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  1. 1. By: Trinity and Jack
  2. 2. They didn’t settle in one place.They built a teepee and an underground Teepee and some made an underground house. They were made out of bones, animal fur such as deer, bison, seal, etc. They built underground houses. They built teepees. They made them out of bones & fur.
  3. 3. The native Americans eat Salmon and trout they also ate plants such as wild onions, carrots, potatoes and huckleberries and acorn from acorns.They farmed potatoes, onions, and fished fish. They took sticks to fish and they stuck it in the middle of the belly, they took sharp rocks and sharpen a stick to get fish. Yes, they were gathers. They gathered fish, deer, onions, carrots, potatoes, huckleberries They cooked in a big wooden thing and sometimes in a wooden thing.
  4. 4.  The native Americans have summer just like us. It is hot in the summer and in the winters it is cold like us ( It is very cold in the winters so they gather food and fur for winter) Rivers are fed by Rain so they have rivers.
  5. 5. clothing• The men all wore clothes made of woven animal skins . The women wore dresses made of skin from the game they hunted. and cotton . There shoes were called moccasins . When it got colder they wore deerskins. They dressed in materials they found
  6. 6. About the plateau region• There natural resources there is food/game .• Some other natural recourses are water from lakes. MY background is the plateau region.
  7. 7. The plants at the plateau region.• The plants there are wild onions, carrots , potatoes, huckle berries, and acorns from oak trees! Do you like any of these plants?
  8. 8. The animals that lived in this regionThe animals that lived in this region are…Trout!Beaver!Gray wolf!Big Horn Sheep!Salmon !And other game
  9. 9. Did this region have rich soil?• Yes, as a matter of fact it did have rich soil.• another fact was it didn’t supply water at all!Yes ,it had food ,minerals and rock. Fun f act! Did you know califonia is in the plateau region.
  10. 10. The physical features are…• The Rocky Mountains .• There are forests.• There are some deserts.• There are hills, rivers, and lakes in the plateau region.
  11. 11.  Native Americans slept with cotton blankets and with hay pillows.