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How To Design For A Jacuzzi In Your House
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How To Design For A Jacuzzi In Your House


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  • 1. How To Design For A Jacuzzi In Your HouseHow to design for a Jacuzzi in your house. The name Jacuzzi originates from a family of Italianbrothers who originated from Italy and settled in California, U.S.A in the early 1900s. The brotherswere aeronautical engineers who designed propeller engines for air-crafts. They left aviationengineering and concentrated on agricultural engineering in the design of agricultural water pumps.The whirlpool bath was invented in the early 1940s by Candidi Jacuzzi, a second generation Jacuzzi.His son suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis and used to receive hydro-therapy from the hospital. Hedesigned a portable pump that could be fitted inside a bathtub to give the hydro-therapy.In the late 1960s, Roy Jacuzzi, a third-generation Jacuzzi toyed with the idea of marketing the pump-fitted bath tub dubbed the Roman Bathtub to cater for the growing need for leisure.Although the larger Jacuzzi family thought this idea was a little weird, the sales grew and soon thebathtub was designed to be a bit larger so as to fit in 2 people. The designed improved farther overseveral years and they became larger and larger.The laid-back culture of California became a very good launching pad for the Jacuzzi more so asfamous movie stars popularized it further in their quest for opulent and glamorous lives.In 1979, they sold the company to Kidde Inc. Which was later bought by Hanson PLC in 1987.In1996, the company strengthened itself further by purchasing a leading Canadian swimming poolmanufacturer, Haughs Products Limited and diversified and improved the designs further.Currently, Jacuzzi is the worlds most recognized whirl pool brand name.Space requirements.A standard whirl pool comes in dimensions of 1.8m by 1.8m by 0.8m height.The bathroom area should therefore be large enough to fit in this size and leave enough room forcirculation and dressing inside the bathroom.A bathroom size of 2.8 m by 2.8 m is sufficient enough to fit in a Jacuzzi and leave enough spacearound it.Location.They can be located next to a large bay window in the bathroom. For a room that has a lot of privacysuch as an upstairs room, the window can be designed to be large to bring in a lot of light and give apanoramic view of the outside. For privacy purposes, the window glass can be frosted or obscured orone-way. Since a whirl pool is a place where people spend a considerable amount of time inside, itshould have good wide panoramic views so as to avoid monotony and boredom.They can also be placed on the out-doors.Installation.The floor area is screened and raised 100mm form the floor level with a bed of cement-sand mortar. Itis placed on top and screwed to the ground. The connecting plumbing pipes are fixed to the houseswater pipes and the pump is connected to the electricity point. Ceramic tiles are then fitted around thewall to a height of 2.1 meters above ground level so as to protect the wall from moisture. The ceramicwall tiles can be designed to a pattern and colour of your choice.
  • 2. newly installed JacuzziThese whirlpools in Kenya cost around KES 60,000 and are available in hardware shops such asDoshi in Industrial area. The price depends on the size and shape. They come in a wide variety ofshapes and sizes.Sherman oaks real estate