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Tulare county child welfare services By: Estefania Padilla
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Tulare county child welfare services By: Estefania Padilla


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  • 1. Tulare County Child Welfare Services AGENCY ANALYSIS BY: ESTEFANIA PADILLA
  • 2. Agency Vision & Mission Vision: Healthy children & adults, Supportive families, thriving communities Mission: Tulare Health & Human Services Agency is dedicated to protecting & strengthening the well-being of the community through development of effective policies, practices & services delivered in a cultural & linguistically competent manner.
  • 3. Populations at Risk whose Needs the Agency Addresses  Needs and concerns of foster families, children, parents, & relatives.  Children at risk families with alcohol and other drugs, domestic violence, mental health.
  • 4. Description of the Community  Tulare County  Families with low social economic status.  On public assistance  Earn 16K annually or less  Diverse ethics groups  Transportation- Bus, and rides from relatives or friends.  This agency is actively involved in the community.
  • 5. Other Agencies & Organizations this Agency Interacts With  Family Services of Tulare County  Foster Family Agency  Family Resource Center  Parenting Network  Alcohol & Other Drug Treatment & Prevention Services  Visalia Youth Services  Sequoia Youth Services  Tulare Youth Services Bureau  CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates  C-Set  California Children’s Services  Drug & Prevention Services  Medical/TCMS Eligibility Unit  Family Builders  Mental Health Services Administration  Golden State  & more..
  • 6. Services Provided by Agency  Case Management  Independent living program  Bus passes  Respite  Referrals: parenting, domestic violence, child  Mental Health & Child Welfare Services Family Advocates  Transitional home  AB 12-Foster youths who age out and still get services  Codependency groups  CWS Clinicians (Can be direct services)
  • 7. Management Positions  Organizational Structure of Agency Deputy Health & Human Services Director  Child Welfare Division Manger  CWS Manager  CWS Supervisor Other Job Positions  Licensed Social Worker  It is a Public Agency  Social Services Worker III • Consist of a Board of Supervisors  Case Worker Aide II  Supervising Nurse I Supervisors, social workers, everyone can help supervise interns and front-line workers.  Public Health Nurse II  Registered Nurse-CWS  Administrative Aide  Paralegal II  Office Assistant  Supervising Office Assistant •
  • 8. Role of Clients, Consumers, & Constituents  Individuals, families, and groups.  The clients are the main focus of the social worker.  They come into the agency to help to improve their well-being.  Case Plans and services are created to fit their needs.
  • 9. Organization Functions  Social Work Values-Professional ethics are at the core of social work. The profession has an obligation to articulate its basic values, ethical principles, and ethical standards. The NASW Code of Ethics sets forth these values, principles, and standards to guide social workers' conduct. The Code is relevant to all social workers and social work students, regardless of their professional functions, the settings in which they work, or the populations they serve.  Social justice- In this agency Social workers attempt to promote the cause of social justice by working to stimulate social justice for disadvantaged, marginalized or struggling individuals and groups in Tulare County.  Cultural competence- Social Workers in this agency are culturally competent when they are helping a client. They are aware of the different cultures of those that they provided services for.  Empowerment-is goal and process for the client, to increase their capabilities selfdirection. The workers in this agency work and refer clients to programs where they can increase their skills.  Human rights- In this agency the Social workers do what they can to help the client achieve their full development of human potential. They do not see the client as a bad person but as someone who wants to get help and improve their lives.
  • 10. Integrated Family Development (Desarrollo Integral Familiar, DIF)  Mexico City  Federal agency of Mexico that coordinates a number of programs at the municipal level to assist vulnerable social groups, including abused women and children. Similarities with TCWS  Works with agencies that assist abused and homeless children in the capital.  A priority for DIF is to attempt to find relatives of children without parents and/or a home in hope of securing their support.  DIF responds to complaints of child abuse and social workers investigate complaints, and remove children from abusive homes.
  • 11. References • •