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Mobile Web and Apps World New Orleans Session 3 lessons learned from multiple deployments
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Mobile Web and Apps World New Orleans Session 3 lessons learned from multiple deployments


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Lessons Learned from Multiple Platform Deployments …

Lessons Learned from Multiple Platform Deployments

This session will highlight the common pitfalls and issues facing deployment over multiple platforms. We will discuss lessons learned and recommended solutions in bringing application s to markets quickly, efficiently and with maximum coverage.

Richard Smith, CTO - OpenPath Products

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Lessons Learned from Multi‐Platform Deployments Mobile Web and Apps  World Forum May 2012
  • 2. Background
  • 3. • One of the oldest mobile app developments shops in the world.• 2001: SMS, WAP• 2002: J2ME• 2003: Brew• 2005: Billing Subscription Services, Sidekick• 2006: Blackberry, Windows Mobile• 2007: iOS• 2008: Android• 2010: Qt, HTML5, OpenGL• 2011: Windows Phone 7• Based in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • 4. Nextel Sprint, AT&T, Verizon T-Mobile Sprint AT&T Cingular Virgin Mobile Cingular AT&T T-Mobile Blackberry Brew iPad Windows launches T-Mobile launches launches launches becomes offers MRC launches rebrands launches Android World & Ovi devs released Phone 7 J2ME launch J2ME Brew Sidekick GameLobby Cingular billing J2ME as AT&T iPhone launches launch earn $3B released 1600 OpenPath OpenPath offers OpenPath provides completes over WP7 conversion custom application 5,000 Brew builds and development design support 1400 OpenPath offers Trademarks are the properties of their respective owners OpenPath develops Nokia Qt porting applications using and conversion OpenGL OpenPath offers 1200OpenPath Products’ Device Inventory Android conversion OpenPath offers and development iPhone conversion 1000 and development OpenPath OpenPath offers launches porting services for 800 Storefront Deck Blackberry and Analysis service Windows Mobile OpenPath launches OpenPath ports 600 OpenPath ports J2ME platform for games and apps J2ME to Brew AT&T app OpenPath offers for Virgin phones OpenPath distribution Sidekick porting releases OpenPath ports 400 WAP and J2ME to multiple OpenPath OpenPath OpenPath offers SMS Tools carriers & phones releases offers MRC solutions for SMS Gamelobby AT&T developers 200 OpenPath Brew Testing support and OpenPath ports WAP Tools libraries Founded apps to J2ME Android 0 01‐Sep‐01 01‐Sep‐02 01‐Sep‐03 01‐Sep‐04 01‐Sep‐05 01‐Sep‐06 01‐Sep‐07 01‐Sep‐08 01‐Sep‐09 01‐Sep‐10 01‐Mar‐01 01‐Mar‐02 01‐Mar‐03 01‐Mar‐04 01‐Mar‐05 01‐Mar‐06 01‐Mar‐07 01‐Mar‐08 01‐Mar‐09 01‐Mar‐10 01‐Mar‐11 3
  • 5. New Devices by Type in OpenPath Inventory since May 2011: Windows  OS Type Distinct Qty Phone 7 Android 97 Symbian MeeGo Bada 2 Blackberry 6 J2ME Brew 38 iPhone iPhone 4 J2ME 10 MeeGo 3 Symbian 7 Android Brew Windows Phone 7 11 Blackberry BadaSee also for other industry data
  • 6. BB Qt  9% iOS 9% 22%J2ME/BREW 20% Android 28% WP7 12%
  • 7. Industry Trends
  • 8. Manufacturer Innovation Device Fragmentation Device Porting & QA  “Universal Dev Tools” Tool Fragmentation
  • 9. • One‐Time Storefront Purchase• Subscription APIs• In‐App Purchase / AVB• In‐App Advertisements
  • 10. • Good Industry Patterns: – Hardware Innovation – Open, well‐supported SDKs and APIs – Devices that consistently implement APIs – Multiple billing models  – Low‐friction store submissions – Balancing Quality and Quantity in the Stores
  • 11. • Qualcomm: – $3+ Billion in developer revenue – Consistent SDK and APIs – Consistently implemented on devices – Single submission to multiple storefronts – Good developer support – Good Monetization strategy  • 1 time billing, subscriptions, demos, IAP
  • 12. • Carefully select development tools• Carefully select Reference and Target Devices• Effectively use the tools available to you• Learn from past projects & experienced partners• Apply a good QA strategy• Plan a monetization strategy from the start
  • 13. Development Android iOS WP7
  • 14. • Native SDKs & APIs• Hybrid Native / Webkit• HTML5• “Rapid” and “Universal” Runtimes
  • 15.‐versions.html
  • 16. Potential Reference Device List as of April 2012:Manufacturer Nickname Width Height OSSamsung Galaxy S 2 480 800 2.3.3Motorola Droid X 480 854 2.2.1Motorola Bionic 540 960 2.2.1HTC Rezound 720 1280 2.3.4Amazon Kindle Fire 600 1024 2.3.4Samsung Galaxy Nexus 720 1280 4.0.2Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 600 1024 2.2Samsung Galaxy Note 800 1280 2.3.6
  • 17. • Cocos2d• TapJoy• Analytics: Omniture, Flurry• Openfeint• Urban Airship• Open Street Maps• JabFab ( )• AllJoynAlways check the licenses first
  • 18. • Consider using OpenGL.• Use the SD Card ‐ it’s faster.  • Use the platform tools ‐‐ XCode Memory Analyzer, Eclipse MAT, etc.• Use NDK if you hit Android memory or  performance problems.• Design separately for tablet vs phone.  
  • 19. • Dont try to make iOS‐native UI  widgets on Android, or vice‐versa.• When converting menu‐driven  applications… – Convert the business logic line for line – But create the display logic appropriately  for the target platform.
  • 20. • Design and develop to provide the  best of each platforms.• Don’t go for lowest‐common‐ denominator. • … but ensure business logic is  consistently implemented across  platforms.
  • 21. • “Beautifully Different”• For Apps, start fresh with your design.  Follow Metro Guidelines.• Find an experienced partner or go to  training.  • If converting from an existing app, try  to start from an Android codebase.
  • 22. MS provides some good info...
  • 23. • CPU processing • Tombstoning• Panorama vs Pivots• Use Live Tiles• Smoothstreaming only• No Flash
  • 24. QA
  • 25. • Create Test Plans in conjunction with  Design and Development.• Efficiently address fragmentation.• Always test under multiple network  conditions.• Include automated tools where they  make sense.
  • 26. • Don’t use an API unless there is a  clear use case benefitting the user.  • Be mindful of iOS monetization rules.• Do not use UDIDs.  Use UUIDs.  • Use the iOS configuration.
  • 27. Monetization Paths
  • 28. • Google • Fortumo• Samsung • Playphone• Nokia • Amazon • Boku• WAC • Zong• Verizon• AT&T / Motricity • PayPal• AT&T / Playphone • Google Wallet• T‐Mobile
  • 29. • iOS Dvl • Mac OS X • Android Dvl • Google TV • Google Play IAP • Amazon IAP / Amazon Store • Verizon IAP / Verizon Store  • AT&T IAP / AT&T Store  • Samsung IAP / Samsung Store  • WAC IAP / WAC Carrier Stores  • WP7 / Microsoft Store 
  • 30. Questions?
  • 31. • We will be in New Orleans this week• Richard Smith, CTO – – 1.410.897.0406