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IEMS is an intelligent software which integrates all the necessary duties performed by the teacher transparently and interactively. Various modes of communication among the parent and teacher are incorporated in the system that provides a platform where people can discuss anything happening around them whether it is official or unofficial.

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IEMS - Teacher Module

  1. 1. Teacher Module Attendance Grades Lecture Online Exams Reports Exam Syllabus Assignments Notes Payroll Weightage ProjectsInventory Work Plan HomeworkTime Table Appraisal Lab
  2. 2. Time Table details Emails from admin
  3. 3. View and edit teacher profile set by AdminView all assigned coursesView time table set by AdminView current month and other salary detailsSend leave requests and view leave requests from parentsWelcome page for Teachers Profile Page
  4. 4. Mark or view attendance for students from assigned sections, add from excel sheetMark leaves, class-wiseView attendance report in terms of percentageMark or view attendance for assigned electives Attendance Page
  5. 5. Create syllabus for courses, one by one or for all (in case of class in-charge), view syllabus Post tasks like homework, exams assignments, practical, etc. to students Post more than one task at a time using multiples or from excel Edit all the assigned tasks View all tasks submitted by students, acknowledge and review them Set syllabus and post tasks for assigned ElectivesCourse Content Configuration Page
  6. 6. Add work plan one by one, in multiples or from excel, view reports Create and view lecture preparation notes Post and view lecture notes Creates online surveys for courses Add work plan, create notes and share lecture notes for assigned elective coursesCourse Delivery Planning Page
  7. 7. Add questions one by one, in multiples or from excel sheet Search a particular question Set online exam schedule View list of students checked-in for online exam Reopen exam, if needed View results of students from the examOnline Exam Configuration Page
  8. 8. Enter and view grades one by one or from CSV uploadFinalize internal & external grades and normalizeEnter and view grades one by one or from CSV upload for elective coursesFinalize internal & external grades and normalize for elective coursesView GPA process, configuration and student GPAsView GPA configuration for elective coursesCheck whether syllabus, grades, tasks, attendance set for regular coursesCheck whether syllabus, grades, tasks, attendance set for regular coursesGrades Configuration Page
  9. 9. Send filled-in appraisal forms, take 2nd level or 3rd level appraisal, if assignedSend simple or complex appraisals students and view themAdd activities for students and set ratingsView all student contact detailsView performance of a student using Fusion Charts Appraisal Page
  10. 10. View reports in PDF format or dynamically for attendanceView reports in PDF format or dynamically for gradesView Other Reports like Inventory, Assets, and StaffsCreate and view custom reportsView student performance and behavior using Fusion ChartsSearch student by name or by batch Reports Page
  11. 11. Search books, view rules, add recommendations, view book issued statuses View all items and request them View photo albums Search students, section-wise View datesheet set by Sub-admin View Exam Schedule Online document management and sharing Add and view child allowances for staffsLibrary, Inventory and Exam Page
  12. 12. Create announcements for others and view announcements from othersSend announcement to a particular personSend internal and external emails, view sent emailsView internal emails receivedView messages from ParentsView notices from AdminCreate circulars for others and view circulars from AdminView pending approvals and act on them Messages Page
  13. 13. View recently added discussions View new discussions Search box Discussion Forum
  14. 14. Archive Page