Next Generation Media Quarterly April 2013

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This is the fifteenth in a series of presentations using statistics and stories to show how the media world is evolving from day to day. …

This is the fifteenth in a series of presentations using statistics and stories to show how the media world is evolving from day to day.
By Dan Calladine - Aegis Media

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  • 1. April 2013
  • 2. 2The NextGeneration isalready here…This is the fifteenth in a series of presentations showing that the next generation ofmedia is already here, based on news items from January – March 2013See all presentations at
  • 3. 3The Next Generation is…- Technology transforming media- Content, commerce &convergence- Social everywhere
  • 4. 4Including -- People – a quarter of Americans are ‘digital omnivores’ (own alaptop, a tablet and a smartphone)- Mobile – 1.7m people in the UK only go online via mobile- Content – The Wolverine released the teaser trailer first onVine- Technology – An app that lets kids understand their parents’newspaper- Social media – Facebook accounts for 23% of smartphone apptime in the US- Effectiveness – Airbnb users <3 hearts
  • 5. Russia has the largest number of internet users inEuropeSource: Data from comScore, published 21st March 2013 over 61m internetusers Russia has thelargest online population inEurope
  • 6. New mothers are 35% heavier online usersMotherhood drives onlinemedia, smartphone andmedia use, but cutsmagazine and TV use,according to BabyCenterSource: Research by BabyCenter, reported by Marketing, 3rd April 2013
  • 7. 26% of Americans own a laptop, a smartphone anda tabletDeloitte calls these people digitalomnivores, and also says that tabletownership in the US increased 177%in 2012Source: Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy survey, March 2013
  • 8. A quarter of American teens are ‘cell mostly’internet users37% of US teens (12-17) had asmartphone by the end of2012, 23% had a tablet, and95% use the internetSource: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Teens & Technology in the US, 13th March 2013
  • 9. Mobile data traffic grew 70% globally in 2012Last years mobile data traffic of 885petabytes per month was nearlytwelve times the size of the entireglobal Internet in 2000.Source: Cisco, 6th February 2013
  • 10. 1.7m internet users in the UK only connect throughmobileCombined internet reach is47m in the UK. Just over 45million connect via a PC, 29mby mobile, and 1.7m only viamobileSource: Data from comScore, February 2013
  • 11. Mobile accounts for 10% of UK digital ad spendNew figures from the IAB and PwCshow that mobile advertising reallytook off in the UK in 2012, rising148% to £526m for the full yearSource: Press release from the IAB, 10th April 2013
  • 12. Tablets have overtaken mobile for website trafficTablets have really onlybeen a category since theiPad launched in 2010, butnow they account for 8%of all page views on the top1,000 sites, compared to7% to smartphonesSource: Adobe, 6th March 2013
  • 13. Dixons sold 5 tablets a second in the week beforeChristmas… & within this figure iPadsaccounted for one third of tabletssoldSource: This Is Money, 17th January 2013
  • 14. 63% of the mobile apps used daily are different toa year agoMobile is in such a state ofchange that the apps thatpeople use daily is changingvery quickly. You could arguethat this means that there arestill great opportunities inmobileSource: WSJ, 11th March 2013
  • 15. WeChat has 40m users outside ChinaMobile messaging service WeChat(Weixin) owned by Tencent, whoalso own QQ, has successfully growna user base outside China and isavailable in 14 languagesSource: Tencent Tech, 7th April 2013
  • 16. How marketers in China are using WeChatSource: AdAge, 25th February 2013 are experimenting – forexample Starbucks asked users tosend an emoticon to describe howthey were feeling, and sent themback a song to match their mood
  • 17. Starbucks generates 3 million mobile transactionsa weekPresident & CEO Howard Schultzannounced this figure toshareholders in March; note that thisis the number of transactions, not adollar valueSource: Mobile Commerce Daily, 22nd March 2013
  • 18. 20
  • 19. Real time marketing came of age at the SuperBowlSee the Tweets: brands managed to respond quickly to the poweroutage. Oreo and Tide both posted pictures, which would havebeen seen by people searching for information on the blackout
  • 20. The Wolverine’s Teaser Trailer on VineSee it James Mangoldreleased a cut down 6second version of theteaser trailer for Wolverineon Twitter a few hoursbefore the full teaser trailerwent live you YouTube
  • 21. A TV ad for the movie Stoker was made entirelyfrom animated gifsSee it is credited for being one ofthe things that made animated gifspopular again. Several gifs wereput together to make a 15 secondTV ad in the US in February
  • 22. A terrific photogenic stunt for A Good Day to DieHardSee it scene appeared inOslo days before the filmopened; perfect forsharing on social networks
  • 23. The first crowd-funded film to win an OscarSource: The Independent, 25th February 2013, a short filmfrom America wasraised just over $50,000on Kickstarter in 2012and won the award in2013
  • 24. “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO canbecome us”Source: AVC blog, 3rd February 2013 sentence that neatlysums up Netflix’ strategy,which led to the creationof House of Cards. Netflixreleased all 13 episodesfor download in Februaryallowing members toindulge in ‘Binge viewing’
  • 25. The adidasArchiveSee it: a personal tour of adidas’ museum of memorabilia
  • 26. Google Glass launches29Google Glass is a device that is wornlike a pair of glasses, and can takephotos and video, and respond tovoice commands to find informationor maps. However it won’t beavailable to the general public until2014See it:
  • 27. Tokyo Shimbun produced an app that made thenewspaper come alive for kids30The app both explained the stories and makingreading the newspaper a fun activitySee it:
  • 28. A café in Japan uses 3D printing to put your faceon chocolate31This is a verybizarre use of 3Dprintingtechnology…Source:, 28th January 2013
  • 29. Facebook Home launchesFacebook Home is a new versionof the Android Facebook app thatmakes Facebook more central tothe phone, and adds Chat Heads,a new messenger feature that is abit like WhatsApp and WeChatSee it:
  • 30. Facebook accounts for 23% of smartphone apptime in the USFacebook is by far the most popular app for smartphoneusers in the US. If you combine Facebook & Instagramit’s 26% of all app timeSource: Blog post by comScore, 23rd January 2013
  • 31. 157m Facebook users only access through mobileIn Facebook’s March earningstatement they also revealedthat they have 680m mobileusers, and that they madeover $300m in Q4 on mobileadsSource: Business Insider, 30th January 2013
  • 32. Mercedes sold 666 Smart Cars on Sina WeiboMercedes sold Smart Cars on the Chinese micro bloggingsite, to coincide with Chinese New Year. They sold 666cars at approximately $12,700 eachSource: The Next Web, 21st January 2013
  • 33. Tweet patterns for films repeatAn interesting bit of analysisby the company SecondSyncshows that when the tweetpattern for a film repeatswhen it is re-shown – peaksoccur at the same timesSource: Blog post by SecondSync, 31st December 2012
  • 34. 38
  • 35. ‘Positive’ Tweets drive game salesResearch by Deloitte showed thata 30% increase in positive tweetsfor video games had 4x the effectof a 30% increase in above theline media budgetsSource: Research by Deloitte, published April 2013, reported by The Wall Blog, 19th April 2013
  • 36. adidas finds Instagram very engagingOver the last quarter adidashas posted nearly 50 photosand received an average of5,300 likes or comments perpictureSource: Simply Measured, 21st February 2013
  • 37. Yelp say that SMB advertisers make $23,000more per yearYelp & The Boston ConsultingGroup report that there isconsiderable impact of a listing,paid or free, from, new customersdiscovering their businessSource: Yelp Blog, 19th March 2013
  • 38. Why you need a mobile accessible site in 2screen grabsThis shows the before andafter for the experience ofbooking a driving test in theUK on a mobile phone.Nearly 25% of driving testsin the UK are now booked ona mobile or tabletSource: Blog post by the government’s digital service, 12th March 2013
  • 39. Skinny Ties grew revenue by switching to aresponsive site‘Responsive’ means that the siteoptimises its formattingdepending on what device isaccessing – mobile, tablet or PC.Changing this had a huge impactfor the ecommerce site SkinnyTies. Revenue grew by >40% forall devices, and >350% foriPhonesSource: Blog post by Gravity Dept, 24th October 2012
  • 40. Airbnb users <3 heartsAirbnb increased engagementon their site by 30% bychanging the icon peopleclicked to favourite aproperty from a star to aheartSource: Fast Code Design, October 2012
  • 41. More information: