QSIDental® EDI: Patient Statements and Correspondence


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An overview of the QSIDental EDI Services’ patient statements and correspondence services that enhances patient communications from appointment reminders, voice and text reminders, and patient statements.

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QSIDental® EDI: Patient Statements and Correspondence

  1. 1. That’s what happens when you partner with QSIDental EDI Services to automate your entire patient statement and correspondence process. You are more effective and efficient communicating with your patients: You do it with consistent frequency, with professional looking outputs, and properly timed voice mail and appointment reminders -- all with reduced in-house labor. Increase patient communication. Decrease hassle QSIDental™ EDI Services QSIDental EDI Services to automate your entire patient statement and correspondence process. You are more effective and efficient communicating Decrease hassle Increase patient communication. Patient Statements and Correspondence
  2. 2. That’s the process. Now what’s the value? Efficiency Streamline operations. Simple Our Patient Statement and Correspondence Service helps you streamline your patient statement and communications process. Our Statement Service really is simple. • Statements are generated automatically on your QSI system and picked up by QSIDental EDI Services • You review a report the next day with the number of statements we retrieved with the total dollar amount • After successful statement processing we send a final confirmation report detailing the total number mailed • Reduced staff workloads for this tedious task; staff is more patient- focused during the day • Present a professional image because we use heavyweight, paper stock; your patients receive professional looking statements and correspondence... every time • Improve patient statement accuracy with automated auditing to check for duplicate submissions and missed files • Speed payments and reduce A/R days
  3. 3. QSIDental EDI Services – Patient Statements and Correspondence Buttoned up. Smart Nothing like knowing you’re good… and knowing your practice looks good too. When you select our Patient Statement and Correspondence Service everything about the way you communicate with your patients is professional, buttoned up, and smart. • Ensure appointments are kept with feature-rich automated appointment reminders via phone/voice message that can include repeat attempts, reports for busy signals, confirmed appointments, requested reschedules, and failed attempts • Provide a high standard of service to your patients with prompt delivery of your patient statements and communication • Build and reinforce your brand with custom statement backers, use of your practice’s logo, and colors you choose • Reinforce a better personal relationship with your patients using custom announcements and greetings – not only for recalls, appointment reminders, and budget letters but also for birthday wishes, general announcements, and holiday greetings • Accommodate patient preference with appointment reminders or special messages via text or email
  4. 4. SB-D2-3/13 Not only good. But also fast When you streamline and automate, “fast happens.” • Increase accuracy and minimize lost deliverables with automated address corrections and mail forwarding with automated results posting using our “FastForward” feature • Execute your complete billing cycle and daily patient reminders without impacting office staff time • View electronic statements online as well as front and back office payment processing with Patient Portal Ready? Here’s how to start. Contact QSIDental EDI Services for pricing and enrollment information at 800.888.7955. OR visit us at www.qsidental.com/ solutions/qsiedi. Implementation, including installation and set-up, takes about three weeks and we provide two training sessions at no cost. We’ll work with you to generate the maximum benefit from our patient statements and correspondence services. That’s why we’ve been the trusted partner, and leader, in dental healthcare and practice technology for over 35 years. Copyright © 2013 Quality Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. For more information please call 1.800.888.7955 or visit: www.qsidental.com/solutions/qsiedi For over 35 years we’ve been a trusted leader in the dental industry with a proven, integrated clinical and financial management technology platform. Add QSIDental EDI Services to your practice and watch it perform at efficiency levels you didn’t know were possible.