Hard drive data recovery


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Hard drive data recovery

  1. 1. Hard Drive Data RecoveryIf you happen to encounter data loss through hard disk damage, accidental formatting, clicking noisesfrom the hard drive, we can help you out and recover all the information that is lost. This is done withthe help of our innovative services applicable to many hard drive types including SATA, EIDE, SAS, IDE,and SCSI. The range of data storage options we work with extends to servers, laptops, netbooks anddesktops. Our team of professionals is happy to work for your benefit and the best results. The hard diskrecovery is completed at minimal cost and at maximum efficiency level regardless of the configuration orinterface.There are many factors influencing the success of hard drive data recovery. The professionals have to beexperienced and qualified, the technology has to be up-to-date and innovations have to be implementedon the regular basis.Types of hard drives failure or Why Do Hard Disks Fail?The first one is Electrical Failure. If the process control block is damaged because of power problemsyour data can be lost, and all the reading, controlling, coordinating and communicating processes will nolonger be accessible. If your drive is powered with no sign of functioning, you hear clicking sounds whensearching or initializing, or experience knocking disks when the disk failures to spin.The second one is mechanical failure that is provoked by the influence of both tear and wear. The faultsof the internal elements such as motors or reading/writing head can arise without any warning.Mechanical failure is recognized by the unusual clicking sounds, motor freeze, and absolute quietnesswith no sign of functioning.The third type of hard disk failure is logical. It embraces the range of failures resulting from other non-physical damage. Depending on the case specifications, logical failure may be fixed with ease or withgreat difficulties using program for hard disk recovery. The most typical examples are accidental deletion,file corruption, accidental formatting, viruses, malware, file system corruption, and software bugs.At times the damage appears as a combination of two or more types of failure.How Does Hard Disk Recovery Works?Even if there are several types of failures involved, you can still recover all your data successfully. If it isthe logical failure, the data that you want to access may still remain on your hard disk, but is notreflected in the file system properly. For instance, the data spot where the deleted file used to reside isgenerally intended for re-use, and until new information fills this gap there is still possible to restore thedeleted file.When it comes to mechanical failures, hard disk drive data recovery is possible if the data used to beaccessible and resided at the disk drive before the internal components were damaged physically. You
  2. 2. need to keep in mind that in this case the recovery operation is very similar to a surgery requiring verydelicate moves, so it is crucially important to find the reliable specialist for this repair. If you want therepair to turn out successful you need to stop using the hard disk where the data needs to be recovered.The Symptoms of Hard Disk FailureYou should check if you can access all your data in case you notice the following symptoms: • Your hard drive or computer was dropped, hit against the wall, or damaged in any other manner. • Any liquid was spilled on the computer, hard drive or HDD. • The computer or hard drive experienced the surge of electrical power or has been serving for a long while. • The computer/hard drive was damaged by fire or overheated. • The storm, earthquake, or any other natural disaster damaged the data storage device. • The partitions went through the formatting process. • The grinding or/and clicking noises from your computer or hard drive are easy to hear. • The virus attack/infection or any other undetermined reason all of a sudden makes your files inaccessible. • You accidentally deleted a file or a folder. • The BIOS program does not recognize the file even after it is rebooted. • The messages from BIOS informing you about primary or secondary disk failures are displayed. • BIOS recognizes the file but the parameters are wrong. • BIOS recognizes the file but the information cannot be accessed. • The message about Boot Disk Error is displayed by the system. • The message about NTLDR missing is displayed by the system. • You receive report about bad sectors in your hard drive. • The messages about operating system errors are displayed by the system.The complete list of all possible errors and reasons behind hard disk failure is a lot longer. Although thereare cases when hard drive data recovery is not possible but in the majority of cases we will be pleased to
  3. 3. help you out. We are still accumulating experience to implement new solutions for old hard disk datarecovery problems, and therefore always able to react to new challenges.All kinds of technical failures are easily handled by the team of our engineers, and we can also provideconsultations on how to treat your hardware and keep your data protected.What Do You Do If You are Faced with Data Loss?If you suddenly encounter data loss you need to start with turning off your computer or any other data-related equipment immediately in order not to endanger the remaining data that still resides in the harddisk. If you have your hard drive connected to your PC or laptop it is not recommended to restart orpower on your computer. Turn off the hard drive device or your computer from power. It is particularlyrelevant for water damage. Everything you can do is to stop using your potentially damaged equipment -any unprofessional intervention into the hard disk recovery puts the safety of your data under enormousrisks. It is useless to try out any hard disk drive data recovery software without professional assistance,and it is not reasonable to attempt to disconnect the hard drive alone. If you continue using yourdamaged hardware as usual it might make the recovery process impossible and endanger other datasectors as well.Please contact our team of technical engineers as soon as possible - you can use the online request formor call us by phone 1-800-399-7150.Our service is very user-oriented for multiple reasons. We do realize that data loss is a very stressfulevent, and that is why our service is incredible easy to use, fast to operate and convenient to purchase.Distinguishing features of the hard drive recovery system that we offerThe programs exploited to conduct our service are proprietary, and the perfect-match solutions arealways found for all data types. We can guarantee that there is no service with the same level of qualityavailable in the market. One of the most obvious advantages is the special offer we have for urgent cases- in 4-6 hours all your data will be recovered just the way it used to be before the damage took place.Before the actual data recovery service is purchased and started out, your media will be evaluated foryou free of charge. Afterwards you are free to make the final decision about whether you want toproceed with the service. You will receive the required information on your data recovery progress on aregular basis.Our service is confidential and secure because we put the customers interests and privacy as a foremostpriority. None of your personal information will be exposed to the third parties.It Is Possible To Recover Your Data with No Efforts on Your BehalfWhatever the reason behind the hardware failure is, in the majority of cases data recovery is completelyfeasible. If you encounter logical failure you need to keep in mind that the file is not actually gone ordeleted from the hard drive. Its spot is still possible to access by a professional. Therefore, if you try to
  4. 4. use the hard drive again your file will get lost forever because the reserved space will be filled with newinformation. As soon as you detect data failures you should quit using the device or computer (or anyother data storage device) at once. In the opposite case your newly saved data will take the spacereserved for the deleted or lost files, and you will never access them again. Mechanical damage is a moredelicate issue and it requires a very sophisticated approach. In practice even the tiniest damage mayinfluence the operational capability of the drive, and it wont ever be repaired. The repair works startwith fixing the damaged hardware components, and only afterwards the engineers can perform a datarecovery. The evaluation is not charged for, so the service is risk-free.The efficiency of our service has become possible thanks to the innovative technologies and advancedtools we apply. Apart from that, our engineers are all experienced professionals that will not let youdown. The data is completely recovered in 2-5 days since we have received your hard drive. The serviceis available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all year long. You can always request the information onyour data recovery progress or simply ask any questions using online request form or e-mail contacts inour welcome webpage.Throughout our history of operating we have evaluated the privacy and safety of our customers to thefull. Please be sure that any confidential or sensitive information wont be exposed to any third parties.http://www.dataretrieval.com/