The Phillip Romero Explanation On Importance Of The Jewelry


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The Phillip Romero Explanation On Importance Of The Jewelry

  1. 1. The Phillip Romero Explanation On Importance Of The Jewelry
  2. 2. The patterns of using ornaments vary greatly depending on the category of the individuals that are involved. This can be in terms of age, sex, or culture. The purpose of wearing jewelry as described by Phillip Romero can never be the same purpose why the ladies use them. And in any case most of the males do not make use of these ornaments. Those who do use on the other hand use only specific ornaments.
  3. 3. There are those ornaments that if the male use them, they might be misunderstood. For instance in most cultures the male need not to wear earrings. Those male who wear earring on one of their ears are taken to be portraying their relationship status as guy. This might not be the case but that is what people who are seeing them tend to assume.
  4. 4. The reasons why people use jewelry can however include the aspect of revealing the status of a person. The ring is the best example of these ornaments that can be used in clearly portraying different relationship status. The finger on which the ring is placed uniquely represents the individual state of the person relationship.
  5. 5. This is the reason why some of the communities use them in the making of the dowry payment for their partner. In addition, in the tradition forms of trade they were used in making payment in batter trade. A person could present these ornaments to a person in exchange for another item. The ornaments therefore had the monetary value in them.
  6. 6. Some specific ornaments can as well act as a symbolic membership of a person to a certain group. These therefore act as a guide to the culture or the religion that a person embraces. The wearing of these ornaments in addition reveals the royalty of the person to this group. Any person that is looking at them can easily associate them to that specific group.
  7. 7. Some of the religions in addition discourage the use of the ornaments. They discourage their members from wearing them because they believe that they were wonderfully are beautifully created by the Supreme Being. They therefore do not need any ornament to be able to modify their appearance.
  8. 8. Those individuals who use these ornament are violating the commands are bound to be punished ultimately. To avoid any punishment that is attached to the religious beliefs they posses, many people avoid the use of these decorative used for personal adornment. However there are religions that as well condone the use of some of these ornaments.
  9. 9. The purpose of wearing jewelry as described by Phillip Romero in this contest is to act as a symbolic show of membership in a certain group. The Roman Catholic Church for instance provides its members with a necklace that aid them in making prayers and in guiding their relationship with the Supreme Being. Each member of these religion therefore wears this ornament not only for the religious belief that is attached t it but to also act as their royalty to the religion.
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