Sexual Selection

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  • Primary characteristics:Organs needed for reproduction (sexual organs)


  • 1. Sexual Selection
    By: Angela, Sarah, and Saima
  • 2. Sexual selection goes both ways
    Makes organisms go to extremes
    Selection types: Male competition and Female Choice
    Runaway selection
    Sexual dimorphism
    Evolution and changes
    Sexual Selection
  • 3. Better survival chances for offspring
    Weaker genes are eliminated – not chosen to reproduce
    Produce offspring
    Purpose of Sexual Selection
  • 4. Intrasexual selection
    Male goes for extreme competition for mate
    Secondary characteristics are used for mate competition
    Characteristics that are not mandatory for breeding
    Male Competition
    Elephant mating
  • 5. Intersexual selection
    Pick mates to increase the survival of its offspring
    Compare the secondary characteristic in male
    Females pick their mates based on their looks, situation, and behaviour.
    Female Choice
    TragopanSatyar Video
  • 6. The differences in male and female of the same species
    Males often have more deleterious characters
    Characteristics that reduce survival chances
    Sexual Dimorphism
  • 7. A.k.a. arbitrary sexual selection
    Developed by Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher
    Female’s choice cause deleterious characteristic development in males
    Change in male characteristics doesn’t equal to higher quality
    Runaway Selection
  • 8. Anagenesis occurs due to Female choices
    Changes that occur within a species overtime
    Sensory Exploitation
    Harmful characteristics evolve in males to attract female – fulfill reproductive needs
    i.e. Long, bright colour tails
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