Next Generation Media Quarterly April 2013


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This is the fifteenth in a series of presentations using statistics and stories to show how the media world is evolving from day to day.
By Dan Calladine - Aegis Media

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Next Generation Media Quarterly April 2013

  1. April 2013
  2. 2The NextGeneration isalready here…This is the fifteenth in a series of presentations showing that the next generation ofmedia is already here, based on news items from January – March 2013See all presentations at
  3. 3The Next Generation is…- Technology transforming media- Content, commerce &convergence- Social everywhere
  4. 4Including -- People – a quarter of Americans are ‘digital omnivores’ (own alaptop, a tablet and a smartphone)- Mobile – 1.7m people in the UK only go online via mobile- Content – The Wolverine released the teaser trailer first onVine- Technology – An app that lets kids understand their parents’newspaper- Social media – Facebook accounts for 23% of smartphone apptime in the US- Effectiveness – Airbnb users <3 hearts
  5. Russia has the largest number of internet users inEuropeSource: Data from comScore, published 21st March 2013 over 61m internetusers Russia has thelargest online population inEurope
  6. New mothers are 35% heavier online usersMotherhood drives onlinemedia, smartphone andmedia use, but cutsmagazine and TV use,according to BabyCenterSource: Research by BabyCenter, reported by Marketing, 3rd April 2013
  7. 26% of Americans own a laptop, a smartphone anda tabletDeloitte calls these people digitalomnivores, and also says that tabletownership in the US increased 177%in 2012Source: Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy survey, March 2013
  8. A quarter of American teens are ‘cell mostly’internet users37% of US teens (12-17) had asmartphone by the end of2012, 23% had a tablet, and95% use the internetSource: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Teens & Technology in the US, 13th March 2013
  9. Mobile data traffic grew 70% globally in 2012Last years mobile data traffic of 885petabytes per month was nearlytwelve times the size of the entireglobal Internet in 2000.Source: Cisco, 6th February 2013
  10. 1.7m internet users in the UK only connect throughmobileCombined internet reach is47m in the UK. Just over 45million connect via a PC, 29mby mobile, and 1.7m only viamobileSource: Data from comScore, February 2013
  11. Mobile accounts for 10% of UK digital ad spendNew figures from the IAB and PwCshow that mobile advertising reallytook off in the UK in 2012, rising148% to £526m for the full yearSource: Press release from the IAB, 10th April 2013
  12. Tablets have overtaken mobile for website trafficTablets have really onlybeen a category since theiPad launched in 2010, butnow they account for 8%of all page views on the top1,000 sites, compared to7% to smartphonesSource: Adobe, 6th March 2013
  13. Dixons sold 5 tablets a second in the week beforeChristmas… & within this figure iPadsaccounted for one third of tabletssoldSource: This Is Money, 17th January 2013
  14. 63% of the mobile apps used daily are different toa year agoMobile is in such a state ofchange that the apps thatpeople use daily is changingvery quickly. You could arguethat this means that there arestill great opportunities inmobileSource: WSJ, 11th March 2013
  15. WeChat has 40m users outside ChinaMobile messaging service WeChat(Weixin) owned by Tencent, whoalso own QQ, has successfully growna user base outside China and isavailable in 14 languagesSource: Tencent Tech, 7th April 2013
  16. How marketers in China are using WeChatSource: AdAge, 25th February 2013 are experimenting – forexample Starbucks asked users tosend an emoticon to describe howthey were feeling, and sent themback a song to match their mood
  17. Starbucks generates 3 million mobile transactionsa weekPresident & CEO Howard Schultzannounced this figure toshareholders in March; note that thisis the number of transactions, not adollar valueSource: Mobile Commerce Daily, 22nd March 2013
  18. 20
  19. Real time marketing came of age at the SuperBowlSee the Tweets: brands managed to respond quickly to the poweroutage. Oreo and Tide both posted pictures, which would havebeen seen by people searching for information on the blackout
  20. The Wolverine’s Teaser Trailer on VineSee it James Mangoldreleased a cut down 6second version of theteaser trailer for Wolverineon Twitter a few hoursbefore the full teaser trailerwent live you YouTube
  21. A TV ad for the movie Stoker was made entirelyfrom animated gifsSee it is credited for being one ofthe things that made animated gifspopular again. Several gifs wereput together to make a 15 secondTV ad in the US in February
  22. A terrific photogenic stunt for A Good Day to DieHardSee it scene appeared inOslo days before the filmopened; perfect forsharing on social networks
  23. The first crowd-funded film to win an OscarSource: The Independent, 25th February 2013, a short filmfrom America wasraised just over $50,000on Kickstarter in 2012and won the award in2013
  24. “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO canbecome us”Source: AVC blog, 3rd February 2013 sentence that neatlysums up Netflix’ strategy,which led to the creationof House of Cards. Netflixreleased all 13 episodesfor download in Februaryallowing members toindulge in ‘Binge viewing’
  25. The adidasArchiveSee it: a personal tour of adidas’ museum of memorabilia
  26. Google Glass launches29Google Glass is a device that is wornlike a pair of glasses, and can takephotos and video, and respond tovoice commands to find informationor maps. However it won’t beavailable to the general public until2014See it:
  27. Tokyo Shimbun produced an app that made thenewspaper come alive for kids30The app both explained the stories and makingreading the newspaper a fun activitySee it:
  28. A café in Japan uses 3D printing to put your faceon chocolate31This is a verybizarre use of 3Dprintingtechnology…Source:, 28th January 2013
  29. Facebook Home launchesFacebook Home is a new versionof the Android Facebook app thatmakes Facebook more central tothe phone, and adds Chat Heads,a new messenger feature that is abit like WhatsApp and WeChatSee it:
  30. Facebook accounts for 23% of smartphone apptime in the USFacebook is by far the most popular app for smartphoneusers in the US. If you combine Facebook & Instagramit’s 26% of all app timeSource: Blog post by comScore, 23rd January 2013
  31. 157m Facebook users only access through mobileIn Facebook’s March earningstatement they also revealedthat they have 680m mobileusers, and that they madeover $300m in Q4 on mobileadsSource: Business Insider, 30th January 2013
  32. Mercedes sold 666 Smart Cars on Sina WeiboMercedes sold Smart Cars on the Chinese micro bloggingsite, to coincide with Chinese New Year. They sold 666cars at approximately $12,700 eachSource: The Next Web, 21st January 2013
  33. Tweet patterns for films repeatAn interesting bit of analysisby the company SecondSyncshows that when the tweetpattern for a film repeatswhen it is re-shown – peaksoccur at the same timesSource: Blog post by SecondSync, 31st December 2012
  34. 38
  35. ‘Positive’ Tweets drive game salesResearch by Deloitte showed thata 30% increase in positive tweetsfor video games had 4x the effectof a 30% increase in above theline media budgetsSource: Research by Deloitte, published April 2013, reported by The Wall Blog, 19th April 2013
  36. adidas finds Instagram very engagingOver the last quarter adidashas posted nearly 50 photosand received an average of5,300 likes or comments perpictureSource: Simply Measured, 21st February 2013
  37. Yelp say that SMB advertisers make $23,000more per yearYelp & The Boston ConsultingGroup report that there isconsiderable impact of a listing,paid or free, from, new customersdiscovering their businessSource: Yelp Blog, 19th March 2013
  38. Why you need a mobile accessible site in 2screen grabsThis shows the before andafter for the experience ofbooking a driving test in theUK on a mobile phone.Nearly 25% of driving testsin the UK are now booked ona mobile or tabletSource: Blog post by the government’s digital service, 12th March 2013
  39. Skinny Ties grew revenue by switching to aresponsive site‘Responsive’ means that the siteoptimises its formattingdepending on what device isaccessing – mobile, tablet or PC.Changing this had a huge impactfor the ecommerce site SkinnyTies. Revenue grew by >40% forall devices, and >350% foriPhonesSource: Blog post by Gravity Dept, 24th October 2012
  40. Airbnb users <3 heartsAirbnb increased engagementon their site by 30% bychanging the icon peopleclicked to favourite aproperty from a star to aheartSource: Fast Code Design, October 2012
  41. More information: