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The past participle in action
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The past participle in action



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  • 1. IN ACTION The Past Participle
  • 2. Past participle = have/has + the past tense form of a verb I have talked about this all day. The Past Participle never changes, no matter what the subject is. What is the Past Participle?
  • 3. Past Tense Regular Verbs end in –d or –ed. The Past Participle of regular verbs look exactly like the past tense forms ending in –d or ed. Past Participle: Beth has danced. Past Participles of Regular Verbs
  • 4. Pg. 141 Past Participles of Irregular Verbs Most irregular verbs in the past tense are also irregular in the past participle.
  • 5.
    • Indicate that an action has been completed at:
    • The present time
    • In the past
    • OR
    • Will be completed in the future.
    The Perfect Tenses
  • 6. TIPS FOR RECOGNIZING PERFECT TENSES It is an action that has been completed Focus on the Have/Has/Had which will tell if it is Present, Past The verb behind it will be in the past participle form
  • 7. Using the Present Perfect Tense
    • The helping verb have or has is in the PRESENT Tense
    The present perfect tense is composed of the present tense of: HAVE/HAS + the past participle I have eaten .
  • 8. Using the Past Perfect Tense The helping verb have is in the PAST Tense The past perfect tense is composed of the present tense of: HAD + the past participle I had eaten .
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