of which can be foundon my film trailer ‘Alter of Bones’.
  4. 4.  Film posters follow the conventions of having the film’s name at the top of the poster, a image relating to the film on the main page of the poster, credits of people involved in the film at the bottom of the poster and sometimes a tagline. Magazine covers follow certain conventions, such as the name of the magazine at the top, an image relating to the film on the main image and a price tag
  5. 5. The magazine cover for my filmtrailer, ‘Alter of Bones’. Themagazine follows the conventionsof other magazine film covers. Thename of the magazine is at the top,the name of the film is on the page,an image relating to the film on thepage and the magazines price tagis on the page
  6. 6. Total film magazine showcasingthe film, ‘Terminator Salvation’.The magazine has the name ofthe magazine, film title, imagerelating to the film and a pricetag, all of which feature in mymagazine cover
  7. 7. I believe that my media product does meet the required conventions of a film trailer and the ancillary products which accompany the film trailer. Conventions relating to horror trailers is represented through sound, effects and footage on my film trailer and the magazine cover and film poster also have the conventions which are also found in real posters and magazine covers. So over all I believe my media product uses conventions and challenges them.