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Specifically, non legislative collections (NGOs) are dynamic and differing aggregations of collections working at area, national and around the world levels. NGOs can prepare ngo project and file in government ministries, business or link with foreign contributor for grant.

Meaning of Ngo:-.

Non Government Organizations are challenging to arrange and describe, and the expression "NGO" is not utilized reliably. Subsequently, there are numerous distinct orders being utilized. The most widely recognized Non earnings collections make use of a skeletal system that includes intro and level of operation. A NGO's introduction mentions the sort of workouts it deals with. These workouts might integrate human rights, natural, or development work. A Non revenue combination's level of operation demonstrates the scale at which a collection lives up to expectations, for instance close by, regional, nationwide or universal, one of the soonest points out of the expression "NGO" was in 1945, when the United Nations (UN) was made. The UN, which is a between administrative assortment, made it imaginable for certain sanction specific global non-legislative assortments or non-state companies to be provided spectator status at its get-togethers and some of its gatherings. Later on the term got used even more broadly. Today, as per the UN, any sort of exclusive collection that is autonomous from government control might be called a "NGO", furnished it is not-benefit, non-criminal and not generally a resistance political event.

Ngo consultancy offers management services to non earnings companies located in various parts of India. Our mission is to make it possible for Indian Non Government Organizations by structuring and recording their ngo project in accomplishing their goals of developing a sustainable voluntary sector. An enhancing quantity of resources could be raised on the strength of relationship and depend on between Non earnings organizations, government agencies and the civil society.

All Non Governmental Organizations enlistment requires acceptable budgetary assets for appropriately completing their workouts. As the NGOs are consistently expanding, there is a rivalry for securing supports.

We confine, for your details, a helpful leaflet about our organization. In case you are interested please send the following papers for preparation of cutting-edge ngo project proposals for grant-in-aid.

1. Registration Certification and memorandum of Association and Rules and Policy of Society/Trust Deed of Trust.
2. Account of last three Years.
3. Annual Report of last 3 Years.
4. Pan Card of the Ngo.
5. Bank Account Details.
6. 12a and 80g Registration Certificate under Income Tax Act 1961.

Financing for NGOs:-.

Non Government Organizations might be interested in the Bilateral Development and awareness tasks.

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Ngo project

  1. 1. The Planning Commission of India invites all Voluntary Organizations (VOs)/ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to Sign Up on this system, which has been developed in consultation with the below mentioned Ministries /Departments /Government Bodies to facilitate VOs / NGOs during their interaction with the Government in connection with requests for Government Grants under various schemes of the below mentioned Ministries/ Departments/ Government Bodies, in the first phase
  2. 2. • • • • The essential documents which should be enclosed with the application for 1st Installment or new case are: Registration Certificate Memorandum & Rules and Regulations of Society or Trust Deed Audited statements of accounts for the last three years Annual report of last three years.
  3. 3. • Bank Details (Bank Name, Account No. and Bank Address) • List of governing body (Name, Father’s Name, Occupation, Designation and Address) • Name of the Chief functionary and his Mobile Number • Telephone Number of the office • Copy of PAN of the Society/Trust • Registration Certificate under FCRA • 12A & 80G Certificate
  4. 4. As a norm, a single project is considered in the first instance. However, the Ministry may exercise its discretion in awarding more than one project depending on the need and merit of the case.
  5. 5. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit, citizen-based group that functions independently of government. NGOs are organized on local, national and international levels to serve specific social or political purposes.
  6. 6. non-profit organizations, NGOs rely on a variety of sources for funding projects, operations, salaries and other overhead costs. Because the annual budget of an NGO can be in the hundreds of millions (or even billions) of dollars, fundraising efforts are important for the NGO's existence and success. Funding sources include membership dues, the sale of goods and services, private sector for-profit companies, philanthropic foundations, grants from local, state and federal agencies, and private donations.
  7. 7. NGOs rely on money from a variety of sources, including individual donors, foundations, corporations, and governments. Often what an NGO can and cannot do is tied to where the money comes from, dramatically affecting the effectiveness and neutrality of NGOs.
  8. 8. While some NGOs, like GPF, refuse to accept government or corporate funding to stay independent in their decision making, many NGOs need depend on these funding sources in order to operate. Funding Issues have become particularly challenging, following the economic crisis. This section examines how NGOs are funded, and how funding sources affect NGO operations.
  9. 9. • Ministry of Agriculture • Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries • Ministry of Commerce and Industry • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology • Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution • Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region • Ministry of Environmental and Forests • Ministry of Finance
  10. 10. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ministry of Food Processing Industries Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Ministry of Home Affairs Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Ministry of Human Resources Development Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Ministry of Labour and Employment Ministry of Minority Affairs Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources Ministry of Ocean Development Ministry of Panchayati Raj Ministry of Rural Development Ministry of Science and Technology
  11. 11. • Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways • Ministry of Small Scale Industries • Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment • Ministry of Textiles • Ministry of Tourism and Culture • Ministry of Tribal Affairs • Ministry of Water Resources • Ministry of Women and Child Development • Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Foreign Funding Agencies, etc. List of Foreign Funding Agencies List of Micro Finance Agencies
  12. 12. Active Help Organization incorporated as a Non-Profit voluntary Organization, working for community development through Human Rights, with special emphasis on marginalized people and women at grassroots level in Province Punjab Pakistan. The organization founded in by a group of dedicated social workers. It is voluntary organization registered under the Societies Act of 1860.
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