February religious events


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February religious events

  1. 1. Religious Events February 2010This is often called The Presentation of Christ in theTemple and commemorates the day Mary took Jesus tothe Temple at Jerusalem to present him to God.Coincides with Groundhog Day (USA)Tuesday 2 FebruaryChristian – CandlemasPagan - ImbolcImbolc celebrates the awakening of the land and thegrowing power of the Sun.
  2. 2. Religious Events February 2010A Spring festival that marks the division betweenWinter and Spring and is celebrated with beans.Wednesday 3 FebruaryShinto – Rissun (Setsubun)
  3. 3. Religious Events February 2010Mahayana Buddhist festival marking theanniversary of Buddhas death. Pure LandBuddhists call the festival "Nirvana Day".Parinirvana is celebrated by someBuddhists on February 8th.Monday 8 FebruaryBuddhist – Parinirvana
  4. 4. Religious Events February 2010Marks the day in 1858 when St Bernadettehad her first vision of the Blessed VirginMary.Thursday 11 FebruaryChristian – Our lady of Lourdes
  5. 5. Religious Events February 2010Mahashivratri is a Hindu festival dedicatedto Shiva, one of the deities of the HinduTrinity.Friday 12 FebruaryHindu – Mahashivratri
  6. 6. Religious Events February 2010Now more a secular festival than areligious one. There are at least threedifferent saints named Valentine.Sunday 14 FebruaryChristian – St Valentine’s DayChinese – Chinese New YearChinese believe this to be the start of the New Year.
  7. 7. Religious Events February 2010The start of the "Great Lent" for Orthodox Christians.This day is called Clean Monday, and occurs sevenweeks before the Orthodox EasterMonday 15 FebruaryChristian – Clean MondayBuddhist – Nirvana Day (alternative date)Nirvana Day is also known as Parinirvanaand is celebrated by some Buddhists onFebruary 8th. Nirvana Day is thecelebration of Buddhas death when hereached total Nirvana, at the age of 80.
  8. 8. Religious Events February 2010Also called Pancake Day and Mardi Gras.The British name of "Pancake Day" comesfrom the tradition of making pancakes touse up all the food that could not be eatenduring Lent.Tuesday 16 FebruaryChristian – Shrove Tuesday
  9. 9. Religious Events February 2010The first day of Lent for Western Christianchurches. Lent is the season marking thetime Jesus spent in the wilderness.Wednesday 17 FebruaryChristian – Ash Wednesday
  10. 10. Religious Events February 2010A fast in commemoration of the fast ofMordechai and Esther. This is not a majorJewish fast.Thursday 25 FebruaryJewish – Fast of Esther (Taanit Esther)
  11. 11. Religious Events February 2010Shia Muslims celebrate this 5 days later. SomeMuslims do not approve of celebrating the birthday,and regard doing so as a religious innovation.Friday 26 FebruaryMuslim – Milad Un Nabi(Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad)
  12. 12. Religious Events February 2010The Hindu spring festival.Sunday 28 FebruaryHindu – HoliJewish – PurimPurim commemorates the time when the Jewishpeople living in Persia were saved from exterminationby the courage of a young Jewishwoman called Esther.