Make Money Quickly With Real Estate Investing - How To Wholesale Real Estate


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Make Money Quickly With Real Estate Investing - How To Wholesale Real Estate

  1. 1. Make Money Quickly With Real Estate Investing - How ToWholesale Real EstateIn this particular article Im gonna talk to you about some different ways too quickly generate cash inreal estate investing.One way to generate cash quickly and real estate investing is to Wholesale Property. What iswholesaling property?Wholesaling property is finding a great deal, putting the deal under contract and then quickly selling itto another investor or an end buyer.So, let us take a look at those three steps and see how we can accomplish generating quick cash bywholesaling real estate.First finding great deals. In our current market finding some truly great deals is not very difficult. Withthe current flood of foreclosure properties, short sales and otherwise motivated sellers, there aresome truly amazing deal available right now.Once youve found a deal, you need to control the deal in some way. Most people prefer to put thehouse under contract to control it. You can also use an option to control the deal as well.The last part of quickly selling it to another investor is usually where most new investors get stuck.Some new investors think that the hardest part is finding the deals. This is not true.For most new investors the hardest parts is finding other investors that are serious buyers and whoare willing to buy their deals.So, in my opinion, you should be focusing on building your list of investor buyers immediately. If Iwere starting from scratch I would build it using both direct marketing and networking. I would sendout mail to investors, post ads to find investors and respond to ads investors are running. Plus I wouldask everyone I know if they know of someone looking to buy an Investment Property.A couple other ways to generate quick money with real estate investing have similar steps like bird-dogging where you just find deals and turn them over to another investor for a much smaller fee andbuy a house to fix it up and quick turn it. In changing markets, I am reluctant to recommend thatstrategy except for extremely good deals or deals that require you to take ownership like deals in theMLS.Those are the steps to quickly generating money with real estate investing.Sherman oaks real estate