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eBook - Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an EHR Now - Orthopedics


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Has your orthopedic practice adopted an EHR yet? If not, you should reconsider. With EHR technology at the center of change in healthcare reform, it will be hard to be sustainable and competitive on …

Has your orthopedic practice adopted an EHR yet? If not, you should reconsider. With EHR technology at the center of change in healthcare reform, it will be hard to be sustainable and competitive on paper records.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. TENTENTENTE TEN Orthopedics Top Ten Reasons to Adopt EHR Technology Now!
  • 2. I’ve made it this far without an EHR, so why would I need to adopt one now
  • 3. gWant some specifics? Read on! EHR technology is the center of change in healthcare reform. It enables the new clinical data management and reporting required to build and sustain pay for performance reimbursement. It’s also the enabling technology required for the collaborative care of patient populations and to grow new healthcare delivery models, such as Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Accountable care requires the power of clinical data sharing. And that can’t happen without robust, integrated, EHR technology.
  • 4. 1 Mandatory ICD-10 compliance begins October 1, 2015.
  • 5. ICD-10CONTAINS MORE THAN 68,000 CODES ICD-9CONTAINS MORE THAN 13,000 CODES Ensure your EHR is ICD-10 ready. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) says that after the compliance date, claims not using ICD-10 diagnosis and inpatient procedure codes cannot be processed. You won’t get paid unless you’re ready.
  • 6. 2 Haven’t started MU yet? Your loss. Literally.
  • 7. Getting paid incentives by the federal government isn’t the only reason to adopt EHR technology. But it’s a good place to start.† What are you waiting for? More than $13 billion in EHR incentive payments have already been made to over 259,000 eligible professionals and hospitals since the program started. $5,000per eligible professional If you DID NOT attest for MU Stage 1 last year you’ve already LOST $15,000per eligible professional If you DO NOT attest for MU Stage 1 this year you’ll LOSE another If YOU DO begin this year you’re eligible to EARN $39,000per eligible professional by the end of the program † Above is based on the Medicare EHR Incentive Program [start this year to avoid the 2015 medicare penalties.]
  • 8. 3 Without an EHR, it might be tough to stay in business.
  • 9. Healthcare reform is permanent. EHRs are central to healthcare reform. Here’s what you won’t be able to do without a certified EHR: • Comply with government regulations • Analyze data to negotiate better contracts with payers • Share clinical data locally, regionally, nationally • Receive Meaningful Use incentive dollars • Participate in collaborative care models (PCMH/ACO/other) Get an EHR or get stuck!
  • 10. 4 EHRs help your bottom line.
  • 11. An Orthopedic Practice in Kansas 34% REDUCED staff by REDUCED transcription costs by over per physician annually $31,000 INCREASED revenue by per full-time physician $281,763 REDUCED operating costs by per physician $64,534 An Orthopedic Practice in California REDUCED transcription costs annually $25,00030to12 REDUCED A/R days from An Orthopedic Practice in Florida REDUCED transcription costs monthly $8,0005 REDUCED staff by two full-time employees in months Look at some of our clients’ RE ULTS
  • 12. 5 Reality check: Electronic management of healthcare is inevitable.
  • 13. On the regulatory front, healthcare reform is driving it. In every industry digital transformation is unstoppable and ubiquitous. Healthcare will comply. Why is healthcare going electronic? The two primary drivers are government-led healthcare reform (HITECH ACT) and the pressing need to improve care quality and health outcomes while reducing costs. The healthcare industry is going digital. We’re on our way and we’re not turning back! American Medical News/ “Decisions doctors must make to avoid Medicare penalties” By Charles Fiegl, amednews staff. Posted Nov. 12, 2012 A physician’s decision not to report Medicare quality measures or participate in paperless prescribing and health record programs in 2013 will be a costly one in the long run. “ “
  • 14. 6 Paper records are severely limiting.
  • 15. Even when using a paper template, handwriting can still be illegible and placement of checkmarks can be misinterpreted. And that’s just the beginning: • Paper charts can only be accessed by one person at a time • The data isn’t structured; it can’t be shared electronically • Paper records are expensive to copy, transport, and store • It’s difficult to analyze a paper chart holistically • Paper records can easily be destroyed or lost • It’s hard to ascertain who has viewed the chart, when, and why • Paper records can take up practice space that could be better used • It’s more difficult to collaborate with other providers • There’s more potential for patient safety issues
  • 16. 7 You can’t have a quality, leading-edge reputation without an EHR.
  • 17. Sure, there’s more to earning a reputation as a quality provider than a state-of-the-art EHR system. But it’s hard to prove, sustain, or polish that reputation if you’re still pushing paper. Good things happen with an EHR on board. • You’ll see a better bottom line • Clinicians, support, and billing staff embrace streamlined workflows • You can see more patients and improve care quality • Patients engage and communicate in a whole new way through a web portal • Collaborative care becomes easier
  • 18. 8 You’re better prepared for audits.
  • 19. EHRs help tame the audit process. You’ll code better to earn the maximum allowed. Confidently. Easily. And because your documentation is in order, you’ll be paid accurately and faster for the care you and your colleagues provide, every day.
  • 20. 9 You’ll provide even better patient care.
  • 21. Your passion is caring for patients. EHRs contribute to higher quality patient care: • Improve patient outcomes and safety with better information and collaboration • Make better decisions using alerts, reminders, prompts, pop-ups, and data validations • Enhance patient engagement and compliance to treatment plans with better education and communication See a real difference.
  • 22. 10 Get patients more involved in their own care.
  • 23. Shouldn’t YOU Not only is demonstrating patient engagement part of MU Stage 2, but these days, patients want it. Patients want to be more involved in their own healthcare. They can connect and communicate with your office using a patient portal, available as part of the robust, certified EHR solution — that you’ve correctly decided you must have. Go ahead. Get a great EHR and include patient portal. Your colleagues are.
  • 24. Learn more about how our orthopedic-specific content and workflow from an integrated, single solution can help your orthopedic practice improve efficiency, care, and your bottom line. Our expertise, and extensive support, can help you quickly and easily achieve your goals. Meet with one of our orthopedic team members. Contact us at The NextGen Healthcare Difference for Orthopedics Copyright © 2014 NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All rights reserved. NextGen is a registered trademark of QSI Management, LLC, an affiliate of NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All other names and marks are the property of their respective owners. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC | 795 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044 | p: 215.657.7010 | f: 215.657.7011 | EDU5-4/14 Don’t go it alone! You need an EHR, Meaningful Use, collaborative care, revenue-boosting, ICD-10 partner for the long term. A partner with proven products, services, and expertise to ensure your successful transition to EHR technology and the changing healthcare delivery environment.