NextGen Healthcare Corporate Overview


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Learn how the quality products and services of NextGen Healthcare can improve your practice's productivity and allow you to practice more medicine.

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NextGen Healthcare Corporate Overview

  1. 1. Betterresultsperiod.
  2. 2. Imagine a world... ...where your practice group doubles in size, without adding business staff. ...where you see 18% more patients and cut workflows from days to hours. ...where, like your patients, your practice is healthy—capturing 30% more revenue per encounter and boosting cash collections up to 45%.
  3. 3. $11M SAVED IN OPERATING COSTS Crystal Run Healthcare $1M OVER EXPECTED ROI Graybill Medical Group 30% MORE REVENUE PER ENCOUNTER Tri-County Eye Physicians & Surgeons 45% HIGHER CASHCOLLECTIONS IASIS Healthcare Corporation DOUBLE PRACTICE SIZEWITH SAME BUSINESS STAFF HeartPlace 18% MORE PATIENT ENCOUNTERS Katzen Eye Group
  4. 4. Healthcare leaders know that success looks nothing like it did in years past. Keeping pace in today’s evolving landscape means not only driving better patient outcomes, but also running a healthy business. The problem is that running a practice has become a bigger, more complex burden, radically consuming the time and resources of physicians and staff. Ever-changing payer and regulatory policies mean practices often leave money on the table. In addition, technology that is supposed to help often gets in the way: traditional Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions can slow patient encounters, lack integration between systems, and create roadblocks in sharing information with hospitals and other practices. What practices need today are the right solutions, people, and expertise to manage the complex details of running a practice – and clear the way for care. To help you get there, we’ve built our solutions around four simple promises: SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE AMBULATORY CARE AT OUR CORE BUILT TO MANAGE CHANGE INTEROPERABLE SHARE DATA EASILY
  5. 5. Simplify your life Get the help you need to improve clinical and administrative workflows. Free up time to spend with patients. NextGen Healthcare helps you run your organization and simplify your life, by managing the details of your business. • Reduce the burden of documentation and accelerate patient throughput; our integrated software suite reshapes the way practices run their business; automate and streamline operations, embed intelligence in the EHR and analytics, and gain better control over billing and collections • Enhance care management, while improving revenue; we can help you achieve a healthier bottom line, capturing 30 percent more revenue, accelerating cash collections, and eliminating claim denials by up to 70 percent • Fuel growth using NextGen® solutions; in fact, some of our clients have doubled in size without adding any business staff INTEGRATEDEHRANDPRACTICEMANAGEMENT ANALYTICSTOOLS CONSULTINGSERVICES SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE
  6. 6. Because we’re documenting accurately and efficiently, it’s easy to report our successes. We’ve improved our communication process, patient plans, and overall workflow. William Maxwell, Jr., MD OB/GYN Division Chief Texas Health Care
  7. 7. REAL RESULTS SOLUTION our • Moved all physicians to a single, shared EHR database using NextGen® Ambulatory EHR • Streamlined workflow • Improved audits and coding via NextGen® Practice Management • Physicians are free to spend more time with patients • All eligible physicians hit MU goals in 2012 and earned $3M in incentives • Patient call-backs are completed in 20 minutes versus 1-2 days • Clinical and administrative workflow burdens were keeping this multi-specialty, physician-owned practice from efficiently seeing patients at its 75 facilities • The practice experienced difficulties in managing multiple EHR databases CHALLENGETHE Texas Health Care
  8. 8. Ambulatory care at our core Ambulatory caregivers need proven ambulatory-focused solutions, with intuitive workflows and rich specialty content. With NextGen Healthcare, ambulatory care is at our core. We embed our software with best practices derived from millions of encounters and deep collaboration with the best-run ambulatory care practices. Trusted by over 4,400 practices and more than 85,000 providers, our clients benefit from ambulatory care knowledge accumulated over 20- plus years. Physicians representing more than 42 specialties have chosen NextGen Ambulatory EHR for its intuitive, simple workflows and deep specialty content. Physicians and clinicians work work smarter and faster with configurable, role-based workflows that enable them to work the way they want. NextGen Healthcare enables each client to adjust for specialty- and practice-specific needs on the fly. Multispecialty and growing practices don’t have to settle for “faux scalability.” NextGen Healthcare offers the only enterprise-grade solutions that are purpose-built for ambulatory care. AMBULATORYEHR PRACTICEMANAGEMENT AMBULATORY CARE AT OUR CORE
  9. 9. More than 42 specialties have chosen NextGen Ambulatory EHR. Trusted by over 4,400 practices and more than 85,000 providers. Over 20 years of ambulatory care knowledge.
  10. 10. I can tell that NextGen really thought about how physicians are supposed to use the EHR because everything just makes sense. Gustin Ho, MD Chinese Community Health Care Association (CHC)
  11. 11. REAL RESULTS• Found a strong partner with ambulatory- specific expertise • Configured workflows with an easy-to-use NextGen Ambulatory EHR • Improved coding returns • Streamlined workflows • Reduced training by 50% • Enhanced chart completion • Outdated, difficult-to-use, legacy EHR wasn’t meeting government standards • Chart documentation was too time-consuming and poor coding left money on the table SOLUTION our CHALLENGETHE Chinese Community Health Care Association
  12. 12. Interoperable: share data easily Data sharing is essential for care coordination and collaboration, but practices struggle to gain access to real-time, complete patient information—especially with technology system silos make it difficult to exchange data. NextGen Healthcare solves this problem with our leading (vendor- agnostic) solutions for care collaboration. For the first time, providers can gain up-to-the minute access to a complete patient record anytime, anywhere – and easily access information within normal workflows. At last, the whole care team can view, document, and exchange data with one another as well as hospitals, labs, pharmacies, colleagues, and payers. Practices can meet the growing burden for more data and analysis with the industry’s only one-stop connectivity solution: a central data source and proven, cross-platform interoperability with any health system, hospital, practice group, or practitioner. MIRTHDATASHARING HEALTHINFORMATIONEXCHANGE PATIENTPORTAL INTEROPERABLE SHARE DATA EASILY
  13. 13. Leading solutions for care collaboration. The industry’s only one-stop connectivity solution. Easily access information within normal workflows.
  14. 14. The support we’ve received from NextGen has allowed us to develop a very sophisticated approach to connected care. I can’t think of any other company out there that would have made this possible—not even close. Tamara Duperval-Brownlee, MD Chief Medical Officer Lone Star Circle of Care
  15. 15. REAL RESULTS• Gained real-time, anywhere data access using the NextGen Ambulatory EHR single clinical and financial database, Mirth® -powered integration, and regional health information exchange (HIE) • Gained better access to complete patient data • Easily pulling HIE data into EHR records • Reduced hospital readmissions • Keeping better track of chronically ill patients’ test, medications, and care • Needed to better connect to hospital partners, the community, and individual patients to coordinate care and get a 360-degree view of its 100,000 patients SOLUTION our CHALLENGETHE Lone Star Circle of Care
  16. 16. Built to manage change You need to stay at the forefront of regulatory changes, value-based reimbursement models, coordinated care, and population health management. NextGen® solutions are designed to help with all the changes you face. Our clients have the right data, benchmarks, and analytics to demonstrate wins in quality and outcomes – as well as claim every reimbursement dollar. When it comes to risk-based reimbursement, 4,400 NextGen Healthcare clients trust our 900+ experts in billing, collections, and claims to help them manage risk and maximize payments. Always ahead of regulatory changes, NextGen Healthcare was named one of the first three vendors to become ONC HIT 2014 Edition certified and is Meaningful Use Stage 2 and ICD- 10 ready. As a result, our clients are healthcare industry leaders. In fact, our clients participate in over 34% of all Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and more than 2,300 Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) providers use NextGen® solutions. We’ve also enabled our clients to win almost a half billion dollars in Meaningful Use incentive revenue. MEDICALBILLINGSERVICES HEALTHQUALITYMEASURES POPULATIONHEALTH REPORTING/DECISIONSUPPORT BUILT TO MANAGE CHANGE
  17. 17. NextGen Healthcare clients participate in over 34% of ACOs. Meaningful Use Stage 2 and ICD-10 ready. 2,300 PCMH providers use NextGen® solutions.
  18. 18. We’re definitely the fastest- growing practice in New York state. NextGen is one of the factors that has allowed us to expand so successfully. Greogry Spencer, MD, FACP Director of Clinical Information Technology Crystal Run Healthcare
  19. 19. REAL RESULTS• Moved to unified NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen Practice Management system for instant, easy data sharing and reporting • Grew from 15 to 300 physicians • Saved $11M in first five years in transcription and chart access costs • Won ACO and PCMH accreditations and improved care using configurable workflows • Scaled up quickly using enterprise architecture • To improve growth and care quality, this multispecialty physician group needed to replace a legacy practice management system, unify EHR and practice management databases to reduce duplicate data entry, improve care coordination, enhance disease management, and improve visibility across sites and specialties SOLUTION our CHALLENGETHE Crystal Run Healthcare
  20. 20. Choosing NextGen Healthcare means gaining an enduring partnership with a strong, stable, and nimble company.
  21. 21. Named one of Forbes’ “Fastest Growing Companies,” NextGen Healthcare has consistent double-digit revenue growth and zero debt. We constantly update our ambulatory solutions, deliver outstanding support, ensure compliance, and never sunset our EHR. With a single, interoperable, integrated EHR, Practice Management, revenue cycle management, billing and claims, and connectivity platform, don’t search search for multiple vendors to to fulfill your growing practice or group needs. fastest growing companies
  22. 22. AMBULATORY SOLUTIONS EHR Patient Portal InteroperabilityPopulation Health Physician Billing Analytics
  23. 23. Join the NextGen Nation™ and harness the power of NextGen Healthcare to clear the way for care.
  24. 24. Copyright © 2014 NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All rights reserved. NextGen is a registered trademark of QSI Management, LLC, an affiliate of NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All other names and marks are the property of their respective owners. Patent pending. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC | 795 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044 | p: 215.657.7010 | f: 215.657.7011 | Run a healthy, profitable business. Align the right solutions, people, and expertise to manage the complex details of running your practice. Clear the way for outstanding care with a partner who helps you simplify your life, allowing you to share data and manage change—all with ambulatory care at the core. FIND OUT HOW NEXTGEN HEALTHCARE CAN HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION. Call us toll free at 1.855.510.6398 or visit NGCORP1-2/14