Nextgen High Density Data Centre Presentation


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Introductory presentation to Customers for the High Density Data Centre, Melbourne

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  • Awards from International Organisations such as the Uptime Institute and Data Centre DynamicsNo customised cooling solution fit outs for high rack density requirements substantially reducing your companies capital investmentProven Power Utilisation Efficiencies of under 1.2Secure Online tools to give customers the control to monitor, manage and report and recycle power to their equipmentModular design and build with Uptime Institute Tier III certification ensuring concurrent maintainability of the site and its infrastructure
  • IntroductionFirstly Welcome and thank you. My name is Christina Tsobanis , I am the product Manager for data Centres within Nextgen and I will be Introducing you to Nextgens New High Density Data Centre.
  • Our Data Centre today consists of 3500m2 of Co-Location suites and cabinets in 5 locations Nationally that have been in operation since 2002These facilities are based on traditional designs of 1000w m2 with standard product offerings from 1kW to a maximum of 3.5kW per rack. Any density higher than that requires custom fitout of the area to cater for the heat loads generated by higher rack densities.These existing sites have maintained 100% uptime operation supporting Nextgens reputation in the market place for reliability Our New State of the Art facilities are built on modern technology techniques to provide immediate and future value to our customers with consideration to the environment, market demand, expansion capabilities and General Data Centre Services like security.
  • The New High Density Data Centre Sites are located in Derrimut, Melbourne which is due for operational commencement in January 2012 followed by Shenton Park in Perth due for operation commencement in March 2012
  • As you can see from the time lapse Video the site is real and its under construction the Derrimut Site was specifically chosen for its location, expansion capabilities and utility resourcesAll Aspects of the facility are managed, monitored and maintained by Nextgens service management centre which operates 24x7x365 Onsite staff support and manage access, deliveries and maintenance activitiesYour company has access to shared staging, store, office and meeting rooms and of course the essential kitchen and other facilitiesAccess to the site is managed through Nextgens Online Permit to work system ensuring that all works and access are recorded providing risk and security management
  • Stage 1 of the Derrimut is a 2 level consruction for the Tech Room and office facilities, Data Halls abd Plant roomsThe tech area provides diverse fibre entry and POI rooms creating a truly diverse DR option for customers using Nextgen fibre services.
  • On Completion the site will have the ability to host 3900 standard cabinets
  • The free air cooling technology is a patented international design and incorporates ambient, evaporative and mechanical cooling.ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) and CIBSE) Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers conducted environmental studies of Australian Climate conditions with the free air cooling technology design and it was determined that in Melbourne the system would utilise free cooling 97.57% of the year REFER TO DATA SHEET AND CARBON EMISSIONS CALCULATIONSComputational fluid Dynamics analysis which is used to identify fluid flow in this scenario the air velocity and temperature of the Data HallEach Data Hall contains an Air Optimiser, Power Management and IT moduals reinforcing the modular construction methodology
  • Refer to data sheetOur standard offering allows you to take advantage of new technologies and equipment reducing your footprint in comparison to traditional data centres and overall cost of operation. It reduces time to deploy as there is no requirement for custom cooling solutions with a reduction in capitol investment.The secure online remote management tool provides visibility and control of your power to an outlet levelSecurity Zones and access technology such as Biometrics (IRIS) and swipe card ensures a safe secure access environment
  • Of course all sites, existing and new are connected via Nextgens high capacity Data Network
  • Run through the points exactly
  • “We invite you to discuss your data centre requirements with your Account Manager and if you have any general questions please feel free to ask. If the questions are more specific then I will be around for the remainder of the lunch so please come and talk to me.
  • Nextgen High Density Data Centre Presentation

    1. 1. `  Award wining, state of the art design and technology  2 to 24 kW rack densities as standard  World Leading Power Usage Efficiency  Remote Customer Tools for Control and Management  Scalable, Secure, Resilient and Reliable Slide 1
    2. 2. Introducing Nextgen’sHIGH DENSITY DATA CENTREPresented byChristina Tsobanis – Data Centre Product Manager
    3. 3. Our Experience NEXTGEN’S DATA CENTRE BUSINESS TODAY – Data Centres in 5 Capital City Locations – 3500m2 of floor space and cabinets – Traditional Design – 3.5kW per rack maximum – Maintained 100% uptime since commencement in 2002 TOMORROW (Q3 2012) – New Generation of Data Centres – High densities to 24kW per Rack as standard – Green Credentials – Modular Construction – First deployments in Melbourne and Perth Slide 3
    4. 4. New Locations WHERE WHEN Q3 2012Melbourne, Derrimut 2013Perth, Shenton Park OTHERS UNDER ASSESSMENT Slide 4
    5. 5. Facility Outline – Melbourne, Derrimut The site is over 25,000sqm 12MW of IT load when fully developed Monitored by Nextgen’s Service Management Centre N+1 Components – Generators – UPS – Switchboards Onsite personnel 24x7x365 Onsite shared – Staging room, – Store room , – Office and Meeting facilities Facility Induction process – Online and Onsite Actual Derrimut Build Accessible via Nextgen’s Online Permit to Work Process Slide 5
    6. 6. Modular Concept Stage 1 Slide 6
    7. 7. Modular Expansion Stage 5 Slide 7
    8. 8. The Technology Free Air Cooling Technology – Ambient, Evaporative and Mechanical Cooling CFD analysis undertaken using Future Facilities 6Sigma Software Modular Data Hall including the Air Optimiser, Power Management and IT Modules IT Module TEMPERATURE Air Optimiser Module Power Management Module VELOCITY TEMPERATURE STREAMLINES Slide 8
    9. 9. Product Highlights Rack Densities 2kW to 24kW as standard Intelligent PDU’s providing: – reporting, – monitoring – Customer socket control options Multimedia Patch Panel in every rack BiLocks on racks as standard Site and Building Security zones with Biometric and Swipe Card access Customers control, install, manage and operate their own equipment All sites connected though diverse paths to Nextgens National Data Network Slide 9
    10. 10. All sites integral to Nextgen’sHIGH CAPACITY NATIONAL DATA NETWORK Existing Data Centres NEW High Density Data Centres Slide 10
    11. 11. In SummaryNextgens New High Density Data Centres:  Rack Densities to 24kW as standard  Energy Efficient with World Leading PUE  Green Credentials  Secure, scalable, resilient and reliable  Integral to Nextgen’s National Data Network Slide 11
    12. 12.  Questions Slide 12