Clever Pointers For Sunless Tanning Results


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Clever Pointers For Sunless Tanning Results

  1. 1. Clever Pointers For Sunless Tanning Results
  2. 2. Sunless tanning solutions are used by many people who would like to enjoy the appearance of having been out in the sun without having to endure the potentially very damaging health consequences of spending hours in the sun. Research from the last half-century has revealed the dangers of skin cancer and other conditions, and a sunless self-tanning solution is now part of the beauty kit of many women.
  3. 3. However, just slapping on some sunless tanning solution does not necessarily guarantee the best effects; like any beauty technique, there are rights and wrongs in the sunless process which can affect the results.
  4. 4. When looking to apply a sunless tanning solution to the legs, then shaving beforehand is not a great idea, as it can lead to inflammation of the skin. Exfoliating beforehand though, is a good idea, with an exfoliating solution containing polyethylene preferable.
  5. 5. Never spray the sunless tanning solution directly out of the bottle onto the skin, as this almost guarantees streaking. The best tool to acquire for the sunless tanning process is a small sponge paintbrush.
  6. 6. Hardware stores sell sponge paint brushes, and it is well worth owning one if sunless self-tanning is likely to become a regular activity. As well as keeping streaking to a minimum, it also makes applying the sunless solution the back much more straightforward.
  7. 7. If a sponge paintbrush is not available, then another good and inexpensive way of achieving a smooth finish to the tanning process is to use a wet wipe. Remove the wipe from the package and leave it to dry for a few minutes. After this, spray sunless tanning solution onto it and use it to wipe sunless solution onto the skin. Keep the wipe moist with sunless solution and do not allow it to dry, otherwise it will be self-defeating.
  8. 8. With some care and some inexpensive household items, it is possible to use tanning solutions to keep up a bronzed glow for the whole of the winter, even in the deepest, darkest, most sunless months of the year.
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