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Overview of the monetization solution for website owners to deliver app install ads to their mobile visitors. We agree on a monthly rate, place the script and you receive your funds. Please email for enquiries -

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AppReach Mobile Publisher Overview - Brus Media

  1. 1. Brus Media Overview
  2. 2. What’s Inside: 1.Who are we? 2.Who do we work with? 3. How it all works 4. Some Creative examples 5. Next steps 6. FAQs
  3. 3. Who are we? • Established in 2012 • Specialists in app marketing solutions, we provide promotion for apps in Google Play and iTunes. • Headquarters in Brisbane,Australia • Global reach with advertisers and publishers worldwide includingAustralia, USA, UK, Israel, China, Europe and more We’ve been featured in:
  4. 4. Trusted by Big Brands We’ve worked with some of theWorld’s largest brands on both iOS and Android…
  5. 5. How it works 1. Purchase We secure advertising space at a guaranteed rate with you. 2. Implement We provide a simple ad script to place into your website header. Most similar to Google Adsense. 4. Get Paid You will be paid the agreed rate every month, regardless of how many ads are served. 3. Display We display a 320x480 interstitial ad to your mobile visitors only.Our ad detects mobile users for you. A maximum of 1 per day will be shown to each visitor.
  6. 6. Some examples
  7. 7. Some examples
  8. 8. FAQs What are Interstitial ads? A: Interstitial ads are full or partially full screen ads. They're typically displayed at natural transition points, such as between activities or when viewing a page on a website. What is the fill rate? A: Fill rates average 50%. We only show ads to Android and iOS devices for tier 1 GEO’s once every 24 hours. This ensures that the ads do not harm user experience. Will this ad potentially have a negative impact on SEO? A: No. Our ad hosting is not considered by Google to be intrusive for SEO purposes.You can check for yourself once you install our script by visiting the Mobile-Friendly Test and entering your URL. Can I restrict certain brands from being advertised on my mobile site? A: Yes. We can take into account any categories that you do not wish to be advertised on your mobile site and restrict them, so they will not be shown. This includes real gambling, casino and dating related content.
  9. 9. If you have any further questions, please reach out …. Next steps… Sophie Hayter Senior Acquisition Manager Email: Skype: sophiebrusmedia Shon Siemonek Email: Skype: shonsiemonek