Benefits of waste management and the different methods of waste disposal


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Benefits of waste management and the different methods of waste disposal

  1. 1. Benefits of Waste Management and the Different Methods of Waste Disposal To compare different methods of waste disposal or waste management, first you must identify the criteria that you consider most important in your evaluation. If you are someone who is interested to know about the benefits of waste management or if you are passionate on the issues about the environment, you should select proper waste disposal methods that can create the least harm to the environment. If you are mostly concerned about the cost, you should go for waste disposal method that will cause to incur the least expenses. But if you mainly consider simplicity, you should go for a method that is the easiest to implement. To get started, first you should evaluate the availability of methods for waste disposal in youroffice or home. If your municipality is offering free weekly curbside pickup of materials that arerecyclable, you have no legal reason not to arrange your solid waste and recycle the suitableitems. If you reside in a remote area that does not have recycling nor trash service, it isinconvenient to put your recyclables in the trash as it is to sort them and take them to recyclingstations.If you live in major cities like Brisbane, you can benefit from the recycling service of the city.Recycle Brisbane is one of the strongest campaigns of the city that encourage everyone inthe society to manage their waste properly and dispose them the right way.The next step is assessing the waste disposal methods available to you to find out their impactto the environment, the amount of time and cost they involve. Calculate the differences byevaluating the carbon footprint of the waste disposal method available and the monetary costas well as the amount of time required by each method. Decide which among these criteriawould be the most important to you and if there is a significant difference like time consumingprotocol for recycling, decide whether your preference is strong enough to justify the additioncost or inconvenience.Finally, weigh additional variables like whether recycling pickup in your community is irregularand whether you have available space for storing recycling between the schedules of pickups.Of the many methods of waste management, recycling is perhaps the most popular oneespecially if you live in cities like Brisbane. Recycling Brisbane has been known to offer a lotof environmental benefits making it a robust campaign to bring back the beauty and cleanattributes of the city.