One Customer, One Experience, One Enterprise


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Saying you are customer centric is easy, however, delivering a truly outstanding customer experience requires more than marketing fluff. This presentation will explore the topic of Customer Experience and what it means to your customers and your enterprise in today’s competitive landscape.

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One Customer, One Experience, One Enterprise

  1. 1. One Customer. One Experience. One EnterpriseCustomer Experience ManagementSAP 360 Customer ForumNicholas Kontopoulos | Senior Global Marketing Director8th of March, 2013 | Hong Kong
  2. 2. A little bit more about me… @Nicholask71
  3. 3. and what makes me tick. @Nicholask71
  4. 4. @Nicholask71
  5. 5. @Nicholask71
  6. 6. @Nicholask71
  7. 7. Passionate about my customers
  8. 8. My objective today is to…
  9. 9. Fire-up yourbrain juices
  10. 10. The Impact that theDigital Customerlook  at  the  imapct  that  the  age   By  taking  a   of  the  “Digital  Customer”  is  having  on n  your   is having o the businesses   Enterprise
  11. 11. OP + NT = EOP
  12. 12. "If you keep on doing what youve always done,youll keep on getting what youve always got.”   Who said it?: W L Bateman
  13. 13. Inefficiencies BureaucracyLack of innovation
  14. 14. “40% of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010”
  15. 15. Whois  the  21st-­‐century  customer?  
  16. 16. The Good Old Days
  17. 17. The 20th century was all about tellingcustomers what they wanted…
  18. 18. There has been aRevolution
  19. 19. Customers No Longer Passive The are Now Armed to the teeth
  20. 20. The  Digital  Revolu9on  is  changing  the  future  of  business,  media  and  culture.  
  21. 21. Your customers are becomingDigital Natives
  22. 22. Technology is helping spread theword and thus giving a voiceto the customer.
  23. 23. Digital Darwinismwhen  technology  and  society  evolve  faster  than  the  ability  for  companies  to  adapt   Who said it?: Brian Solis
  24. 24. The customer isnow driving theconversation  
  25. 25. OP + NT = EOP
  26. 26. Dude, its not all about the technology…
  27. 27. 21 st-centurycustomers require a21st-centurymanagement response
  28. 28. History Lesson on Management 1.01890:90% of the then developed world workedin agriculture & the average manufacturingfirm employed 4 employees.1915:Ford was making a ½ million cars andUS Steel was the first company in history toTurnover $1b a year.
  29. 29. History Lesson on Management 1.01920:By this time most of the tools for modernmanagement have been created: Pay for Performance Capital Budgeting Task Design Divisionalization Brand ManagementSince then the way we manage has hardlychanged.
  30. 30. Old Engagement Model Sales Funnel Source: St. Elmo Lewis 1898
  31. 31. New Engagement Model
  32. 32. Time for a Enterprise Reboot
  33. 33. We need to rethink our marketing and salesstrategies. Lets start with binning the concept of.. a go-to-market strategy and replace it with… a go-to-customer strategy.
  34. 34. Customer Experience Management
  35. 35. Just  because  you  have  customers  doesnt  mean  youre  Customer Centric
  36. 36. The “value added” for most anycompany, tiny or enormous,comes from the quality of theexperience provided.” – Tom Peters
  37. 37. Customer-Intimacy: Key CEO FocusTop focus areas in next five years Source: 2010 IBM Global CEO Study: Capitalizing on Complexity
  38. 38. Customer Experience: "The  customers  percepCons  and  related  feelings  caused  by  the  one-­‐off  and  cumulaCve  effect  of  interacCons  with  a  suppliers  employees,  systems,  channels  or  products.“   Source:  Gartner    
  39. 39. “Or,  the  aggregated memories of  every  touch  a  customer  has  with  your  company”  
  40. 40. Customer Experience Management:“The  pracCce  of  designing  and  reacCng  to  customer  interacCons  to  meet  or  exceed  customer  expectaCons  to  increase  customer    saCsfacCon,  loyalty  and  advocacy”   Source: Gartner
  41. 41. “Or,  delivering  a  consistent customerexperience across  the  enCre  enterprise”  
  42. 42. PM + PK = T
  43. 43. Promises made + Promises kept =
  44. 44. Every sales has five basicobstacles: no need, no money,no hurry, no desire, andno trust.” – Zig Ziglar
  45. 45. the  reality  is  customers  have  never  had  a  greater  choice  of  vendors  to  select  from.
  46. 46. “Its now yourobligation to study how, where & why customers are connecting and how they’re making and influencing decisions” Who said it?: Brian Solis
  47. 47. “It takes a mere 5% of“Informed individuals” toinfluence the direction of acrowd of up to two hundredpeople.”Professor Jens Krause, Leeds University
  48. 48. “Respondents time aftertime end up concluding thatthey lead the group – eventhough they were lead byothers”Professor Jens Krause, Leeds University
  49. 49. People make decisions based… on the shared experiences of others.
  50. 50. Ok,  but  where  do  we  start  then?  
  51. 51. You need a strategy
  52. 52. “Everybody has a planuntil they get punched inthe face" Mike Tyson
  53. 53. Get back to basics
  54. 54. Quick-fire questions toconsider. ?  Who  are  we  and  who  do  we  want  to  be?    How  do  our  customers  perceive  us     today  and  how  do  we  want  them   to  view  us  tomorrow?   What  are  the  most  influenCal   drivers  of  the  sales  experience?  
  55. 55. Quick-fire questions toconsider. ?Do  we  know  who  our  most  valuable    customers  are?    Are  we  able  to  spot  changes  in  purchasing  behaviour?  What  acCons  are  your  sellers  doing  which  may  result  in  a  negaCve  sales  impact?  
  56. 56. 7  Steps  to  get started with  CEM  §  Build  a  cross-­‐funcConal  work  team   Where to start?§  Define  key  elements  of  a  strategy  §  Map  the  customer  journey  §  Consolidate  customer  data  collecCon/VoC  §  Create  a  governance  mechanism  §  Map  the  customer  experience  ecosystem  §  Select  Projects  that  build  momentum Source: 1to1 Media 7 Steps to Get Started With Customer Experience
  57. 57. OP + NT = EOP
  58. 58. Ok,  but  how  does  Enterprise CRM fit  into  Customer  Experience  Management  then?  
  59. 59. CRM
  60. 60. We  can  design  &  deliver  you  a  world  class    CRM strategyno  problems…  
  61. 61. Complexity    
  62. 62. Excess baggage
  63. 63. CRM is  not  about    soZware…   …it  is  an   ideology
  64. 64. connecting  people…  It  is  about   employees customers
  65. 65. it  is  about  delighting yourcustomers  
  66. 66. and  seeing  them  as  more  than  just  a  number…   Account number: 23058399   Transaction number:  00092374   Complaint number: CP09938   Revenue number:  €        $      £  
  67. 67. …and as companies mostValuable asset
  68. 68. Avoid  becoming  one  of  these  staCsCcs   by  rethinking  your  CRM  strategy     §  25%  of  firms  reported  that  poorly  defined  business   requirements  having  a  negaCve  impact  on  projects   §  48%  surveyed  admiged  they  suffered  technical/integraCon   difficulCes   §  31%  of  firms  reported  that  poor  business  process  design   accounted  for  project  failures   §  21%  of  businesses  stated  the  need  to  customise  CRMSource: Computer – Forrester: rethink your CRM strategy
  69. 69. CRM Success Factors:Strategy,  Process,  Technology,  And  People  February 2012 “Navigate The Future Of CRM”
  70. 70. Traditional True 360° CustomerSiloed Front-Office CRM Engagement Beyond CRM Service Marketing Billing/ Accounts Sales Receivable Ship/ Select Ensure Product/ Fulfillment Quote Order/ Procure/ Credit Build Check Internal-focused KPIs Customer-focused KPIs•  Average call handling time •  First contact resolution rate•  Number of cold calls per hour •  Customer referral rate•  Number of leads generated •  Unsolicited customer inquiries
  71. 71. Its  about  inviCng  and  integraCng  the  customer    into  your  enterprise,  this  is  the  definiCon  of  customer centricity
  72. 72. CEM + CRM =Customer Intimacy
  73. 73. One customer, one enterprise,One experience.
  74. 74. OP + NT = EOP
  76. 76. InsightMake Better Decisions
  77. 77. white noise
  78. 78. Big data
  79. 79. Can Marketing Lift Stock Prices? Used analytics to determine “Customer lifetime value” 5 years of data was crunched for two Fortune 1,000 companies (B2B & B2C). 9 month field experiment using specific marketing strategies based on the “customer lifetime value” of each customer or customer segment. 90% of both companies profits were being generated by 20% of their clients.
  80. 80. Can Marketing Lift Stock Prices? B2B company stock increased 33% nine months after experiment. Top 3 competitors stock increased 12%. B2C company stock increased 58% nine months after experiment. The top 3 competitors stock increased 15%.
  81. 81. Unleash Customer Value Intelligence
  82. 82. Data Driven Sales Motion
  83. 83. Facebook More than 1 billion active users Twitter More than 200 million active users Average user has 130 friends Search queries per day 800,000 700 billion minutes spent per month 65 million tweets a day Youtube More than 2 billion views per day 24 hours of video uploaded every minute Each user spends 15 minutes per dayWhat Organizations think of Social Media?Social Media is Real but Overwhelming!
  84. 84. Few Businesses Have Adjusted Their Social Media StrategyBusinesses either don’t or cannot respond to customers in a timely manner
  85. 85. Social Data at your finger tips
  86. 86. 90% of  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  conversaCons   about  brands  take  place  offline…   primarily face-­‐to-­‐face,  in   people’s  homes  and  offices,  in  restaurants   and  stores,  really…   anywhere people   congregate.  Source: KellerFayGroup
  87. 87. CollaborationHarness the collective wisdom of the crowd
  88. 88. Did you know   ?     87% firms say that 3 or more people are needed to be engaged for each sales effort Source: CSO Insights
  89. 89. One Team = Collaboration “You lose”“We win” (LESS) (MORE)
  90. 90. Be informed with less effort
  91. 91. AgilityInformation on the move
  92. 92. 2012: 327M phones 2015: mobile phones primary computing device 2013: mobile phones have taken over PC as preferred device to access the internet We are now living in an always on, connected world
  93. 93. The Future: Internet of Things
  94. 94. The number of mobile workersisgrowing fasterthan the overall workforce.” User Survey Analysis: Remote Worker Communications Applications and Services, Worldwide
  95. 95. Omni ChannelBuilding a connected engagement platform
  96. 96. Your Customers don’t clock off at 5pm 24/7 brands
  97. 97. Todays Customer Wants Instant Gratification
  98. 98. 1.5 BillionMillennials globallyComing of age: In2011 the youngest hittheir mid-teens & theoldest entered their30’sYouth QuakeGen Y impact
  99. 99. Nicholas, sounds great intheory, but who’s transformedtheir go-to-customer strategysuccessfully?
  100. 100. CEMEX CEM strategy delivered real tangible results to its customers and shareholders: n  99.9% accuracy on order-entry transactions n  99% cement delivery record with no service issues n  30% ROI based on efficiency improvements and incremental sales n  29% more volume with the same headcount in customer care center – Reduced Operating Costs n  Increased customer satisfactionVen Bontha, n  Increase revenues - delivering sustained growth forDirector – Customer Experience, shareholders  CEMEX USA
  101. 101. OP + NT = EOP
  102. 102. Change is the biggest obstacleBut, change has now changed,it is now… Ever surprising Unrelenting Unforgiving Only going to get faster & faster & faster…
  103. 103. “Adapt or Die”
  104. 104. There is no singlesilver bulletsolution
  105. 105. Avoid diet pill approachShort Term Gains
  106. 106. Beware of island solutions
  108. 108. Competitive AdvantageRequires Hard Work
  109. 109. Traditional True 360° CustomerSiloed Front-Office CRM Engagement Beyond CRM Service Marketing Billing/ Accounts Sales Receivable Ship/ Select Ensure Product/ Fulfillment Quote Order/ Procure/ Credit Build Check Internal-focused KPIs Customer-focused KPIs•  Average call handling time •  First contact resolution rate•  Number of cold calls per hour •  Customer referral rate•  Number of leads generated •  Unsolicited customer inquiries
  110. 110. Key Takeaways
  111. 111. Customer Intimacy Everything begins & ends with your customer.1 It all starts with passion & purpose2 It’s now the age of the Digital Customer3 Time for a new Strategy4 Avoid making the same mistakes5 Innovate at the cold face
  112. 112. Choosing to Ignore Your Customers is Not a SolutionCustomers  have  Virtual  Megaphones  to  Broadcast  Their  Dissa9sfac9on  “The company’s attempt atrecovery should be swift and itsapology perceived as sincere,[but] Timing is everything!” † MIT SMR “When Unhappy Customers Strike Back on the Internet” Jan 2011
  113. 113. Vision Customer JourneyCore teamPlatforms Intimacy
  114. 114. Think BIG& Start Small
  115. 115. Differentperspective
  116. 116. Delivered simply& conveniently
  117. 117. Value gets created betweenthe employee and the customer,and management’s job is toEnable innovationat that interface.” – Vineet Nayar, HCL
  118. 118. Excellent books to get your brain juices fired up
  119. 119. Some cool CEM assets worth reading…
  120. 120. I have the power to drivetransformational change
  121. 121. OP + NT = EOP
  122. 122. ?
  123. 123. Old Process + New Technology =Expensive Old Process
  124. 124. Thank You! Feel free in connecting with me @ #nicholask71©  2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Public 138
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