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Nlg email reach_retarget_campaigns Nlg email reach_retarget_campaigns Presentation Transcript

  • REACH CUSTOMERS MORE EASILY Enjoy the presentation NLG@Reach-Retarget
  • Just Deliver Better Results Find out about your interested targetgroup and then precisely retarget them with us E-Mail Retargeting
  • AWESOME INCREASE IN SITE PERFORMANCE WHY YOU SHOULD BE RETARGETING Some facts about retargeting 149% 21% Conversion Rate Increase Revenue Performance Increase INCREASED ECOMMERCE SITE PERFORMANCE
  • Here is an example how classic display retargeting works Classic Display Retargeting Step 1 Potential Customer visits your website and closed your site without a purchase. You place A cookie to all your visitors Step 2 Later, potential customers with the cookie see your Ad as they surf on other sites. (only users with the before placed cookie will see your ad) Step 3 Potential customer returns to your site and finishes a purchase
  • Let‘s do the same with your E-Mail Campaigns
  • NLG@Reach + Retarget Flow Chart DEMO NLG@Reach + Retarget Campaigns Step 1 We send out an initial reach campaign to a bigger address pool selection and track who opens and clicks your mails and fingerprint them. Step 2 Before we start to retarget them we check how big is Your target group live in our database with the actual fingerprint information we collected in Step1 Step 3 You define brandnew E-mailtemplates and we send out retarget e-mails to the before identified targetgroup. Step 4 Your potential customer clicks on a link in the e-mail And returns back to your site and becomes paying customer
  • NLG@Reach What happens within Step 1 We pick the right address pool for your reach campaign together with you and setup the e-mail templates and then send out your first email. We will track the results which people out of this campaign opened and clicked your e-mail and put them for the retargeting in your retargeting targetgroup selction. Create a responding group by running a reach campaign with us. Select your recipients out of our 35 million e-mail adresse database of NLG Send Targetgroup INITIAL REACH CAMPAIGN Select the Addresses that fit to your business out of our database Step 1
  • NLG@Reach Retarget Once your responding targetgroup is tracked you can start to work with it. EMAIL 1 Retarget template Define several retargeting e-mail templates which you want to send to your retarget group and we send them for you. EMAIL 2 Reminder template EMAIL 3 Discount template What happens within Step 2 We define together with you several e-mail templates and campaigns you want to send to the targetgroup that got identified through the initial reach campaign and send out those e-mailcampaigns. You can define as much aditional e-mailcampaigns as you want to optimize your campaign to the top. Step 2
  • Service details • we plan, develop and realize your e-mail campaign • we implement all campaign goals extremely fast • we provide the right e-mail adresses for your campaign • we retarget potential subscribers with further targeted e-mails • we use the latest high performance sending technology • we provide you with detailed reports and analytics • we assist with concepts, programming and design creation
  • We love our clients and their projects. Here is a short reference list.
  • Let's work together We would be more than happy to work together and find out more about your new opportunities with Next Lead Generation to reach more customers easily together. Let‘s talk right now: Phone: +43 (0) 2983 201 60301 Skype: nextleadgeneration