NextGen Newsletter - April 2012


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NextGen Newsletter - April 2012

  1. 1. The Eye Opener Issue #2 – April 2012 We turn ‘Concepts into Reality’ for our Customers Welcome Welcome Everyone! We are pleased to bring you the second edition of our Newsletter series – “The Eye Opener” In this edition, we are going to talk about the challenges an “We are customer-centric” educational institutions face in day-to-day transactions and how our product - “IEMS” is the right solution for any educational institution. Please let us know what you feel about our newsletter and share your suggestions on how to improve the user experience. We look forward to engage with you better! Managing an Educational Institution Basically what are the parameters to be considered in managing an educational institution – admissions, attendance, grades, staff appraisal, training, placements and the list may go on. 1. How to manage all of them? 2. How changes in one place will be made sure to reflect in other related places? 3. How to have a transparent yet mistake-proof system to manage all the administration and operations of an educational institution? You might have seen many ERP solutions or stand-alone systems to manage these parameters in any institution. However, they may not be as comprehensive to cover all the fictions of a college or a school. I have seen systems that are developed to manage 8 – 10 functions. But if you notice the dynamics of factors with respect to colleges and schools in today’s world, these stand-alone or less comprehensive systems don’t stand a chance in the long run. Given the number of students intake happening in today’s institutions and the necessity of compliance and reporting standards, there is a great need for one system which is comprehensive (should be more than 30 modules at least), customizable, use-friendly, error free, more reports, online, accurate as well as low-cost. All the needs listed above bring me to a point where I need to tell you about our Product – IEMS and IEMS stands for Integrated Education Management System. IEMS has >40 modules, >200 features, customizable, expandable, tested, Internet based and importantly cost-effective. [Type text]Address: C-103 Pioneer Enclave, 1075-Avinashi Road, Coimbatore - 641018, India. Phone: +91 422 435 1090, Email:
  2. 2. APRIL/2012 List of IEMS Modules IEMS has more than 40 modules. Some of them are listed below... 1. Online Admission application and Registration 2. Admissions set up Management 3. Admission selection Module 4. Administration and Information Management 5. Teachers Module 6. Students Module 7. Course Delivery Module, Work-plans 8. and Syllabus 9. Content/Notes Creation Module . 10. Attendance Management 11. Grade-book Management IEMS MODULES 12. Assignment/Task Management 13. User Profile Management List of IEMS Modules – Continued… 14. Online Communication, Alerts and Emails 1. Course Evaluation/ Teacher Feedback 2. Forums and Discussions 3. Parents Module 4. Staff Module 5. Management Module 6. Hostel Management 7. Transport Management 8. Library Management 9. ID Card Generation 10. Accounting and Expense Management 11. HR and Payroll 12. Fees Management 13. Student Appraisal 14. Employee Appraisal 15. Timetable and Scheduling 16. Session Change Management IEMS MODULES 17. Date-sheet and Exam Room Scheduling 18. Batch Job Module 19. Student Leave Approval Management 20. Alumni Module 21. Online Examination 22. Surveys and Feedback [Type text] 23. Inventory ManagementAddress: C-103 Pioneer Enclave, 1075-Avinashi Road, Coimbatore - 641018, India. Phone: +91 422 and 1090, Email: 24. Training 435 Placement 25. MIS and Reporting 26. Circulars and Notices
  3. 3. APRIL/2012 Our Vision on IEMS IEMS is ready to revolutionize the educational institutions by providing state of the art Internet based system which will improve daily operational activities of all entities, thereby lowering costs and improving efficiency. Our mission on IEMS is to consistently deliver superior solutions, increased communication, transparency and better educational experiences by bringing together people, processes and technology. That the technology is only one piece of solution that needed to meet your requirements. That all institutions need the security, efficiency and SALIENT FEATURES OF IEMS reliability. That the education system is constantly evolving across the world That all institutions are not the same, solutions need to match the individual and requirements. It is a fast, affordable, low-risk solution with easy implementation and low maintenance and operational costs. Acts as a decision support tool for the top management and decision makers Increase faculty time spent on research and interacting with students Reduces information time lag, hence, reducing the pipeline delay for any activity. Eliminate duplicate data entry and redundant information storage that most often propagates errors. Subscription By subscribing to our newsletter, you can be in touch with our latest achievements and milestones. To subscribe, please send a mail to [Type text]Address: C-103 Pioneer Enclave, 1075-Avinashi Road, Coimbatore - 641018, India. Phone: +91 422 435 1090, Email: