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Reducing demand for bottled water, by implementing high performance drinking water filtration, is now widely understood to be an essential component of sustainability.

The US Green Building Council grants an Innovation in Design Credit for reduction of plastic waste achieved by obviating the need for bottled water.

A hotel complex by footprint is among the largest consumers of bottled water. Arriving after a flight, guests enter their rooms with a real need to rehydrate. Everyone wants the security of knowing their stay will include safe, pure drinking water.

Selling bottled water in-room is a source of revenue. We
get that. But when revenue derives from an unsustainable practice, it inevitably conflicts with a corporation’s larger strategic goals: its sustainability mission statement, and the imperative of correct brand positioning in today’s world.

There are good choices to be made. And leadership from the top can make a world of difference.

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BETTER WATERS 7 Summary Hotels and Resorts In-Room Water Filtration v2013-05M

  2. 2. 2USGBC Innovation in Design CIR CSv2.0 IDc1The US Green Building Council grants an Innovation in DesignCredit for reduction of plastic waste achieved by obviating theneed for bottled water.CIR CSv2.0 IDc1 was issued in response to the BETTER WATERSsolution which we detail in the following pages. Other paths toLEED credit for the same practice – implementing in-roomfiltration to reduce demand for bottled water – may also beavailable to hotels.BOTTLED WATER IS NOT SUSTAINABLEReducing demand forbottled water, byimplementing highperformance drinkingwater filtration, is nowwidely understood to bean essential componentof sustainability.
  3. 3. Besides, there are ways to earn revenue from implementing the sustainablepractice of in-room water filtration, such as offering unlimited filtered water asan elective up-sell option. It can be included as part of an overall “green” or“wellness” package. Revenue stream is preserved without compromising thebrand’s mission. (Eliminating the headache of managing countless thousandsof bottles of water, year after year, will also be a welcome relief.)There are good choices to be made. And leadership from the top can make aworld of difference.3A hotel complex by footprint is among the largest consumersof bottled water. Arriving after a flight, guests enter theirrooms with a real need to rehydrate. Everyone wants thesecurity of knowing their stay will include safe, pure drinkingwater.Selling bottled water in-room is a source of revenue. Weget that. But when revenue derives from an unsustainablepractice, it inevitably conflicts with a corporation’s largerstrategic goals: its sustainability mission statement, and theimperative of correct brand positioning in today’s world.WATER FILTRATION IN HOTEL GUESTROOMS
  4. 4. WHAT’S WRONG WITH TAP WATER?A water authority’s first responsibility is to ensure that the potable water supply isdisinfected – and the only practical way to do so is with chlorine, which has a longdownstream residual. But chlorine interacts with organic material in the water andproduces its own hazards, known as disinfection by-products (DBPs).Also including metals, parasitic cysts impervious to chlorination, and numerousother contaminants that may be present and vary from place to place, tap wateris – by definition – not at an acceptable level of purity that people now considersuitable for consumption.This is the essential reason people across the world have turned to bottled water.But we know now that bottled water is not sustainable. High-performance waterfiltration is the answer. Nothing else reconciles the competing demands ofsustainability and people’s thirst for pure drinking water.One caveat: Filtration that delivers water quality trulyequal to premium bottled water is the only viable way towean people off the bottle. Cheap, “cosmetic” filterswith limited life only pay lip service to the problem. Thefiltration cartridges must also have enough certifiedlongevity so that they won’t require frequentreplacement – or they create their own waste problemand excessive ongoing expense, in which case peoplewon’t continue to rely on filtration.4Starwood Hotels’ Element brandmandates drinking water filtrationin lieu of bottled water. Everyguestroom in their new NYClocation has a 0.2 micron XB7000filter in the kitchenette cabinet.
  5. 5. 5• Approximately 17 million barrels of oil are used tomanufacture the plastic for bottled water every year.• About 2 million tons of plastic beverage bottles aredisposed of – not recycled – every year.• Only 1 plastic water bottle out of 4 is recycled.• Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are spent oncleaning up and disposing of plastic bottle litter everyyear.• To create one quart of bottled water, two quarts ofwater are required to manufacture the plastic bottle.• About one out of every thousand barrels of oil the USconsumes is used just to manufacture plastic forbottled water.• Bottled water distribution itself contributes significantlyto climate change.• In the northern Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii andCalifornia, an island of discarded plastic is now twicethe size of Texas, and growing.Note: Data taken from and FACTS ABOUT BOTTLED WATER
  6. 6. UNIQUE PERFORMANCE: series7000 filtration• Integrated Membrane Pre-activated Carbon Technology(I.M.P.A.C.T.): Blends the high efficiency of carbon media withthe durability of a microporous membrane filter, within a singlepharmaceutical grade cartridge. Result: Significant reductionin pressure drop and increased flow rate, assuring much longercartridge life. Absolute 0.2 micron filtration: Assures near-total reduction of parasitic cystsand over 99.99% of water-borne bacteria*.+Both systems are NSF-certified for near total reduction of Chlorine Taste &Odor, Particulates Class I and Cysts (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium).Model XL7000 on right also reduces lead, select VOCs and THMs.* As tested by manufacturer.Bottled-quality water filtration with6The series7000 is manufactured by 3M Purification Inc., OEM to BETTER WATERSXB7000 XL7000NSF-certified cartridge longevity far exceeds the total coldwater usage at a kitchen sink in a year by an average familyof four (est. 3500 gallons):XB7000: 25,000 gallons XL7000: 6000 gallons
  7. 7. USGBC CIR CSv2.0 IDc1, Best PracticesWith a 2+ gallons / minute flow rate – higher than thecapacity of a 3/8” supply line – no separate faucet isrequired when installing series7000 filtration.All filtered water may be directed through the mainfaucet, whether standard hot / cold, or the new Tri-Flowfaucet (hot / cold tap, + filtered).Two values are paramount:• Filtration quality• Filter cartridge longevityBoth need to be in play in order to:• Meet the intent of the LEED CIR;Offer a genuinely sustainable (not cosmetic)alternative to bottled water;Properly indemnify the owner: Filtration at 0.2micron to filter out bacteria, with NSFcertification for thousands of gallons of cartridge life.7The series7000 headassembly is bracketedinside cabinet, with coldwater inlet / outletconnections as shown.When removed, theinternal valve withinthe head shuts offwater flow. Valveopens when cartridgeis locked in place.The replaceablecartridge is anintegral, sterileunit that locksinto place witha simple hand1/4 turn.
  8. 8. 8THE XL7000 – IDEAL FOR THE HOTEL INDUSTRY1. COMPREHENSIVE CONTAMINANT REDUCTION: On thespectrum of potential contaminants in water, some may beconsidered “immediate” and some “long-term.” “Immediate”contaminants include bacteria, Legionella, Cryptosporidiumand other parasites. If present, they are immediate threats toa consumer’s health. So it’s important to select a filter thatassures effectively total reduction of these contaminants.In addition, there are “long-term” threats, such as VOCs, THMs,and lead, considered to be health hazards over time, and anessential reason why people turn to bottled water. The XL7000reduces these contaminants in addition to bacteria and other“immediate” factors.2. SUSTAINABILITY: Compare the longevity rating of the NSF-certified 6000 gallon XL7000 with any other NSF-certified filterthat addresses the same complete set of potential waterquality factors. Fewer cartridge replacements means lessimpact on the environment, and a far lower cost per gallon ofpure drinking water.FIVE ESSENTIAL REASONS:
  9. 9. 93. PRACTICALITY: Accommodating a flow rate of up to 2.5 gallonsper minute, the XL7000 can accommodate the entire flow on thecold water supply to the sink. That means no separate faucet forthe filter is required.This is an especially welcome feature for properties planning retrofitinstallations. No holes in the countertop to be drilled. Just mountunder the sink directly into the cold water line. The system is sterileand tamper-proof: Remove the cartridge, and water shuts offautomatically.Alternatively, install with the new Tri-Flow faucets that dispense hotand cold tap water + filtered cold water through a single faucet –the next generation design that unites luxury with sustainability. Seedetails on pages to follow.4. LONGEVITY: With an NSF-certified rating of an extraordinary 6000gallons, using the XL7000 assures that low-flow water conditions arehighly unlikely. The front desk won’t receive midnight calls fromguests demanding a new filter or a delivery of bottled water.5. QUALITY ASSURANCE: When people rely on a water filtrationsystem instead of bottled water, the integrity of the manufacturer iskey. Not only does 3M stand behind every product, they makeeach and every one for us at their own factory in the USA. A series7000 (XB model shown)installed inside the cabinetprovides filtration for all wateron the cold side.THE XL7000 – IDEAL FOR THE HOTEL INDUSTRY
  10. 10. FILTRATION IN GUESTROOMS,CASE STUDYXB7000, Pure drinking water, 411 guestroomsELEMENT TIMES SQUARE, New York CityAmong the many innovative green featuresof the new Starwood Element Hotel at TimesSquare is an XB7000 filtration system in everyguestroom, assuring free, unlimited* betterthan bottled-quality filtered water forguests.Plastic bottles of water areunnecessary, and use is discouraged, sinceguests dont have to buy bottles.(Personally, were tired of having to carry indrinking water or pay $7 a bottle every timewe stay in a hotel.)Drinking water filtration should be in everyhotel room!*Each XB7000 cartridge is NSF-certified for 25,000 gallons.Engineer and Architect: Gene Kaufman Architects10
  11. 11. TRI-FLOW FAUCETS, NSF-certifiedDesigned to dispense hot, cold and filtered water through a single tap.Ideal for use with series7000 filtration delivering filtered water at a flowrate greater than 2 gpm.The filtered water runs through a discrete line within the faucet, thusnever mixes with tap water. An optional blue LED display trackscumulative minutes of filtered water use (factory adjustable), indicatingcartridge replacement with true accuracy.The look and functionality unites luxury with sustainable best practices.11Example: Water conditions present asignificant level of THMs. The ownerchooses to address this concern byaccelerating XL7000 cartridge change-out frequency to 4000 gallons. Knowingthe supply into the filter is @ 2 gpm, theLED display is set to change from blue tored after 2000 minutes (4000 gallons) ofuse. Users can thus be assured thatfiltered water truly is as good as bottled.TF61G-16L
  12. 12. TRI-FLOW FAUCETS, NSF-certified, additionalVarious designs, additional models scheduled for future release.Multiple finish options available.Examples shown are:Lead-free brass;NSF61-9 certified;Compliant with NSF Annex G (currentlyrequired only in the state of CA, but as ofJan. 2014 a nationwide requirement).12TF61G-12L TF61G-13L
  13. 13. TRI-FLOW FAUCETS, NSF-certified, additional13TF61G-14L TF61G-15L
  14. 14. 14BETTER WATERS SUPPORTNumerous questions arise when management considers implementingdrinking water filtration to reduce demand for bottled water: Productquality and performance, cartridge replacement protocol, capital andmaintenance costs, liability concerns, and ultimately, whether (1) toprovide gratis as part of a commitment to sustainability, or (2) to offer asa billable option, included e.g. as part of a wellness room upgrade.We will assist you in considering thealternatives, and resolving these questions.You will find us to be a useful resource ofpractical knowledge concerning watertechnologies, their applications, and localwater conditions worldwide. (For thisreason, more and more of the world’sleading mechanical engineering firmsnow seek our judgment on an ongoingbasis.)How an XL7000 looks in a luxury / minimal bathroom.
  15. 15. 15COMPETITIVE PRICING and SUMMARYWe offer similarly incentivized pricing to support a multi-yearcommitment to implementing correct maintenancepractices, in order to ensure that your selected technologies willperform reliably, year after year.We are committed to offering you preferred pricing to help meetyour goals. Specifically, the larger commitment you choose tomake to implementing water technologies, the greater thediscounted pricing we will make available to you.Today, an increasing number of hotel, resort and condominiumproperties are implementing in-room water filtration. It not onlyprovides an unlimited source of safe drinking water, but alsofiltered water for in-room coffee makers, ice cube trays – in short, itis an amenity residents are grateful to have from the moment theyarrive until departure. High performance drinking water filtration isthe single most effective way to reduce reliance on bottled water,and is now a top priority of sustainable design.
  16. 16. Main office: New York, NYPO Box 8545JAF StationNew York, NY 10116Office: 212.366.6700Fax: 800.720.7976Matt KayePresidentmxk@betterwaters.comcell: 917.696.2457Field office: Las Vegas, NV7473 W. Lake Mead Boulevard,Suite 100Las Vegas, NV 89128Office: 702.562.1283Fax: 888.721.9047Nicholas T. ConstantVice PresidentBusiness Developmentnick@betterwaters.comcell: 702.688.3433©2013 Advanced Water Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.16