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Nick Hughes DT Folder

  2. 2. Old Spice is a men’s grooming company fromback in the 50s. After a decline in sales duringthe 70s/80s, it has recently modernizedspecific products whilst sticking to thetraditional logo and red theme.The advertising has been kept similarshowing a topless muscular man wearingOld Spice. Recent advertising campaignssuch as the man playing the drums with hismuscles could be seen as being quite odd butthey also work because it is something thatsticks in your mind.Mr. Natty is a fairly new product on the market. It isalso quite exclusive as it only available in certainhairdressers rather than being in retail shops such asboots.Many of the marketing campaigns feature a olderman with a large moustache. The writing also looksquite old-fashioned and western. One of theadvertisements tells ‘hipsters’ to buy their gum. Thiscould mean that the target market for Mr. Natty ishipsters / teenagers. Another view could be that theimages used in the advertising would mean that theproduct’s target audience is for older-men. I thinkthis ambiguity makes the marketing bad.Hackett is reasonably priced high-class brandjust below the leagues of RalphLauren, Gucci, D&G. It Is perhaps best knowfor it’s rugby sweatshirts and other clothes.The companies fragrances and other groomingproducts are not as well known.The target market for Hackett is probablysomeone in a corporate job who is in middle-class salary. The target age for Hackettcustomers are probably going to be around20s to 30s.There arent many marketing campaigns forHackett. You rarely see the on TV, Online orsee any point of sale displays in any retailshops even though they are stocked there.Hackett seem to use navy, white & red as theirmain colours.
  3. 3. LYNXShower Gel / Deodorant aimed toward the youngerdemographic of about 13-15 year olds. Lynxadvertisements portrayed various ways the productssupposedly helped men attract women. One marketingcampaign claimed to make women turn from ‘nice’ to‘naughty’. The advertisements also use sex symbols likeKelly Brook in to attract male attention. The product isgenerally used by young teenagers and this shows withthe use of bold, bright colours to attract thatdemographic.L’Oreal Men Expert is a brand aimed atmainly older people. The brand is trying tobe trendy (e.g. Lynx / Hackett). Themarketing of the product usually is a close-up of a older actor or model withoutwrinkles and a full head of hair. The brandsmain competition is Nivea for Men. Thebrand of L’Oreal usually uses orange andblue in their advertising campaigns.Fish are a unisex hairdressers located in Soho.Started in 1987. Fish’s marketing is to betraditional but the design of the tubs and tubescould be seen to be contradictory as they seem tobe modern.Fish seems to be targeting a younger audiencedue to the use of bright, bold colours and a sanserif font.The Advertisements also feature men in their late20s / 30s.
  4. 4. This is the Point of Saledisplay for GuinnessWorld Records. It isgood because it standsout due to the brightgreen colours. It is alsogood because it is locatedby the stairs where thereis the most footfall.This is the point of sale forFifty Shades of Grey. It isgood because theparticular ‘shade of grey’and the use of the lightblue is the same as thegrey and blue on the book.Also, like the Guinnessbook is near the stairswhere there is a lot offootfall.This is the point of saledisplay for the BlackberryBold. The differencebetween this POS comparedto others is that this was notdesigned by the brand of theproduct. This was made byVodafone. I know thisbecause it followsVodafone’s colours scheme.This is a good POS because itis at eye-level and eyecatching due to the brightblue colours.This is a point of sale forwhat can only be assumedto be sold by thedepartment store it wasfound. This is a bad pointof sale because it showsno instructions on how topurchase or where topurchase from. This POSis good because it ispositioned where there isa lot of footfall.This is the point of saledisplay for Kobo. It is a goodpoint of sale because it isinteractive. This allows thecustomer to try before theybuy. The problem with thiscould be that some peoplemight stand there on theKobo with no intention ofbuying. It is also goodbecause it is positioned onthe aisle which you have towalk through to get to thestairs so there is a lot of footfall.This is a point of sale displayfor a Justin Bieber brandedperfume. The target age ofthe perfume is probablygoing to be teenage girls orother girls who listen to hismusic. This point of sale isgood because it uses a actualsized Justin Bieber cutout totry and make passers bythink it’s really him at firstglance. It is placed so thatyou can see it when you lookinto shop.This is the easily recognizableNational Lottery point of saledisplay. It is good because of howrecognizable it is. Also, I think it’sinteractive features are good. Theyare good because of the two thecounters you can scribble yournumbers down on. Also, onnormal point of sale displayshaving that much information ona display would be bad but as youwould be standing at a lottery unitlonger than others it is justified.This is the point of sale display forCadbury Chocolate. It features theiconic purple which Cadbury usesin it’s marketing. The POS is goodbecause it is positioned next to theguiness book. It is good to beplaced here because a lot of kidslike to read the guiness book andhaving chocolate next it wouldmean a lot of kids would notice it.This is the point of saledisplay for a new phonein the 3 shop. I wouldnot consider this a goodPOS unit because itshows off no branding ofthe actual phone it isadvertising. It tells theconsumer absolutelynothing about the phoneit is supposed to beincising them to buy.This is the point of saledisplay for a promotion of aproduct at the Body Shop.It is good because it usesbright colours of text of‘50%’. This makes the 50%stand out and attractpassers by. It will attractpassers by as it ispositioned on an angleoutside the store to ‘reel in’potential customerswalking down the street.This is the point of saledisplay for posters of onedirection and JustinBieber. The POS displaysthe posters that are beingsold in the semi sphericalprism. The point of saledisplay is good because itshows images that wouldappeal to young girls andattract them.This is a point of sale displayshowing off new products from asoap shop. The point of saledisplay features a Buddha whichsome cultures see as symbol ofluck. The stores inspirationcomes from China. This POSDfollows the Chinese theme. Ithink it is a bad point of saledisplay because it doesnt reallystand out and might not get a lotof attention. I think the point ofsale could be improved bymaking the Buddha bigger andhaving it slightly outside of theshop so passers by will notice it.Point of SaleExamples
  5. 5. Links FXLOGICALIt is logical to make sureyou’re POS stands out incomparison to the rest of thecompetition. This is becausethe more you’re point of saleattracts customers, the moresales (and therefore profit)you’ll gain. It is also logicaltoo advertise the brand inyour point of sale. Withoutadvertising the brand, howwill customers know whatcompany the product ismade by? This is crucial ifcompetitors products aresimilar in aesthetics (E.G.similarity between iPads andSamsung tablets). It islogical to have ergonomicfeatures in your point of saledisplay because if theproduct is inaccessible or itis difficult to reach , theconsumer may move toyoure competitors productsor decide not to purchase.It’s important for you’repoint of sale to have a USP(Unique Selling Point). Thisis because in a retail storethere will be many point ofsales advertising severalsimilar products, it is logicalto add some unique featuresonto your point of sale toattract attention.considering the positioningof your point of sale inrelation to footfall is logicalbecause the more peoplewho are attracted or showinterest in your point of sale,the more customerspurchase the product. So ifyou position your point ofsale in a spot where there isa lot of foot fall, the mostcustomers you’ll get.ILLOGICALIt is illogical to have too muchinformation on your point ofsale. This is because having toomuch information can put offpotential customers as they mayfeel that havent the time tostand and read all theinformation. This is why youshould only add crucialinformation. On the other hand,it is important to make sure youhave enough. It is illogical to nothave enough information as thecustomer may want to knowwhat it is they are beingadvertised. For instance, if theconsumer saw a POS for a reallynice aftershave but couldn’t tellwhich company made it, theydmove on. This is also why it isillogical to not have a brandedPOS.It is illogical to have too muchvisual noise (this includes toobright colours, unreadable fontand too much information andshapes). If your POS has toomuch visual noise, it tends tolook ugly and people wouldsimply avoid if you can removethe product from your POS andwalk around with the productthen that is illogical. Whats tostop people taking the productand sticking it in their pocket?It is illogical to make the POS toointeractive as the consumer mayjust be playing with productbecause he can rather thanbecause he thinking aboutpurchasing the product. It isillogical to make your POS relyon cardboard testers as it smellsdifferently on cardboard than onskin. Also, the grooming productcould react differently tocardboard than on their skin.Finally, it is illogical to makeyour point of sale below eye levelas the customer may not be ableto see itNEEDThe point of sale display MUSTdisplay the product. The POSmust display the productbecause the customer will haveto see what they are potentiallybuying. The point of saledisplay must draw and attractattention. It must do thisbecause if the more people aredrawn to it the more attention itwill get. The more attention thePOS gets, the more people aregoing to purchase the productcurrently advertised. The pointof sale display must clearlydisplay the brand so theconsumer knows what companyis selling which product as someproducts looks familiar andcould get confused. If your POSdoesnt not hold the attention ofthe customer then it is notsucceeding. This is why it is anecessity for your POS to holdthe attention of the customer sothey look at the product andread the crucial information fora better chance of the customerbuying the product. The pointof sale must display crucialinformation so the customerknows what he is looking at andwhat it does (if it isnt obvious).The point of sale needs to makesure the customer can easilyaccess the product. This is sothe customer can interact withthe product because you’ve gotmore of a chance of selling yourproduct if the potentialcustomers can touch / feel /smell / play with it. The point ofsale must finally need to makesure it has thought ofergonomic considerations. Eg.You havent got to reach up sohigh you’re on your tiptoes toreach the product. It must alsobe safe to use.KEEPThis is what is absolutelyessential to enable thePOS to function properly.Not what is dictated by themarketing team. It isessential that the pointsale advertises theproduct. The reason ofthis that if it doesnt, itisnt succeeding becausethe purpose of the POS isto advertise. It is essentialfor the POS to let thecustomer to interact withthe product. This includesbeing able to feel / playwith the product and inthe case of aftershave orperfume, smell theproduct. Usually this isdone by using testers.Although they aren’tperfect, testers do give youa decent idea of what theaftershave / perfumesmells like. Also, you mustkeep the size of the pointof sale eye level or bigger.In a department storethere will be a ‘sea’ ofpoint of saleadvertisements and tohave a small point of salewould be useless. Thepoint of sale should showpotential customers all ofthe products features.This is because the mostcustomers want to knoweverything about theproduct they are buying –especially if is expensive.The best way to highlightits features wouldprobably not be by havingloads of text but bymaking the productinteractive so potentialcustomers can SEE forthemselves.SCRAPMost point of sale are eitherfixed or stood up using astand. If you scrap the ideathat point of sales have to befloor bound then that canopen up the possibility ofmaybe a point of saleswinging from the ceiling oreven making a handheldpoint of sale. Most higherclass branded groomingproducts such as RalphLauren, Calvin Klein andeven cheaper products likeLynx make their point ofsales around a model andusually are cardboardcutouts of a model holdingthe after shave. Why notscrap that? And trysomething else like having amore extravagant POS. Mostaftershave / perfumecompanies have similarbranding, so if you aredesigning a point of sale forone of these companies,wouldn’t it be best todifferentiate your brand fromthe rest so you stand outmore? All testers inaftershave POSs tend to bemade out of cardboard. Ithink they should bescrapped for a more realisticalternative. I think the nextbest alternative is cotton ascardboard is completelydifferent to your skin. Cottonis also, but you wear cottonwhen wearing aftershave(usually) so at least you get abetter idea of what theaftershave / perfume smellslike when your wear it..FORM VS FUNCTIONI think POS need to focuson both. They need tofocus on both because thepoint of sale has to lookgood to attract customersand needs to function byshowing off the keyfeatures of the product.The point of sale needs todisplay key and vitalinformation withouthaving too muchinformation. This isbecause it needs todisplay key information toinform the customer onexactly what they arebuying and needs too haveas little text as possible tostop the POS from lookingugly and from having toomuch visual noise. Thisleads into my next point ofthat I think the POS needsto stand out withouthaving too much visualnoise. The form is that isuses bright colours andthe function of POS is tostand out. Having toomany bright colours cancreate visual noiseespecially with tackycolours like bright pink,this could invalidate thefunction as customerswould avoid the POS. Youneed to be able to pick upand test the productwithout being able to stealthe product. This could bedone by having theproduct on a wire andafter you take the productso far away from the POS,it stops you. The mostcommon way companieslet you test the productwith taking it away wouldbe the use of testers and atthe moment I think that isthe best way to test theaftershave or perfume.X FACTORWhen you go to a departmentstore such as Boots, you willsee hundreds of point of salesall advertising similarproducts. The reason you gofrom one rather than anotheris because one is better looking(more aesthetically pleasing)than another.I think some examples wouldbe Samsung and Apple.Apples point of sale displaysare minimalistic and onlyreally display the Apple logoand the productname, whereas Samsung havemore text, both work as theyare both aesthetically pleasing.A X FACOR feature would besize. A small point of salewould be pointless and wouldeasily get lost in the sea ofpoint of sale displays. A bigpoint of sale would achievewhat is probably the primaryjob a point of sale - to standout and attract customers. Tomake my point of sale differentthan the other point of sales(therefore to stand out) I willadd a LCD TV screen. This issimilar to the point of salesmade by JML. Other thingsadded could be sound effectsas this could attract morecustomers. In my point ofsale, be different and standout, I would like to includefeatures such as making noises. This could actually put offcustomers though becausehearing a noise repeat overand over can be veryfrustrating. Another featurecould be the use of flashinglights, this will make my pointof sale stand out. The point ofsale could even havemotorized wheels or movearound on a track dipributingmy fragrance.
  6. 6. Task Analysis•Social networking and website•Construction•Ergonomic•Price•FutureFunctionality & FeaturesThe function of a point of sale is to advertise and insome cases distribute a product. Some features of apoint of sale are to let the let the customer test theproduct with the use of testers. Some companies do thistester products and some perfume / groomingcompanies provide items like cardboard sticks for thecustomer to spray on the product on. Other features of aPoint of sale can be places for the customer to take theproduct away from the display and go and pay for it atthe till. This usually only applies for cheaper products(under £10).Visibility and PositionThe positioning of a point of sale is important as themore people who see the point of sale, the more peoplewho buy the product. The point of sale is beastpositioned where there is the most footfall. This isusually by the entrance as people walking by the shopcould see it inside and because people need to use theentrance to get inside the shop. Another good positionwould be for the point of sale to be near thelift, escalators or stairs. A good concept would be to havethe point of sale swinging from the ceiling as this wouldmake it visible for the whole store.Aesthetics and BrandingThe aesthetics of a point of sale how it looks. Itcould use different colours to attract customersbut using too bright colours could have theopposite effect. It could create visual noise. Thepoint of sale could have moving parts to attractcustomers. Also, it could have a TV screen. Tobrand the product you would need to have thecolours of the brand - e.g. Hacketts would bedark red & navy blue.Target MarketsThe target markets of the point of sale are the potentialcustomers who would buy your product. For instance, thetarget market of the point of sale for Lynx, would be 12-16year olds as they are the people who buy the product.Also, the target market differs from store to store. If youare designing a point of sale fro a point of sale inBoots, then the point of sale would be aimed at women ormums. As these are the people who shop there. If Lynxwere advertise in Boots, they would advertise for mums asmums would likely be buying the product for their kids.MaterialsPoint of sales can be made out of different materialssuch as wood, metal and most commonly cardboard.Cardboard is used as it is cheaper than wood orplastic and because it is lighter and easier tomanufacture. Another common material used isplastic as it is stronger than cardboard and liquid willnot damage the POS.SafetySafety is very important in point of sales as there is a lotof interaction between the point of sale and thecustomer. The customer has to be able to test theproduct safely. This can be done by rounding the edgesof any handles or any where you touch. Anotherimportant safety feature is for the point of sale to besecured to the floor (unless its hanging from the ceiling).This is so it doesnt fall over or knock anything overaround it. Also the product being advertised must besecured to the point of sale so that it doesnt fall out andin the case of aftershave - smash.SustainabilityThe materials used could be recycled. Also youcould use materials which decompose. Thecompany could make a commitment to plantanother tree for every tree chopped down due tothe manufacture of the POS.The impact of the POS on the environment couldbe good if it decomposes quickly, if not, it may behard to dispose of.EnvironmentThe environment of a point of sale will be ina department store. It will be in kind of shopthe product it is advertising will be sold. E.g.A POS for a new movie would be in a cinema.Also, the environment of a point of salewould be good if it on the walkway near to ashop. This would untie people to come in andlook around the shop for the product.InteractivityThe point of sale can be interactive if the customerhas to intact with the Pos if the customer h tophysically grab the product from the POS. Also,the point of sale can be interactive by having thecustomer have to play or try out the product. E.g.Play on the iPads or try on the aftershave. It couldhave a testerResearch Plan1 what do you want to learn?2 who will you speak to?3 where will you conduct research?4 do you need to conduct anythingbeforehand?5 what are you going to do to complete thisresearch.- 10 Minute OberservationHow is it used?Positioning?- environmental snapshotColours?Height?Where people walk?- first hand existing design analysisACCESSFM- market researchCurrent productsCurrent trends- competitive productsWhat else is out there?- Moodboard-Product profilingLook at all kinds of POS- Cultural understanding
  7. 7. Access FM – Initial SpecsAestheticsThe aesthetics of a point of sale are important as if the point of sale looks good, itwill inside people to see it. My point of sale needs to be in Hacketts colours as thepoint of sale needs to reflect the brand. Certain shapes can be applied to the pointof sale reflecting the brand. My point of sale needs to include the logo as it showswho as made the product. All of Hacketts advertisements feature the same style.They are modern with an old fashioned twist. Which is something I need to follow.EnvironmentWhere the point of sale is placed is important. I will put myHackett point of sale near the higher class of aftershaves as this iswhere my potential customers will be. It would be pointless meputting it near the kids section. Also, how sustainable is myproduct? I want my product to be sustainable as it can be disposedof easily. I need to consider the environment of the changing worldaround my product. For instance I would include the Union Jackduring the Olympics,CostWhen creating a point of sale I will need to think about all of the costs involved. One of thecosts will be the materials that I use . As I am doing Hackett, the materials will be expensivelike the product will be,. I will also need to take delivery cost and manufacture cost intoconsideration. Size of the product will need to be taken into consideration. This is because thebigger the product, the more space you require you more floor space you will need.CustomerThe customer of the point of sale will be the customer of the product. Iwill need to target the right customer. It would be pointless making aLynx point of sale but using traditional writing as it would attract thecustomer. Also, it would be pointless having a game like function on apoint of sale meant to attract a older gentleman. The area of the pointof sale needs to be considered, for instance, I will need to place myhigher quality Hackett point of sale in a nicer part of London. Notwhere youd expect a Lynx POS.SizeThe point of sale needs to take anthropometrics into consideration.I also need to consider thats if the product too big I can create ahazard and if it topples over I can hurt someone. Also if the size ofthe point of sale is too big, it can cost a lot of money to manufacturedue to the amount of extra materials. Also, if the POS is too big thenthe price you pay for floor space will be very expensive. Finally, ifthe POS is too big then the product will look too small incomparison.SafetyThe point of sale should be kept out of reach of children. I need to make my point of saletall enough to be out of reach of children but to be a comfortable height for the customerto test the product. The product must also be bolted to the floor. This is so if someoneknocks it, it doesn’t topple over and knock something or someone over. Finally thecorners of the point of sale should be rounded or at least not be sharp.Featuresthe features of a point of sale is to advertise the product. Other features include testing the product outby spraying it on themselves. Another feature could be to watch or listen to the point of sale displayusing a TV screen or a speaker in the POS display. Other features could include a game or puzzle to getto the product, this makes it more interactive.MaterialsThe materials used in the point of sale display could be mostly anything. If the point of sale display wereto be there for a long time then I would make my point of sale out of metal as it is strong. Another strongmaterial would be plastic or wood as they could be used for over a month and is worth investing moremoney in the manufacture process. If the point of sale is only going to put up for a short amount of timethen I’d use cardboard as it is cheap and easy to put and throw away. In my point of sale display I will tryto use recyclable products.My design brief is to design a new point of sale display unit for Hackett – male grooming company. The unit is going todisplay 1 or more product from their range. This is because currently there is no advertising for there products. My point ofsale display must clearly identify the Hackett brand.My design situation is that currently Hackett has no advertising and their products have been dropping in sales becauseof this. Hackett need to add some advertising in the stores preferably up London as this is where the target market is.
  8. 8. Assembly & MaterialsQuestionnaireCompetitive ProductsEnvironmental SnapshotCustomer ProfilingBrand ProfilingProduct ProfilingMoodboard
  9. 9. Assembly & MaterialsFree-standing glass point of saleunit. They usually use toughenedglass. These point of sale units aredelivered fully assembled. They canbe reused and can put differentproducts inside. This type of point ofsale would be hard to dispose of andwould be used more than once.This is a free standingacrylic point of sale unit.They can be used inportrait, landscape; wallmounted, free standing,laid flat on top of a shopcounter or hung from cablesystems.Sometimes these point ofsales are used asalthough they may bemore expensive andharder to dispose of, theycan be re-used. They areoften long thin rods madeout of aluminum and arebent and welded tocreate a basket shape.These are perhaps the most common types of point ofsale units. They are made out of cardboard and candisplay multiple items. They are usually delivered in a flatpack. To put the unit up, you‟d need to unfold thecardboard. The point of sale is cheaper than those ofhigher materials but do not last very long as the materialisnt very strong and hasn‟t got long durability. Theproduct is easily recyclable.This point of sale unit will be made out of glass.This type of point of sale unit rotates toshowcase the product and is perfect forperfumes / aftershaves. It would come fullyassembled. The wood at the bottom of thepoint of sale is likely to be made out of a strongwood such as wood. Also, as the POS isexpensive, an expensive wood would be used.Some point of sales would be in adisplay case on a counter.Sometimes, the display case wouldbe part of the point of sale. Thebottom half would be made out ofwood, metal or some cheaper onesout of plastics. Can be reused.
  10. 10. These are some of the current products on the market made byHackett. The most popular and famous is the aftershave called‘Splash’. The other products include three discontinuedaftershaves known as ‘Bespoke’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Event’. They weresimilar to the Polo collection by Ralph Lauren, but wereproduced before the Polo collection were released. Finally, thedeodorant was released in a set alongside the ‘Splash’aftershave.The Hackett male grooming products have not been assuccessful as others such as Ralph Lauren, D&G and Versace.This could be because the products were not advertised as wellas other brands. You rarely (if ever) saw a TV commercial, pointof sale display or magazine advertisement for any of theproducts so the awareness was small.Some male grooming products such as the ‘Hackett MayfairGrooming Kit’ were re-released with the Aston Martin Racingbrand. The Hackett / Aston Martin wash bag is the onlyremaining product in Hackett’s male grooming collection. Allthe others have been discontinued.If a product has a Point of Sale Display, does that generally drawyou toward the product?YES IT DOESNO IT DOESN’TIT VARIESIf so, what features of the point of sale display draw you in?SIZEBRIGHT COLOURSSOUNDVIDEO DISPLAYSOTHERIf not, do you tend to already plan what grooming product you aregoing to buy beforehand?YES, I FIND MY PRODUCT ONLINENO, POINT OF SALE DISPLAYS DON’T DRAW ME INI JUST BUY AFTERSHAVE ON THE PRICE, NOTADVERTISMENTSDo you buy the same grooming products every time you shop?YES, ONCE I FIND A FTERSHAVE I LIKE I TEND TO STICKWITH ITNO, I AM OPEN TO TESTING OTHER PRODUCTSNO, I AM OPEN TO OTHER PRODUCTS AS LONG AS IT ISCHEAPIs the material used to develop the point of sale display a factor inwhether you are drawn toward it?YES, A HIGHER QUALITY MATERIAL DRAWS ME IN.NO, A CARDBOARD P.O.S. CAN DRAW ME IN IF IT IS BOLD.Is the positioning of point of sale a factor in whether you areattracted to it?YES, IF I SEE A POINT OF SALE DISPLAY FROM OUTSIDE THESTORE, IT’LL DRAW ME IN.NO, IT DOESN’T MATTER AS I AM USUALLY GOING IN THESTORE ANYWAY.Questionnaire
  11. 11. If a product has a Point of Sale Display, doesthat generally draw you toward the product?The results show that point of sale displays enticepeople toward the product. Therefore, the point of saleand advertisements are very important for a product.The results also show that some people think it varieswhether a product needs a point of sale or not. Thiscould be due to other ways of customers hearing aboutthe product such as word of mouth. These results tellme that I should put a lot of effort into my point of saleas it is important for the product’s sales.If so, what features of the point of sale displaydraw you in?the results of this question shows which features of apoint of sale display are important. The results showthat the most enticing feature of a point of sale is if ituses bright colours. Also, size is an important featurealong with video displays. Sounds was the least circledchoice. This shows that for my design I will need tomake it quite big, use some bright colours andincorporate a video display. These features will makemy point of sale successful.If not, do you tend to already plan whatgrooming product you are going to buybeforehand?The results of this chart shows me that the majority ofpotential customers come into the stores without aproduct in mind. This means that there is a factor whichgets the customer to buy the product. A small amountsay that that factor is price. This means that it isadvertisement which entices the customer to buy theproduct. This charts shows me that I have manycustomers to try and entice to my product.Do you buy the same grooming products everytime you shop?This graph tells me that few of the potential customerswho go to the stores like boots etc buy the same productevery time. This means that most of the customers whocome in to the store are looking for a new product to try.Most of these people do not regard price as a factor not tobuy the product. This puts Hackett in a good place as it ismore expensive than other products such as Old Spice.On the other hand some of the customers say that price isa factor. Hackett isnt as expensive as Ralph Lauren Hackett could appeal to those customers as well.,Is the material used to develop the point of saledisplay a factor in whether you are drawntoward it?This graph tells me that customers are attracted to apoint of sale whether it uses a higher quality material ora lower quality material. In previous graphs, it hasshown me which features are crutial for a point of sale.The graph tells me that I should make sure that my pointof sale stands out as a priority rather than using higherquality. As I am designing a point of sale for Hackett, ahigher quality material will be used.Is the positioning of point of sale a factor inwhether you are attracted to it?The majority of the customers have said on this chartthat they do not think that the positioning of the Point ofSale Display is a factor of whether you buy it or not. Thiscould be because the customers would be coming intothe shop toward the perfume department anyway. Thiscould also be because some people may not like to seepoint of sale display every time they look around.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >>
  12. 12. Hackett makes a lot of rugby andpolo shirts for their customers.These (and suits) are their mainclothing styles. The target customerfor Hackett would be someone whosomeone who plays rugby and/orpolo as this is who would buy theirclothes. Hackett is a very Englishcompany and that is likely why theyaim at these very English sports. Thesports are also traditional whichmirrors the company.Other than sports wear, Hackett’s other focus is on suits.Hackett make good quality suits but they aren’t cheap. Thetarget customer for these suits would be someone who is in acorporate world like Canary Wharf. As the suits get more andmore expensive it is safe to assume they are made so as thecustomers starts to earn more, he can purchase a better (moreexpensive) suit.Hackett has also branched out fromRugby and Polo to racing. This is whenthey started to sponsor Aston MartinRacing. You can assume that they haveassociated with this brand to raiseawareness and create an associationbetween Hackett and Racing, similar tothe relationship between Polo andRalph Lauren.Hackett is a company aimed at the well-off English.It was created in Kensington, West London in 1979.It has a store there to this day. The brand isn’t an asbig as Ralph Lauren in America and currently hasno stores there. In England, it is recognized asbeing in a league lower than that of Ralph Laureneven though they sell similar products and thetarget customers are similar1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >>
  13. 13. EXPENSIVEMODERN1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >>This is looking at thecompetitive products it isshowing me the competitionsproducts. The differentplaces where the productsfall (e.g. the higher classproducts use a darker colourscheme and the cheaperones using a more colourfulcolour scheme). The area inwhich Hackett will fall will betraditional and quiteexpensive. The colours usedin this section are browns ordark greens. This chartprovides me with theinformation I need to makesure I am better than myimmediate competition,
  14. 14. Hackett was founded in 1983 by Jeremy Hackett and AshleyLloyd-Jennings from a stall on Londons Portobello Road. Thefirst shop, on the "wrong end" of Kings Road, in London Chelseadistrict, was selling only used clothes. The company graduallyexpanded over several years, increasing the number of branchesand moving from acquiring and selling second-hand clothing todesigning and selling its own items. International expansion beganwith the 1989 opening of a Spanish branch in Madrid.As well as expanding geographically, the company has increasedits range of services. As well as manufacturing and selling clothingitems, Hackett now offers personal and bespoke tailoring, a rangeof spectacles, grooming products, and a barbers in their flagshipstore in Sloane Street, London. Hackett is associated with high-profile personalities who are either sponsored or endorsed by thebrand. The Hackett style is inspired by traditional British mensclothing. Founder Jeremy Hackett describes this approach todesign as "our clothes wear in, not out". Clothing ranges andstyles on offer include polo shirts, rugby shirts and formal/dressclothing for men and children. In September 2009, Esquiremagazine featured a Hackett tie as one of its top 5 knitted ties.Ranges are also offered in conjunction with sponsorships andpartners such as Aston Martin Racing, the Oxford and Cambridgeboat race, and the British Army Polo Team. The brand usescolours such as dark reds and navy blues. Their advertisementsare also made with a black and white colour scheme. The designof the website, advertisements and clothes would be called astraditional or classic so this is the theme I will choose for my pointof sale.
  15. 15. These are typical places where a point of sale for aaftershave product might be found. These placesinclude The Perfume Shop, Debenhams, Boots,House of Fraser and even Harrods. These placeslook very busy as they often have a lot of point ofsales and also in-store promotions for free giftsand special offers. My product (Hackett) would besold at Harrods as it is too exclusive fordepartment stores like Boots or Superdrug. Pointof sales are usually situated where there is themost footfall. For instance, in WHSmith, there arepoint of sales by the only stairs going down fromthe second floor. This is a good place to put a pointof sale because everyone sees it as they comedown the stairs.
  16. 16. This mood board has shown me thedifferent colours, styles and themesHackett use in their currentadvertisements. I can nowincorporate these into my design. Ihave found Hackett use a lot ofEnglish themes and use the coloursRed, White and Blue throughout.Also, some of their adverts aregreyscale so that could besomething I add into my point ofsale.
  17. 17. MoodboardCompetitiveProductsEnvironmentalSnapshotBrand ProfilingCustomer ProfilingQuestionnaireAssembly & ProductsProduct ProfilingA - I have found that the main themes of Hackett aregrayscale pictures, traditional sports and features a lotof English themes. I have to mirror these themes on tomy point of sale display. My point of sale must be bigand stand out against the crowd.C - I have found the products associated with Hackettare of a high quality and connote being rich andsuccessful. As this is, I think, the target market forHackett. It would make sense I use these themes in mydesign. The cost of the point of sale must not be anymore than the products displayed as this is losingmoney.C - The target customer of Hackett is somebodybetween the ages of 25-50. This is quite a large agedifference but the clothes and accessories in the storesare aimed toward people who are on the road toachieving great successful.E - My point of sale must be able to be placed indifferent areas of the shop. I think the environment ofmy point of sale varies. It would make sense if the shopputs the point of sale where the most footfall is. But, mypoint of sale is of a size that it could be put on ashelf, on a plinth, or on the store counter.S - The point of sale must be big enough to be able todisplay relevant information such as the brandidentity, history of the brand and where it comes from. Italso must be big enough to be able to fit on a shelf orthe shop counter. It must not be too big as this createsunwanted visual noise and may put customers off frombuying the productS – The Safety of the point of sale is important as theyare easily knocked over, spilt on etc.. It is important thatthe point of sale be secure when on the plinth or theshelf. It is also important that the plinth is secure to thefloor. I will also make sure all sharp edges aresmoothened out so no body catches themselves onthem s they can be quite painful. I will also keep thepoint of sale away from children , they are often theculprits of the spills and knocking over so they will bekept out of reach. Also, children are not the targetaudience and do not need to see the point of saledisplay.F - The function of my point of sale is to advertise aproduct of Hackett and advertise the brand identity andhistory of Hackett. I will achieve this through the use ofimages and a timeline around the point of sale.M - – In my point of sale I will use high quality materialssuch as oak wood, aluminum, teak and glass. Thisreflects the high quality of the Hackett brand.
  23. 23. Development
  24. 24. 1. Aesthetics (Zoetrope)When looking at my final designs I decided to choose thisbecause I think it best shows the Hackett brand: British. Iwanted my point of sale to stand out more so I decidedthat the standard L-shape was too bog standard. I startedto look at other ways of showing how London haddeveloped over the years. The zoetrope caught my eye asthis is a traditional way of animating simple objects. Usingthis I could actually animate London evolving. To producethe animation I could draw London evolving on a piece ofpaper. This would animate when spun.I think the traditional side of the zoetropewill really work for the Hackett point ofsale. I think if I put a modern twist on thezoetrope it could connote how Hackett isa traditional brand in a modern-era. Ithink my zoetrope will have to my actualsize to look authentic and to appeal tothe customers. There are also biggerscale zoetropes in places likeDisneyland, Universal Studios etc..Showing an animation of a character ormultiple characters. I will get inspirationfrom these.2. Materials (Cardboard)The top half of the point of sale could be made ofcardboard. The cardboard I will use will have to be quitethick as it is the part of the point of sale that people will belooking at / touching. This part of the point of sale will behave to made out of a light material as this will be requiredto spin. I made a model of the tubical top half usingcardboard. It was not to the actual size of what I would likethe final product to be but the model showed mr theprocess I could use to create it. I found that it would beeasy to create the top half of the point of sale withcardboard as it is easy to bend, easy to cut into with aStanley knife (to create the slits to see through) and easyto glue. More advantages of cardboard are that it is fairlycheap compared to other materials. If I were to usecardboard I could also print the designs of London evolvingonto the card straight away. The problems ordisadvantages with cardboard are that it is relatively weakand can tear or fold easily. Also, cardboard isnt waterresistant so liquids will saturate and weaken the top half ofthe point of sale. So someone were to drop it or spillanything over it then it would essentially be ruined.
  25. 25. 3. Function (Mechanism)How will the zoetrope spin?There are many ways of making it spin but I think the easiestand simplest way would be to make it hand spun. All the userwould have to do is spin the top of the top and look throughthe slits. The zoetrope could be placed on a Lazy Susan (akaDumbwaiters). Lazy Susans can be made out of differentmaterials commonly plastic, wood or in some restaurantsglass. Traditionally, zoetropes are hand spun so if I were tokeep with the traditional theme of Hackett a manual spinningzoetrope would seem fitting. Another way of making thezoetrope spin would be to have a motor spinning it constantly.The motor method is used for 3D zoetropes such as ToyStory Zoetrope in Disneyland. This is on a bigger scalethan a size I am looking at. Also, the motor method is alsoexpensive and has more chance of breaking down. I thinkoverall the easiest method is manually spinning with yourhand as they are easy to spin so even kids can do it, itincreases interactivity which makes it stand out and isfinancially cheaper than buying a motor.4. Materials (Wood)As the Zoetrope isnt head height, I wouldhave to have it on a stand of some kind. Thisstand would hold up the zoetrope so if youare in a shop you will see it at head height.This stand could be made out of a number ofmaterials but I think as it is a Hackett point ofsale, as high quality aesthetically pleasingwood like oak would be perfect. If I use oakwood there will be some advantages such asit has great strength, prestigious, resistant toinsects and doesnt rot.Another wood I could use is pine. Pine is cheap butcan be stained to look more expensive. I dont thinkusing pine would be as effective as Oak or Teak asit is considered cheap and doesnt fit in with theHackett brand.Teak Wood is another wood which I coulduse for the stand. The teak is a good woodto use because it is hard, dense and verydurable. Its used normally in building boats,decks, structural work and furniture. Also,when using teak you do not need to use ahigh quality finish as it has a resinousnature. Teak is the most expensive andtools need to be sharpened when cutting itconstantly. As it is a high quality wood itwould fit in with the Hackett brand.I will be using Oak Wood because:Oak wood has great strength and hardnessIt is very resistant to insect and fungal attackIt is aesthetically pleasing.To stick with a traditional focus of my point of sale, Ihave decided to keep the zoetrope manually spun.This makes the customer feel like they are spinninga zoetrope from the 1800s.
  26. 26. 5. Usability - Placement of Point ofSaleThe positioning of the point of sale is important. In a averageretail store I could put the zoetrope in a lot of places within anaverage department store. It depends on if Im using a stand /podium or not. If I am using a stand / podium then it would bebest if I put the point of sale on the floor either next to theentrance / exit as this is where there is a lot of foot fall andwhere more people will see and use it. Another place it couldbe put if it uses a stand is by the lift, escalator or stairs. This isbecause these places are crucial for people to get to the upperor below floor so it will be a place where you will get allot offootfall also. Without the stand, the zoetrope is around 45cmtall. As it is this size, the point of sale could be put on a shelf.On a shelf the point of sale could still be spun and used aslong it is on a shelf which is at head height. Finally the point ofsale could be put on the table where the customer buys theproduct as it is at a usable height and near the cash register.The point of sale could not be put inside a cabinet or on a lowshelf as the customer would have to bend over to use it andmost probably would walk away. Also, it wouldnt be as easy tonotice.6. Construction - AdhesivesEpoxy ResinEpoxy resin is very strong. It is a thermosetting resin whichmeans once it has dried, it cannot be melted and reused. Itcan be used as a coating in some industries. Used in somepaints on boats to protect from bad weather. While drying itcreates cross links.PVA GluePolyvinyl Acetate is good because it dries clear and can be applieddirectly from bottle. If cap of glue is left off it wont dry up for a while.Easy to use as it can be squirted out of a bottle or onto a brush. It issoluble in water so it can be cleaned up easy. As it is water solublewhen around water the glue is useless. It takes about 24 hoursbefore the glue is effective. It corrodes metal. It is not effective onany surface which is non-porous.Glue GunThe glue gun is good to use because the actualgun bit is relatively cheap. Also, the glue gunglue is stronger than average glue. The glue isalso long lasting. The glue gun can bedangerous if not used properly. The glue sgloppy and thick, can cause lumpy surfaces. Icould use the glue gun in my point of sale as Iused in the model making and I found it waseasy to use.
  27. 27. 7. Construction - ToolsI will use a Stanley Knife in theconstruction of the my point of sale whenI am making the zoetrope tubical top half.I will use it because it easily cuts intocardboard. It will be used to create therectangle shape which will bend round tocreate a tubular shape. I will also use theStanley Knife to make the slits where theuser will view the animation.To cut the wood at the base of point ofsale, I will use a saw. I will a band saw tocut through the oak. The hegnersawwouldnt work as well as the oak is toostrong. A hand saw is inaccurate so I wontuse it for my project as Hackett brandrequires everything to be of a high quality.To mark out where I will cut onthe cardboard and on the wood Iwill use a pencil and a ruler. Tomake sure my angles are perfectfor the base I will use a try-square. I will use these toolsrather than free hand as I wantthe lines to be straight andperfect as the Hackett brandrequires a high quality.8. Aesthetics - Designing the London skyline2D ZoetropeIf I were to create a 2D zoetrope I would have to create theLondon skyline on to a piece of paper and insert it into thezoetrope. If I were to create this, I would only be able to onebuilding evolving. This could work if I use an iconic buildingas the metaphor for the whole of London evolving.3D ZoetropeA 3D zoetrope would be harder to make although the rewardwould be greater. If I choose to make a 3D zoetrope I wouldneed to make miniature figurines of London buildings e.g.The Shard getting built, London Eye Spinning and finally agentleman walking along with a suitcase.I think for my point of sale I will create a 2D zoetrope butwith 3D features such as some of the images may beembossed and I will show more than one building evolving.I will do this through the use of platforms.1.Time changing on Big Ben2.Gentleman with briefcase walking down road.
  28. 28. 10. Aesthetics – FinishesTo protect the images in the zoetrope, Ishould add another layer. I was thinkingabout using plastic as the layer as it ismostly water resistant. The most commonproblem that would affect the point of salewould be it either falling over or somebodyspilling something over it. To defendagainst this I will need to use a strongplastic like ABS (which has high impactstrength, good toughness, lightweight anddurable) The problem with ABS is that it isvery thick and this could alter the usersperception of the images. Another plastic Icould use would be Poly Carbonate (PC).Poly Carbonate has good chemicalresistance which means that whatever isspilt on the plastic will not affect the overplastic or the paper underneath. The plasticwill also need to be see-through so the usercan see the images. This is where the userwill see the images while they are spinninground. For this I could use Acrylic. Acrylic isrelatively thin and could be bent around ashape easily. It is also tough, hard anddurable. I think Acrylic would be the bestchoice to use for my design.9. Materials - PlasticsTo make the wood look of a high quality I would use a woodstain or varnish to improve upon the properties of the wood.Varnish has little or no colour, is transparent, and has noadded pigment, as opposed to paints or wood stains, whichcontain pigment and generally range from opaque totranslucent. In my design, I will use a transparent varnish forthe wood at the bottom Of the point of sale. I will usetransparent because the oak wood is already aestheticallypleasing so I would not need to change that but I would usethe varnish to add properties such as liquid resistance.Varnishes are also applied over wood stains as a final stepto achieve a film for gloss and protection. Some productsare marketed as a combined stain and varnish.11. WheelsAt the bottom of my design I could add wheels. This would makethe usability easier. I will drill the wheels to the oak and make iteasy to wheel around. This will mean that the unit can be pushedaround the store to all the best points (such as the door etc – seedevelopment 5). The wheels I can will made out of plastic (rubber)and have a metal coating. The metal coating is important as it willincrease the longevity of the wheels meaning that they can beused for a long time.Graph shows that the majority of my colleagues do not agree thatwheels would be good for my design.SAFETYI will use plastic as it is strongcompared to other clear materialssuch as glass. This makes theproduct more safer as if dropped hasa much less chance of smashingand causing any harm to any of thecustomers.
  29. 29. I will add rubber feet to my design. Rubber is a goodmaterial to use as it is an electrical insulator, tearresistance and elastic. It is used common on thesoles of shoes. It is used in shoes to stop the personwho is wearing from slipping and sliding over. That iswhat I want to use the rubber feet for in my design. Itis somewhat a safety feature of the point of salebecause if somebody falls into the point of sale, thepoint of sale will not slide into someone else. Ifenough pressure is put on the point of sale It may fallover but using rubber feet reduces its chances a lot.Once I have cut the card to size and cut out the prints, Iwill paint it complete black. The card must be paintedblack as it creates the wall of the zoetrope. This is so theuser doesn‟t see a random blur when the images arespinning. The scanning of the slits keeps the picturesfrom simply blurring together, and the user sees a rapidsuccession of images, producing the illusion of motion.To paint the cardboard I will use acrylic paint. Whenpainting the cardboard, the water in the paint will weakenthe card but as the paint dries, the cardboard‟s strengthreturns. I will lay the card flat when painting and I am toldthat I should bend it round to form the drum shapebefore it dries.To create the spinning motion of the upper half of mypoint of sale (the zoetrope), I will need to make a LazySusan. To do this I will need to connect a sheet ofwood (oak wood) to a Lazy Susan bearing. To connectthese I will need the use of nuts and bolts. On thebottom of the Lazy Susan, I will have a slab of OakWood. I will have Oak Wood on the top too (the top halfhas the card glued to the wood). The top half will havea smaller surface are than the top half. I will not need touse any more nuts and bolts in the construction of thepoint of sale.The colour scheme of the point of sale will use grey,navy, white and a dark red. These are the coloursfeatured in Hackett‟s marketing. I will use black (and ahint of navy blue) as the colour of the upper part of thepoint of sale (the zoetrope). This will be resting on a OakWood base. The oak wood will not be coloured (it maybe darkened if a oil based varnish is used). The coloursof the pictures of the London skyline will be black (navy)and white. This is because drawing the images of thebulidings over and over would take a long time and it isbecause the zoetrope works more effective if the coloursare simple.12 1314 15
  30. 30. Another material I could use for the protection of my images is glass. I would need to shape the glass aroundmy images in a circular and tublicar shape. There are four main methods of shaping glass: blowing, pressing,drawing, and casting. After the shaping process, annealing is used to increase the strength of theglass. Tempering and other finishing techniques may also be used to further strengthen the glass. Pressing isaccomplished by dropping a hot gob of glass into a mold, then pressing it with a plunger until it spreads and fillsthe inside of the mold. To be pressed, an article must be of such a shape that the plunger can be withdrawn.Baking dishes, glass blocks, and lenses are often pressed. As with blowing, pressing can be done by hand orby machine, and with single or multiple molds. Press-and-blow machines use a combination of the pressing andthe blowing methods to form the article. Such machines can produce hundreds of glass containers per hour.Drawing is the method used for shaping flat glass, glass rod, glass tubing, and fiberglass. Almost all flat glassproduced today is float glass. It is shaped by drawing a wide sheet of molten glass into a furnace containing abath of molten tin. This furnace is called a float bath because the glass “floats” in an even layer on the perfectlysmooth surface of the molten tin. Heating in the float bath is carefully controlled to melt out any roughness inthe glass. Because glass turns solid at a higher temperature than tin, it can be moved from the molten tin forfurther cooling. When flat glass is shaped in a float bath, both sides come out with a brilliant finish that requiresno grinding or polishing. Casting involves filling molds with molten glass. The glass may be poured either fromladles or directly from the furnace, or drained from the bottom of the furnace. Casting is used in the productionof architectural glass pieces, art glass, laser glass, and telescope mirrors. Annealing is a process that removesthe stresses and strains remaining in glass after shaping. Most glassware is annealed just after it has beenformed. If it is not annealed, glass may shatter from tension caused by uneven cooling. Annealing is done byreheating the glass and gradually cooling it according to a planned time-and-temperature schedule.Tempering is a process in which a glass article that is already formed is reheated until almost soft. Then, undercarefully controlled conditions, it is chilled suddenly by blasts of cold air or by plunging it in oil or certainchemicals in a liquid state. This tempering treatment makes the glass much stronger than ordinary glassTo attract customers to the Point of Sale I will include a CD player where thestore would put on a compilation of older songs. Not classical songs, older. Forinstance, The Beatles. I would create a slot in the oak wood where the CDPlayer / Speaker would lay. The sound wouldn‟t be too loud as it would becomeannoying for some customers and it could This would attract customers notonly because it is playing music but because the music isn‟t „mainstream‟. Itsdifferent than what you would normally hear in a store and these songs arenton the radio often even though they are well known. The reason I‟d use songslike The Beatles is because:a)They‟re English. Traditionally English.b)They‟re Traditional. Recognized as being from 60s.c)They‟re Iconic. People know them and their songs.1617
  31. 31. In my design, I have designed there to be a groove when theHackett tasters will lay. The tasters will be a rectangular stripwith a spray of Hackett splash on it. The taster card withhave a design on it. The design will be one of twenty four keypoints of Hackett‟s history. The taster wont just be a piece ofpaper, it will be quality card as a regular paper wouldn‟treflect the brand‟s high quality image. The colour of thetaster would be light blue. The light grey would reflect thebrands colour scheme and would be easy to see theinformation.x3018On my point of sale I will have many links to socialmedia such as Face book, Twitter, YouTube etc..These links would allow customers to „like‟ Hackett onFace book, „tweet‟ about the Hackett aftershave orwatch the advertisements on YouTube. This is effectiveas adding Hackett to Face book, YouTube or Twitter isfree. I will also add a QR code so a user with aSmartphone (phone, Blackberry, Samsung S3) canscan it in to access the brands website or other websiterelating to the brand or product.19
  32. 32. Specification Checkpoint 1• A - I have found that the main themes of Hackett are grayscale pictures, traditional sports and features a lot of English themes. I have to mirror these themes on tomy point of sale display. My point of sale must be big and stand out against the crowd. I HAVE ACHIVED THIS BECAUSE MY POINT OF SALE WILL BE PLACEDON A PLINTH WHICH CAN BE SITUTATED ANYWHERE THROUGHOUT THE STORE. I HAVE DESIGNED MY POINT OF SALE TO BE ABLE TO BE TAKENOFF OF THE PLINTH AND PLACED UPON A SHELF OR COUNTER.• C - I have found the products associated with Hackett are of a high quality and connote being rich and successful. As this is, I think, the target market for Hackett. Itwould make sense I use these themes in my design. The cost of the point of sale must not be any more than the products displayed as this is losing money. IHAVE ACHIEVE THESE AS I HAVE USED HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS IN MY DESIGN. IN THE DESIGN I HAVE DECIDED TO USE OAK WOOD AS IT HIGHQUALITY AND LOOKS VERY AETHETICALLY PLEASING. AT SOME POINTS IT COULD BE ARGUED THAT I HAVE NOT ACHIEVED THIS AS IN MY DESIGNTHERE IS THE USE OF CARD WHICH WOULD BE CONSIDERED A RELITIVELY CHEAP MATERIAL. I HAVE USED CARD AS IT IS EASY TO CUT INTO ANDFLEXIBLE AND ITS PERFECT FOR THE BODY OF THE ZOETROPE SECTION OF MY POINT OF SALE.• C – The target customer of Hackett is somebody between the ages of 25-50. This is quite a large age difference but the clothes and accessories in the stores areaimed toward people who are on the road to achieving great successful. I HAVE ACHIEVED THIS AS DESIGN IS ESSENTIALLY CLASSIC AND TRADITIONAL. IHAVE DEVELOPED MY IDEA INTO THE EVOLUTION OF THE TRADITIONAL LONDON IN WHICH HACKETT BASES ITSELF TO THE MODERN DAYCORPORATE LONDON WHERE MANY OF ITS TAGET CUSTOMERS CAN RELATE. ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF AROUND 25 PROBABLY WOULDN‟TREALISE HOW NEW SOME OF LONDONS ICONIC LANDMARKS ARE AND SO THE MESSAGE WOULD MEAN AS MUCH TO THEM.• E – My point of sale must be able to be placed in different areas of the shop. I think the environment of my point of sale varies. It would make sense if the shopputs the point of sale where the most footfall is. But, my point of sale is of a size that it could be put on a shelf, on a plinth, or on the store counter. I HAVEACHIEVED THIS AS MY POINT OF SALE IS ABLE TO BE ON A PLINTH. THIS GIVES THE STOREOWNER THE ABILITY TO PLACE THE POINT OF SALE INMANY AREAS OF THE STORE. ALSO I HAVE DESIGNED THE POINT OF SALE SO IT CAN BE TAKEN OFF THE PLINTH AND PLACED ONTO A SHELF ORTHE SHOP COUNTER WHERE PURCHASES ARE MADE.• S – The point of sale must be big enough to be able to display relevant information such as the brand identity, history of the brand and where it comes from. It alsomust be big enough to be able to fit on a shelf or the shop counter. It must not be too big as this creates unwanted visual noise and may put customers off frombuying the product. I HAVE ACHIEVED THIS BECAUSE IN MY POINT OF SALE THE ZOETROPE SECTION CLEARLY SHOWS THE BRAND IDENTITY, THEHISTORY OF HACKETT, AND FINALLY THE BASES OF THE POINT OF SALE (NOT THE PLINTH) WILL FEATURE THE HACKETT BRAND TIMELINE OFIMPORTANT EVENTS.• S – The Safety of the point of sale is important as they are easily knocked over, spilt on etc.. It is important that the point of sale be secure when on the plinth orthe shelf. It is also important that the plinth is secure to the floor. I will also make sure all sharp edges are smoothened out so no body catches themselves on thems they can be quite painful. I will also keep the point of sale away from children , they are often the culprits of the spills and knocking over so they will be kept out ofreach. Also, children are not the target audience and do not need to see the point of sale display. I HAVE ACHIEVED THIS BY THE USE OF THE PLINTH BEINGAT ADULTS WAIST WHICH IS USUALLY ABOVE THE AVERAGE CHILDS HEAD. THIS KEEPS THE PRODUCT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDEN, I HAVE ALSONOT ACHIEVED THIS AS I HAVE KEPT THE EDGES OF THE POINT OF SALE DESIGN TO BE UN-ROUNDED. I THINK THAT USING ROUNDED EDGESWOULD MAKE MY POINT OF SALE SEEM LESS SOPHISTICATED. I HAVE ALSO NOT DESIGNED A PLINTH TO BE ABLE TO BE BOLTED DOWN. THISDEFEATS THE OBJECT OF THE POINT OF SALE HAVING MULTIPLE ENVIRONMENTS.• F – The function of my point of sale is to advertise a product of Hackett and advertise the brand identity and history of Hackett. I will achieve this through the use ofimages and a timeline around the point of sale. I FEEL I HAVE ACHIEVED THIS THROUGH THE IMAGES OF LONDON IN THE ZOETROPE. I ALSO FEEL IHAVE ACHIEVED THIS IN THE HACKETT LOGO IN THE FRONT OF MY DESIGN. I ALSO FEEL THE ANIMATION PEOPLE WILL SEE WHEN LOOKING INTHE ZOETROPE WILL REFLECT THE HACKETT BRAND.• M – In my point of sale I will use high quality materials such as oak wood, aluminum, teak and glass. This reflects the high quality of the Hackett brand. I HAVEACHIEVED THIS THROUGHT THE USE OF OAK AS THE MAIN MATERIAL IN MY DESIGN. I HAVE ALSO USED GLASS TO PROTECT THE IMAGES IN THECARD ZOETROPE. I HAVE NOT USED ALUMINIUM IN THE DESIGN OF THE POINT OF SALE.
  33. 33. 20. Dispensing the TestersFor my point of sale I want the dispensers to be dispensed ina more unique way than I have originally designed. I couldmake it so when the user spins the Zoetrope that it releasessome of the aftershave. This could be an interesting way forthe aftershave to be tested but it could also cause problems.For instance, if a person with asthma spun the zoetrope itwould automatically spray. It would be unable to know that theperson spinning is asthmatic. Also, if children spun it or it wasspun intentionally It could be released as a surprise and couldget in the eye of a child. If I keep the dispenser the way it is, itwill be minimalistic and therefore be keeping with the furtherspecification.21. AluminumIn my further specification I have said that I would needto use aluminum in my design. In my design I created aplace around the base of the zoetrope where aluminumcould be applied.I think if I put aluminumstrips along the side ofthe point of sale thenit‟ll look moreexpensive, professionaland stick with theHackett colour schemedue to the silver / metalcolour.I will use a QR code to increase theinteractivity of my point of sale. The QRcode will enable consumers to scan theirphone against the point of sale to takethem to the Hackett website.I will be able to create a QR simply and easily over manywebsites. Here, I have done a mock up of the QR code. Iwill print the QR code on the side of the plinth and willmake it relatively small as it the digital-ness of the codewill not fit in with the traditional English theme if the rest ofthe Point of will be used because it does not rust, it canbe 100 percent recycled and because it is odur-less.The aluminum is also very lightweight.
  34. 34. 23. The Hackett TimelineTo link the point of sale back to theHackett brand, I will print off theHackett timeline from their website.The timeline will go around thepoint of sale so at what ever pointor angle the consumer is looking atthe point of sale - he will see a factabout Hacketts timeline.24. Design of the Animation on First PlatformThis is the main part of the point of sale display. This is what the potential customers will intact with and this is also whichmakes the point of sale unique. The first platform is the first one the customer will see and this is where they will decide ifthey want to stay and test the product.
  35. 35. This is the second animation, it is found in most traditional zoetropes.Alternative for Second platform, once again, found in most old zoetropes.25. Design of the Animation on Second Platform26. Alternative First/ Second platform animation
  36. 36. 28. Placement of ProductThe product is an essential part of the design as it is whatthe point of sale display is advertising and distinguishes itfrom other companies and products.The product being advertised is the Hackett Splash. Theaftershave bottle is quite small and would fit on the topstage of the interior of the zoetrope.When the zoetrope spins it could make the aftershavebottle fall off leading to smashed glass and fluid potentiallydestroying the design.To combat this, I will fix the bottle on to the top stage usingglue. I will use PVA glue as this glue is clear and is strong.Strong and clear are good qualities for this applicationbecause the clear will mean the aesthetics will not bealtered and the strong means the product cannot be stolenor fall off unexpectedly.27. Placement of the Display bottle.At the moment the point of sale display does not allowfor any products other than the tester. The other productcan be on the shelves near the point of sale.If the point of sale is situated on a plinth, there could beshelves cut into it where the products can be.29. PlinthThis is where thetester is situated.The point of sale can be placed on a plinth. if it is put on aplinth, the plinth can be placed anywhere on the shop-floor.A plinth could be modified to have benefits such as cuttingshelves into the plinth to increase space for additionaltester products, products to be sold etc..There are problems though, for instance, a plinth canreduce the amount of places (e.g. Shelves) where thepoint of sale can be placed. The plinth would increase thesize of the plinth and therefore reduce the portability.
  37. 37. 30. Ergonomics 31. AnthropometricsThis shows two possible ways the point of sale can bedisplayed in a store. The point of sale is 30cm high andhas a width of 30cm. This means for the point of saleto stand out it must be placed on either a plinth or ashelf. The point of sale must be placed where the slitsof the zoetrope part of the point of sale are just beloweye level.This shows the anthropometrics of my point of sale. Itis a study of the human body and how easy the humanbody can use the point of sale and it is important sincemy point of sale is very interactive. If the point of saleis too high the person would have reach up to use thepoint of sale and if the point of sale is too low, theperson would have to bend over to use it.PLYNTH
  38. 38. 32. Ways for customer to spin POS. 33. Interesting ways of distributing TestersTo ensure my POS is used efficiently I will need to makesure the customer can actually use my point of sale. I willmake grooves where the POS can be spun on the wallsof the zoetrope. This will make it easier for the customersto use it and ensure it used.The lazy Susan bearing will be quite lubricated ensuringthat the zoetrope will spin at a fast enough speed for theanimation to work. This will require lesser effort from thecustomer.What the customer issmelling on the cardmany not be what it‟llsmell like in real life butit‟d be too expensive toget loads of differentmaterials for thecustomer to try out. Socardboard is probably thecheapest and easiestmaterial to use but I thinkI would need aninteresting way ofdistributing the testers.Currently, I would say the way of distributing testers ispretty lame so I would like to find a more creative way. Ithink I would like to tie the testers in with the design.1. I could make the testers a magnifier glass.This could let customers see the animation more clearlyand would entice people to use the point of sale and getthe testers.2. I could put designs of the animation on the testers.This would highlight the meaning of the point of sale andcustomers would remember Hackett and the message ofHackett every time they see London.Grooves cannot be used because they wouldhinder the aesthetic of the point of sale. Also, Iwant to keep the aesthetic to be as similar to atraditional point of sale as possible.This is the reason grooves were not added as partof my design.
  39. 39. 34. Colours of Zoetrope 35. Similar Zoetropes.Hackett colours are generallyNavy, Dark Maroon-y Red andWhite but most zoetropes areblack. I may have stray fromtypical zoetropes and make myzoetrope navy blue. This willdisplay the brand better thanblack and also create lessvisual noise.Hackett colours are generallyNavy, Dark Maroon-y Red andWhite but most zoetropes areblack. I think the red doesn‟tlook very good, I think peoplewould be more likely to not useit if it doesn‟t look good.The final colour I could useis black and stay with thetraditional approach tozoetropes. I am not a fan ofusing black so much as itwould put me off personally.I also don‟t think black is acolour suited to Hackett.This video is of a homemade 3D Zoetrope – thiszoetrope features the Lazy Susan mechanism which Ihave incorporated into my design. This video showshow effective a Lazy Susan bearing is on a zoetrope,it shows how you don‟t need to have a very technicianmechanism to create an effective zoetrope. is another video of a 3D zoetrope, this zoetropeuses 3D sculptures rather than images to show it‟sanimation. This brings the animation to life morecreating a better 3D experience but uses a engine tomake the mechanism spin. This would not work formy zoetrope as the mechanism is too big for the shopor shelf or even plinth. But, this video is good atshowing how effective using platforms are. classmates, teachersand other students fromdifferent subjects agreedthat a navy blue would suitmy POS and so as bluegot the majority vote, I willuse it for my design.
  40. 40. How Big Is It?37. What is the width of the entire POS? (Base)I plan to make this part of the point of sale (the base) out of oak. The size of the base is to be15mm in thickness and 400mmx400mm in size. This leaves enough space for the point of sale tosit comfortably on the base with enough space for the timeline.36. What is the length of entire POS?I plan to make the point of sale about 420-430mm in height. The zoetrope section of the point of salewill be 400mm and the oak base will be 15mm and I am allowing about 5-20mm for the size of the lazySusan.
  41. 41. 38. Size of the Inside of the ZoetropeThis is the diameter of the entirezoetrope. It will 300mm.The purple arrow is showing thetop / first platform, it‟ll be 50mmin diameter.The blue arrow is showing thesecond platform. The secondplatform is going have diameterof 100mm.The orange arrow is showing thethird (bottom) platform. This thirdand final platform will be 150mmin diameter.39. Will it fit on a shelf?With a size of 400mmx400mm the pointof sale could easily fit on most shelvesand could also be placed on a plinthcomfortably.This means the point of sale has a lotof portability around a shop and can beplaced in a variety of different places.This is a good trait to have whenchoosing where to place it, especially ifthe places with the most foot fall varies.
  42. 42. 40. Size of the Slits in the Zoetrope 41. More Tester Ideas..The size of the slits in the zoetrope is important as itneeds to be big enough for every demographic to seebut it also needs to be small enough for the animationlook good.The slits will be 10mm width and 70mm long. After trailand error, with a card model I have decided this is theoptimum size of the slits taking usability, ergonomicsand animation into account.The slits will be 40-50mm apart as if they are too closetogether, the animation will not be effective.I will draw this out with a pencil and ruler.I could create the testers in the shapeof other Hackett products such asShirts, Ties, Bags, Cufflinks etc..This could be seen as amarketing tool forHackett‟s otherproducts. This couldpotentially bring moresale of more expensiveitems leading to agrowth in the companyand could increaseawareness.
  43. 43. 42. Connecting Lazy Susan to both parts ofZoetropes.The lazy Susan bearing will be drilled. The top half ofthe bearing drilled to the top half of the zoetrope andthe bottom half to the bottom half. The lazy Susan willbe 6” so it‟ll be hidden and unseen.43. Other ways of showing the timeline.I could use a video screen in my point of sale. I couldpotentially use a video screen. The screen I could use isan iPad 3 – I could use the Keynote App or save pictures(Jpeg) and put it on to a slide show which is constantlyplaying.The iPad stand couldbe coming out of thezoetrope in order tonot have to changethe size of the base ofthe point of sale.
  44. 44. 44. Hackett Logo (Acrylic)When looking at the design of my product, It didn‟t feel likea point of sale – well I thought it could at least beimproved. I was wondering what I could do to make mydesign look more real.After going back in to my research, I looked at some of thepoint of sales I had looked at previously. I noticed they allhad the logos of the company eg. Ralph Lauren, Lynx etcas the first thing you look at.I looked back at my design and I realised that the logo iswhat I was missing. I thought long and hard about whereto put this logo so I asked some of my colleagues.As you can see in the bar chart below, the majority of mycolleagues thought the front was the best place for thelogo to be placed.I have decided that I will use TechSoft to draw out a logoand get it lazer cut on acrylic. I will be stuck to the frontface to let customers know that this point of sale is for aHackett product.0123456Back Front SidesSeries145. Splitting the base, Increasing SizeWhen looking at how I would make my product, I sawthat I would need to use two pieces of Oak that are20mm thick to reach the 50mm base rather than onepiece of 50mm thick.At first I thought this would hinder the look of the productbut after contemplation I decided that I could develop mydesign to improve it.I decided that to improve this, I would split the base upand raise them using a aluminium dowel. I thought thiswould denote the product being lift higher than the othersleading to connotations of superiority.This is a dramatic change so I decided to a do aquestionnaire to see what other designers thought of thisdecision. As you can see, this was a popular decision.
  45. 45. 46. LightsMy point of sale needed to stand out more, that was itsmain criticism from my peers. I looked back other myresearch and decided that I could incorporate lights intomy design. Also, the last bit of my design I developed wasthe raising of my base. This created the perfect place forthe lights to be placed.The LED lights would be glued to the upper side of theOak to shine down and outwards of the base.I used a mains power source over a batterybecause if used a battery it would create toomuch hassle for the store / Hackett to changethe batteries over. Instead, I used a mainspower source so it wont run out of power.47. Vinyl InstructionsFor the user of my point of sale to know how it works Iwill include instructions. Instructions would be „Spin Me‟on the base of the point of sale so people know how itworks.I will use vinyl to stick these down and use the colourblack to match the colour of the zoetrope.I will draw it out using Techsoft and ill also use the„georgia‟ font.SPIN ME48. London Skyline BackdropMy point of sale didn‟t look complete after rendering it onGoogle Sketch Up. I didn‟t feel like it was developedto point where I was happy so decided that I wouldcreate a back drop for the zoetrope and as it was forHackett, I thought the London Skyline was perfect.
  46. 46. Final Design.Birds Eye ViewSide ViewPOV of CustomerEnvironmentalCardboard and wood is environmentally friendly and could easily berecycled. The cardboard is unable to be re-used as it being sprayed andcut into. The metal is less environmentally friendly and is harder todispose of.SocialMoralThe idea of the Hackett customer is the tweed wearing, nice clothed manand some customers may think that this is who they‟ll become afterbuying Hackett. This could be misleading people and giving them falsehope. But generally, I do not think there is anything immoral about sellingHackett as it aimed at people with the lifestyle who can afford it.
  47. 47. Cutting ListPart No. Description Material Length Width Thickness Unit Cost1 Long RectangularShape.Card. 800mm 300mm /2 Wooden Base Oak Wood. 400mm 400mm 15/20mm3 Circular Shape 1 Pine 50mm 50mm 50mm4 Circular Shape 2 Pine 100mm 100mm 50mm5 Circular Shape 3 Pine 150mm 150mm 50mm6 Testers Card. 50mm 20mm /7 Circular Base ofZoetropeIron on Veneer 300mm 300mm /1234567
  48. 48. This is the diameter of the entirezoetrope. It will 300mm.The purple arrow is showing thetop / first platform, it‟ll be 50mmin diameter.The blue arrow is showing thesecond platform. The secondplatform is going have diameterof 100mm.The orange arrow is showing thethird (bottom) platform. This thirdand final platform will be 150mmin diameter.300mm150mm100mm50mmDimensional Drawing
  49. 49. Marketing / Interior of Hackett Store
  50. 50. Manufacturing of ProductFor this, I madesure the fontwas the samefor the Hackettlogo.This is the Hackettlogo letters that willeventually be madeinto the logo.Here, are the letters carefully placedon to the clear acrylic rectangularshape. The letters have been placedexactly the same as the actual logo.I also have had to make sure thelazy susan bearing was put in theright place so that the bottle andthe vinyl spin can fit.I have had to make sure my lazysusan was glue directly on themiddle of the first platform.I have had to make sure all theimages on the first and secondplatform both had a height of40mm.1. Cut out a 15mm AcrylicTube. (DONE)2. Cut out two 18x18mmpieces of Oak Wood.(DONE)3. Cut out the platformsusing MDF. (DONE)4. Spray Paint the PlatformsBlack (DONE)5. On Techsoft 2.0, designthe slits out of vinyl on thezoetrope and put them onthe acrylic tube (DONE)6. Spray paint the acrylic tubeblack. (DONE)7. Peel off the vinyl. (DONE)8. Stick the Lazy Susan on theOak Wood. (DONE)9. Cut out 30mm long aluminiumdowel. (DONE)10. Stick the dowel between thetwo pieces of the Oak Woodbase, raising it. (DONE)11. Stick the platforms onto thelazy susan. (DONE)12. Stick the images onto theplatforms. (DONE)13. Stick the acrylic tube over theplatforms but not touching thebase, so it can spin (DONE)14. Stick the acrylic letters ofHackett onto the clear acrlicshape. (DONE)15. Stick the shape (with thelogo) onto the front of your pointof sale. (DONE)16. Spin the point of sale andlook at the images. (DONE)Quality Check
  51. 51. A - I have found that the main themes of Hackett are grayscale pictures,traditional sports and features a lot of English themes. I have to mirrorthese themes on to my point of sale display. My point of sale must be bigand stand out against the crowd.C - I have found the products associated with Hackett are of a high qualityand connote being rich and successful. As this is, I think, the target marketfor Hackett. It would make sense I use these themes in my design. Thecost of the point of sale must not be any more than the products displayedas this is losing money.C - The target customer of Hackett is somebody between the ages of 25-50. This is quite a large age difference but the clothes and accessories inthe stores are aimed toward people who are on the road to achieving greatsuccessful.E - My point of sale must be able to be placed in different areas of theshop. I think the environment of my point of sale varies. It would makesense if the shop puts the point of sale where the most footfall is. But, mypoint of sale is of a size that it could be put on a shelf, on a plinth, or on thestore counter.S - The point of sale must be big enough to be able to display relevantinformation such as the brand identity, history of the brand and where itcomes from. It also must be big enough to be able to fit on a shelf or theshop counter. It must not be too big as this creates unwanted visual noiseand may put customers off from buying the productS – The Safety of the point of sale is important as they are easily knockedover, spilt on etc.. It is important that the point of sale be secure when onthe plinth or the shelf. It is also important that the plinth is secure to thefloor. I will also make sure all sharp edges are smoothened out so no bodycatches themselves on them s they can be quite painful. I will also keep thepoint of sale away from children , they are often the culprits of the spills andknocking over so they will be kept out of reach. Also, children are not thetarget audience and do not need to see the point of sale display.F - The function of my point of sale is to advertise a product of Hackett andadvertise the brand identity and history of Hackett. I will achieve thisthrough the use of images and a timeline around the point of sale.M - – In my point of sale I will use high quality materials such as oak wood,aluminum, teak and glass. This reflects the high quality of the Hackettbrand.YOUR EVALUATION:My product does in fact fit most of my specification. The main point of my product is for it to giveout a message about Hackett which I think people should understand when using the product.The product I think moves away from the specification when it comes down to materials, duringthe manufacturing of my product I decided that using acrylic to make the zoetrope head wouldbe a much better choice than card as it is stronger and spill resistant. I think using less materialswould be better for production. It also makes it cheaper to make. I think my product issuccessful y advertised by my point of sale. I have stayed to the specification in regard to thecolours I have used. I stayed with using black as I think it is a classy and more mature colourcompared to a colour which is more bright which could create visual noise.CLIENT COMMENTS:„I think this point of sale is good for the store of Hackett. There are some downfall though. Forinstance, the unit can only show the two stories on the unit currently. I feel the point of sale bymaking the stories interchangeable. Also it would be better if the point of sale could be movedon its own with a device like a motor. Having said this, the point of sale does fit the ethos of thecompany. The design is retro and goes back to the olden times which is where our companycomes from and I think having this unit in our store will remind our customers of this. The pointof sale is innovative and stands out to customers whilst also fitting in with the rest of theproducts in the store. The unit is also very sturdy, the acrylic head of the point of sale is sturdyand lightweight also the oak base is very strong. Overall, I feel this point of sale fits in with thecompany but could possibly have a few minor changes.‟USER COMMENTS:I think your point of sale is well made and a nice design but the colour black doesn‟t reallystand out to me, I think other colours would be better. Also your design could be much improvedif a member of the public couldn‟t steal the product from where it is sitting so easily. Currently, itis possible for someone to test the product and walk ouzt with it. Also, I think you could haveallowed your self more room to add in more relevant awareness of Hackett. Your point of saleisnt as safe as you have included on your final specifications. Your corners are not rounded asyou included on your final specification.Your design is also good because you do mostly stick to the specification. For instance, thetheme of your point of sale is traditional English – i.e. a working zoetrope. You have also usedhigh quality materials. For instance, you r design includes oak wood, aluminium and acrylicrather than wood. Your point of sale is of a size that can be moved around to different areas ofthe shop. Your point of sale does in fact advertise the brand of Hackett and it also advertises theproduct. „
  52. 52. MODIFICATIONS FOR MASS MARKETHighlighting The Modifications Needed Before The Product Can Go To Market Based On The Feedback From The Uses Comments And Specification.„The stories that are shown in thezoetrope cannot be replaced andtherefore limits the shelf life of theunit‟ – Client CommentsI would modify this by making a coveraround the animations from aplastic, probably clear acrylic, so theanimations could be slotted in and outeasily. This increases the life span ofmy point of sale display and improvingit.To create the shape of theacrylic cover I would need to cutsome acrylic tubing of thecorrect size (50mm).As Hackett is batch production, I wouldneed to use a less expensive way. I wouldnot use Injection Moulding as the initialcosts are too much. A less expensive waywould be to use a CNC Machine.„The point of sale would beimproved if it was spun via motorrather than using your hands‟ –Client CommentsI would modify and improve this byadding a motor. I would have to raisethe oak between my base higher andcould glue a motor there.I would purchase the motorseparately. To make sure themotor is secure to the point ofsale I would use Epoxy Resin.This dries quickly & is very strong.Rather than use araldite / epoxy resin. Thepoint of sale would be made on a conveyorbelt where Contact Adhesive would besquirted onto the surface where the motorwill be placed.„The use of the colour black doesn‟treally attract customers and fadesinto the background‟ – UserCommentsTo modify this I will make brightercolours of my point of sale. Forinstance, I would make a red one anda blue one as they are still Britishcolours.As my point of sale is made usingwood and acrylic as the main partsthese are very easy to colour. Acryliccan be purchased in a variety ofcolours and colours. The colours Icannot buy can be spray painted.Wood, also, can easily be spraypainted.Manufacturers who mass-produce woodproducts use automated spray systems,allowing them to paint materials at a very highrate with a minimum of employees. Automatedspray systems usually incorporate a paint-saving system which recovers paint not appliedto the products. Commonly, linear spraysystems are for products which are lying flat ona conveyor belt and then fed into a linear spraysystem, where automated spray guns arestationed above.„The product displayed is easy to takeaway and steal after use‟ – UserCommentsI would add extra security to improvemy point of sale. I would attach asecurity bottle to the oak base and theaftershave bottle. This way thecustomer can hold the bottle, test thebottle, see how big it is etc but cannottake it away from the point of sale.To attach the cable to the point ofsale it would be glued. It would beglued using araldite as it is verystrong. It could also be glued usingPVA glue as it is strong and it isclear so would not lookaesthetically displeasing.This would probably be done on a conveyor beltlike the motor and would use contact adhesiverather than epoxy resin. This would be doneautomatically by machines meaning less labourneeded to produce the product, keeping costsdown.The point of sale could havedisplayed more information aboutHackett and it‟s history. – UserCommentsI would be able to make this change byincreasing the size of my point of salebase. This would allow to include moreinformation about Hackett. I wouldincreasing it to 250mmx250mm.For me, when making the prototypeI would simply mark out (with apencil + ruler) on the wood a biggersize.I would use a production. The advantage ofutilizing a production machine is repeatableaccuracy with speed. I would use a JDS Multi-Router. It is expensive but speedy and time ismoney so it‟s a compromise.Your Point of Sale isnt as safe ason the specification for instance youhave not smoothened and roundedyour edges‟ – User CommentsI would make my point of sale moresafe in the future my smoothening androunding the edges. This would meancustomers could not cut themselves aseasy. When its spinning.For my prototype I would use somewet and dry paper to smoothen theedges of the zoetrope head. For thewood I would use sand paper tosmoothen it.For Batch Production I would round theedges of the wooden base using a beltsander this is a lot quicker and more effientbut the machine costs a lot of money. Forthe edges of the plastic I would make themould it is made in smooth so they is noneed to manually round them.
  53. 53. User Comments Before (During Development)„Your Point of Sale doesn‟t really attractcustomers, especially since the colourof your point of sale is black‟„Your Hackett logo on the front of your pointof sale is blue (like the original logo) but you‟repoint of sale is black. I don‟t think it looks goodhaving both a blue logo and a black project, Ithink they should match‟.„Your point of sale design base seems to bepretty average, it doesn‟t really have a purpose‟.„Your point of sale use wooden dowel tohold the two bases apart. I don‟t think awooden feels as secure or is a materialof a quality for Hackett‟.„Having the product on the top of your designcan be dangerous because as your productSpins it could easily fall off‟.User Comments After (Final Prototype)„Now you have included some LED lights in the baseof your point of sale, I think customers would beattracted a lot more, especially since Hackett isntthe well-lighted shop‟.„Now you changed the colour of yourlogo it feels more they are matched together.It makes you project feel morelike it is from Hackett‟.„Now you have increased the size of the base, it looksmore dynamic. The base now has the opportunity formuch more to be included – like the LEDs you haveadded in‟.„Looking at your product again, I can see that yourpoint of sale looks more secure. It also feels moresecure than before‟.„I think it is good that you have moved the position of yourproduct. The side of the point of sale is good because thebottle is only small and can easily sit there. This is also agood improvement because people can read whats on thebottle because this would be illegible while it is spinning‟.
  54. 54. Photos of Final, Finished Prototype