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Story mapping

Story mapping



Story Mapping Technique

Story Mapping Technique



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    Story mapping Story mapping Presentation Transcript

    • STORY  MAPPING   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Agenda  •  Me    •  UserStory  &  Backlog  issues  •  StoryMapping   –  Personas   –  Release  Slice   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Nikita  Filippov   •  ScrumTrek   •  Agile  Coach   •  Managing  Partner     •  My  Experience   •  WebDev,  Product  Manager,   Process  Engineer  
    • Disclaimer  &  Ground  Rules    •  Welcome  to  Russian  English  cKlass   –  If  you  don’t  understand  me,  ask  in  russian    J  •  Right  hand  rule     –  See  my  raised  hand     –  Rise  the  hand     –  Shut  up   –  Make  it  peer  to  peer   –  Listen  to  me   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Incremental  Delivery  1 2 3 4 5
    • Incremental  &  IteraUve  1 2 3 4 5
    • Warm  UP  •  Describe  your  acUviUes     –  StarUng  from  you  waked  up  and  finish  when  you   get  to  Agile  Saturday   –  Group  of  5-­‐6     –  One  AcUvity  per  SUcker   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Concept   acUvity  task  task   task   task   task   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010   8  
    • Concept   manage  email   acUvity   read  message   send   prioriUze   message   message   delete   message   place  create   message   task  folder   in  folder   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010   9  
    • User  Story  •  As  a  <user  role>,  I  want  <goal>  so  that   <reason>     Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Story  Mapping    Unlike  typical  user  story  backlogs,   Story  Maps:     –  make  visible  the  workflow  or  value   chain   –  show  the  relaUonships  of  larger   stories  to  their  child  stories   –  provide  a  useful  context  for   prioriUzaUon   –  Plan  releases  in  complete  and   valuable  slices  of  funcUonality.   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Vision:  Alex  Bookstore  Problem  •  Alex  Krivitsky  has  a  Book  store   of  Foreign  Literature  •  Now  he  has  so  many  books  ,   so  he  needs  some  soeware  to   organize  it    •  He  likes  touchscreen  interface   ©  Nikita  Filippov,  2010  Using  Jeff  Pa6on   Content  
    • Philipp  Finance  Officer   Type: Customer §  CFO §  Age: 30 §  Soft: Win7, Invision & Cognos, Uses Corporate LaptopProblems   Values    •  Philip  can’t  track   •  Cheap  SoluUons       operaUonal  expenses   •  Mobility  •  Can’t  access  to  sales  data   •  Actuality  of  data   remotely      
    • Make  3  personas    
    • StoryMap:  Map  Goals  /  AcUviUes  •  Tell  a  big  story  of  the  product  by  starUng  with   the  major  user  acUviUes   Mental  Pa6ern:  Our  persona  can  Example:     <do   something  >  with  system  in  global   Work  with   Reports       Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Simple  story  •  Add  simple  simplest  story(task)  in  every   acUvity  •  Move  from  lee  to  right   Example:     See  list  of  Mental  Model:  And  then  persona  can  <do   reports  some  task>     Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Bare what is essential functionality necessary to demonstrate the simplest use of the feature?NecessityCapability, what would make this feature useful in more situations? What would allow the feature to be used in alternativeFlexibility ways?Safety   what would make this feature safer for me to use for the user or other stakeholders? These are   characteristics that help prevent errors or validate data to prevent bad information from entering the system.Usability, what would make this feature more desirable to use? This includes adjustments to improve usability, visualPerformance, and interaction design improvements to estheticSex Appeal appeal, and improvements that help users do their work faster including architectural improvements or 19   features such as short cuts or speed keys.
    • Bare  Necessity    Example:  A  form  with  only  necessary  fields  and    no  validaFon  Capability  &  Flexibility    Example:  a  form  with  opFonal  fields,  date  lookup  tools,  input  translaFon  on  dates  Safety    Example:  input  validaFon,  enforcement  of  business  rules  such  as  credit  card  validaFon      Usability,  Performance,  Sex  Appeal  Example:  auto-­‐compleFon,  sexy  visual  design,  speed  keys  
    • Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Add  Subtasks,  Details,  Func.   DecomposiUon   Example:     •  As  details  emerge  in  conversaUon,  trap  them   under  their  associated  task  cards   filter  for   User   •  Record  details  so  they re  not  lost,  areports   list  of   nd  so   those  who  you re  working  with  know  that  Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pyou re  listening   a6on     Content  ©  2010  
    • J  Проблемы   ~~~~~ Ценности   ~~~~~ Adding  Details   ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~   ~~~~~   Goal   Goal   Goal   Bare  Necessity     Safety,  Usability   Capability  &   Flexibility  ,   etc…   Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on     Content  ©  2010  
    • Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010  
    • Thanks  •  Skype:nikita_filippov    •  Twi6er:  @nfilippov  •  h6p://Scrumtrek.ru     Nikita  Filippov  using  some  Jeffs  Pa6on   Content  ©  2010