History That Interests Me Part 2
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History That Interests Me Part 2






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History That Interests Me Part 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. History That Interests Me Part II: CIA During the Cold War By Brandon Engberg Declassified ______ _ _ _ _____ ____ ___ _ ____ ___
  • 2. CIA Cold War Technology
    • During the Cold War the CIA began to design new methods of secretly keeping tabs on the world.
    • The use of space reconnaissance aircraft became very common.
    • The first design was the Lockheed U-2 (bottom right) which was a near space reconnaissance aircraft.
    • However a problem would arise when CIA pilot Gary Powers was shot down and taken captive on May 1,1960.
    • As a result the SR-71 “Blackbird” (Center) was created and first used in 1966.
    • It was a reconnaissance aircraft that could fly into space and fly fast enough to outrace missiles.
    • The CIA would also go on to work on highly classified reconnaissance satellites such as the CORONA/KH-4B imagery IMINT satellite. (Top Right)
  • 3. CIA Cold War Tactics
    • During the Cold War the CIA began experimenting with hidden weapons, code talk and new methods of spying.
    • Anything from a simple hand signal to something as complex as shoelace pattern (Top Right) was used as secret code talk.
    • To go along with the secret code “talk”the CIA developed very secretive weaponry as well.
    • Some of these hidden weapons included a one shot toothpaste gun (Bottom Right) or a briefcase gun.
    • As the Cold War went on spying on the Soviets became more and more prevalent.
    • The use of hidden compartments was very common for spies.
    • Some examples include an open space hidden in a car (Bottom Left) or a coin that opens to reveal an opening used for storing messages. (Top Left)
  • 4. CIA Cold War Controversy
    • During the Cold War the CIA was involved in a lot of controversial activities.
    • Some of these activities included torture methods or having a hand in assassination attempts.
    • A specific CIA torture technique that is still around today is the water-boarding method. (Bottom)
    • This method was often used to acquire information from captured people.
    • As for assassinations the CIA often would move in an attempt to kill or kill any foreign leader who they deemed a threat.
    • Fidel Castro was an example of a frequent target of CIA assassination attempts.