Causes of Iraq-Kuwait Conflict [Notes]


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GCE 'O' Level Examination
Social Studies Notes

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Causes of Iraq-Kuwait Conflict [Notes]

  1. 1. SOCIAL STUDIES - SEC 4 CHAPTER 1: MANAGING PEACE AND SECURITYCauses of Iraq-Kuwait Conflict Factor Explanation Elaboration Historical Enmity 1. Both countries shared a common 6. Kuwait was upset as they history. saw Iraq’s actions as bullying. 2. In 1961, the British granted Kuwait independence. However, this was not 7. Thus, it increased the recognised by Iraq. conflict between them. 3. Iraq claimed Kuwait belonged to them and sent troops to capture it. 4. In 1961, Iraq gave up its claim due to pressure from the Arab neighbours and monetary aid from Kuwait. 5. However, there were instances where Iraq used military power to threaten Kuwait over border disputes. Economic Problems 1. Iraq owed huge debts due to the Iran- 6. Thus, Iraq felt that the UAE (Oil Production) Iraq war it has just fought. and Kuwait were waging an economic war against 2. Needed money to repay the debts them. and rebuild the country. 7. It then increased the hatred 3. The best way for them to do so was to*** KEY REASON *** towards each other, leading earn revenue from the sale of oil. to conflict. 4. However, due to the overproduction of oil from countries like Kuwait and UAE, oil prices fell. 5. It caused Iraq to lose a lot of revenue. Territorial Dispute 1. Iraq and Kuwait shared a profitable 8. Kuwait did not lease the oilfield - the Rumaila oil field. land as it will open doors to further territorial 2. Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing oil demands from Iraq. using slant-drilling technology. 9. Iraq saw Kuwait’s refusal as 3. Iraq demanded for US$2.4 Billion in threatening to their compensation but Kuwait denied doing national interests and so and refused to pay. thus, it led to conflict -------------------------------------------------------- between them. 4. Iraq’s port is shallow and big ships cannot dock, thus they are unable to transport huge quantities of oil. 5. Two islands, Bubiyah and Warbah, owned by Kuwait, blocked off Iraq’s access to the Gulf, affecting Iraq’s oil transportation. 6. Iraq attempted to claim ownership of this islands through force but failed. 7. In 1978, they wanted to lease the islands from Kuwait but got rejected.PAGE 1 OF 1