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The Future of Tablets New Orleans - Copia Interactive


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  • 2. EnvironmentCollege students are among the most desirable demographics forany marketer, but hard to reachStudents are at the beginning of their lifelong consumption,establish a customer here and lifetime value can be quite large20 Million college students in the USHigher Education is not just 18-25 year oldsIn this very visible market, the secret is finding the formula forsuccess
  • 3. Our FormulaUnified solution for all types of contentAvailable across all digital touch pointsPartnerships with Campus CommunityMost especially, the social andcollaborative componentsof learning
  • 4. The White LabelSolution
  • 5. A white label corporate cultureWith “Powered by Copia”white-­­label solutions,Copia partners are instantlyprovided with a powerfulplatform to engage theircustomers.Whether for an educationalinstitution, affinity group, ora local market, Copia canprovide its leading-­­edgeplatform in a highlycustomizable white-­­labelpackage.As active participants, wework closely with ourpartners to gain maximumadvantage from content,tools, and markets.
  • 6. Example: 900+ USA Universities
  • 7. Submarino: B2W Group in Brazil
  • 8. APA Australia
  • 9. BLAZE: Glen Beck Bookstore
  • 10. SANTILLANA: Leader in K-12Spanish Education
  • 11. Hardware AgnosticCopia is platformneutral, allowing for contentacross all channels:Desktop Reader (Windowsand Mac)Apple iPadWindows 7 TouchAndroid TabletsBlackBerry Playbook
  • 12. More than booksTransversal content
  • 13. COPIA “CLOUD” MUSICEXPERIENCETransfer your musicCreate a unique socialexperienceMillions of tracks for toplabels and artistsComing Soon!
  • 14. Share the lyrics with CopiaSame highlight ability as thenote featureSelect your lyrics, create acomment, share yourthoughtsYour ideas will spreadthrough users’ margins,getting thousands of views
  • 15. GamingCopia is teaming up withBringIt, a premier webgaming service to provideusers with an exceptionalgaming experienceCollect points for gameplay,as well as sharing yourexperience with othersRedeem your points forrewards and purchasesGaming coming soon
  • 16. Newspapers & MagazinesOptimized newspaper andmagazine content with liveupdateA fully portable andimmersive magazineexperience with multimediafeatures
  • 17. Educational contentIn the USA Copia offers over15,000 course related titlesfrom major textbookpublishing houses includingMcGraw Hill, Wiley,MacMillan…Upcoming Spanisheducational contentplatform
  • 18. The BookstoreCopia offers virtually everybook title available, in bothphysical and digital formatswhich includes: Best sellers Professional Scholarly STM ( Scientific, Technical & Medical) Textbooks/Coursework Independent “Indie” AuthorsDaily additions and updatesmade to the Copia catalogCompetitively pricedcontent and simplenavigation makes purchasingbooks and other contenton Copia simple
  • 19. CopiaWalkthrough &Features
  • 20. A Single Digital Content PortalMUSIC GAMES MOVIES TV APPS NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES BOOKSCopia unites content,community, andcommerce in a singlesoftware platform todeliver digitalmedia across a variety ofdevices.
  • 21. User friendly designCreating an accountThe system will ask youabout your latest read
  • 22. RecommendationsBased on your answers thesystem will makerecommendations
  • 23. Synchronized DashboardAs seen through Copia’s iPadapplication.The experience will beseamless and synchronizedthrough Copia’s Android,Win7, and Mac/WinDesktops.
  • 24. ReaderThis is the standard view ofa book when first opened.
  • 25. Reader HighlightsWhen a user selects a wordor set of words, they aregiven a prompt to select oneof 6 different functions –note, highlight, define,search, copy or share.
  • 26. Creating a NoteA user is able to create anote or a summary based ona section of a chapter, awhole chapter or a wholebook.While they are creating thenote, they can see whatothers have contributed toadd to theirs. They can also editpublishing settings andshare to Facebook andTwitter.
  • 27. Viewing ProfilesAt any point in theexperience, a user can clickon a users image or nameand view options to seetheir full profile or sendthem a quick message.
  • 28. Viewing Community NotesNotes can be toggled on oroff to display on the rightside of the book. The noteswill follow along with wherea user is in the book or theycan view them separately.Notes are prioritized by theirpositive popularity andseparated by readers andgeneral community.
  • 29. Defining a WordOnce selecting ‘Define” theword will automatically bedefined by a third-partysource.The user will also bepresented with options tosearch the word on Googleor Wikipedia.
  • 30. Book WallAll books have a Wall whereusers can add comments toa stream of conversationaround the book.Here users can discussanything related orunrelated to the book.This area allows for thenotes to focus aroundsocializing.
  • 31. MoreAdditional content isaccessible from the “More”tab.Readers Clubs on Copia thatare associated with the bookcan be seen and accessedfrom here.One can also see what otherusers currently have theirstatus set as reading thebook and they are shownwhat other books arerelated.
  • 32. NotebookA user can create anotebook, which is acollection of individual notesand/or other content. Oncecreated, the notebook canbe edited, exported to adocument, searched indetail or printed in aformatted view.
  • 33. Notebook ViewThe notebook can also beviewed in a digital format,where all the notes arecombined onto a simplesingle screen.
  • 34. Additional Content (Images)Additional content can belinked to any book or noteand accessible to any user toview directly inside the app.
  • 35. Additional Content (InteractiveDiagram)Additional content can belinked to any book or noteand accessible to any user toview directly inside the app.
  • 36. Additional Content (Video)Additional content can belinked to any book or noteand accessible to any user toview directly inside the app.
  • 37. What else can a user do?Explore the communityvalue of each bookDiscover new books andauthors through Copiatechnology matchingaffinitiesGifting books and gift cardsto family and friendsParticipate in Book Clubs
  • 38. Participate in Book clubsRedefinition of reading clubsConversations with theauthor within the bookPossibility to purchase thebook during theconversation
  • 39. Buy Books, Giftcards and moreA book page will allowthe user to buy either aneBook version or aphysical version. Usingthe e commerceplatform the user canalso purchase it as a gift.
  • 40. Gift cardsCasa del Libro offerstoday in their storesprepaid gift cards topurchase ebooksWe offer you thepossibility to extend thisservice online to yourreaders
  • 41. Providing a Clear CompetitiveAdvantage COPIA B&N AMAZONWhite Label Primary Focus Yes No NoInternational Market Experience Yes No YesDiscussions Yes Yes YesGroups Yes No NoShare Annotations Yes Yes YesInside-the-Book Conversation Yes No NoWeb Access for Annotations Yes No NoAuthor-annotated editions Yes No NoScholar-annotated edition Yes No NoCost of Device Flexible $99-$199 $79-$379Social Music Experience Yes No NoCustomized Digital Classroom Solution Yes No NoTransversal Content Yes No Yes
  • 42. Shared metadataMetadata helps Copiaand its strategic partnersunderstand the purchaseand reading behaviorpatterns of theconsumer, in real time.This information is thenused to better servicethe readers and authors,as well as betterunderstand the targetmarkets.
  • 43. Thank you