NextGen Ambulatory EHR: Simple. Smart. Fast.


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See how the all new, logical, clean design of the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR will help you work simpler, smarter, faster and stay more connected.

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NextGen Ambulatory EHR: Simple. Smart. Fast.

  1. 1. NextGen® Ambulatory EHR simple. smart. fast.
  2. 2. NextGen has been very artful in designing the EHR to comprehensively cover all my needs, ultimately resulting in quick, efficient patient care. Robert W. Bentley, MD Eye Health Northwest Client since 2010
  3. 3. Whether you need to replace your existing electronic health record (EHR) with one that complies with Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 and ICD-10, or you’re ready to invest in your first EHR, see how our revolutionary, ambulatory EHR—our new 8 Series—can help you work simpler, smarter, faster, and stay more connected. You have to see it—and experience it—to believe it. Our recreated NextGen® Ambulatory EHR is a game changer. Easy-to-use, role-based workflows. SIMPLE Streamline implementation and improve patient throughput. FASTSMART Logical, clean design.
  4. 4. 8 Series is very simple.Out of the box you will be able to navigate the system and make your workflow so efficient. Gustin Ho, MD Chinese Community Healthcare Association Client since 2007
  5. 5. Work simpler and safer. Role-based workflows help your efficiency skyrocket and reduce the administrative burden of documentation, all while improving care management.
  6. 6. Work Simpler and Safer Be more efficient. Reduce administrative burdens. Improve care management. • Streamline MU reporting using embedded MU criteria—and receive MU credit without leaving your workflow • Improve care management using guidelines embedded in your workflow and an automatic risk factor display • Easily view important vital signs and lab data for a patient’s relevant chronic conditions • Help standardize care using “standing orders” and nurse protocols • Reduce charting time, and chart by exception, while simultaneously creating a full patient note • Automatically eliminate duplicate items • Save significant time by eliminating free-text typing, by streamlining data entry/configuration, and more • Obtain CMS credit simply by clicking on the “reviewed” check box
  7. 7. Diagnosis Search Tool Work simpler using our new ICD-9 / ICD-10 diagnosis search tool. With this web browser-like search, results are ranked by relevance and frequency of use. Using simple drag-and-drop functionality you can configure this tool, by user, on the fly!
  8. 8. Work smarter. You can work intelligently using the 8 Series’ specialty-focused content, delivered in a logical, simple layout, with a crisp, clean design.
  9. 9. 8 Series is smart because it thinks like most physicians think and has made it possible to see more patients each day. Ken Bowers, MD Muir Medical Group Client since 2006
  10. 10. Content for 25 specialties Every patient, practice, and provider is different. That’s why, with NextGen Ambulatory EHR, you can adjust for specialty- and practice-specific needs on the fly, and accommodate patient variability—all without the hassle of system configurations. Work Smarter Work intuitively and intelligently using a crisp, new, clean EHR design. • Physician-friendly design reflects how physicians think in a way that feels natural and easy • Enjoy an intuitive user experience via streamlined navigation, intelligent use of color, and clean screen appearance – Configurable, easy-to-use navigation and patient information bar – Auto-grow grids minimize scrolling • Change order sets on the fly without learning a template building tool • Take advantage of 20 years of collective intelligence—and the input of countless healthcare providers
  11. 11. Intake Screen The simple, streamlined design and heads-up display helps you work smarter, showing you meaningful information about the patient as soon as you open the chart. The muted color palette of cool grays, whites, and subtle blues helps you focus on important alerts and, ultimately, your patient.
  12. 12. The NextGen EHR is very easy to use. It’s configurable for each user so they can work the way they want to and can easily document from section to section without scrolling! So productivity’s increased. Tom Witt, Information Systems Director, Winchester Orthopaedic Associates, Ltd.
  13. 13. Work faster and easier. Get ready to streamline implementation, minimize training time, and attain outstanding adoption rates—all without time-consuming EHR customizations.
  14. 14. Work Faster and Easier Streamline implementation. Improve adoption rates. • Personalize your user experience—without customizations—using role-based workflows – Add favorites and save complete workflows • Reduce training and implementation time by leveraging the intuitive navigation and design • Use the EHR efficiently and help ensure outstanding adoption rates via intelligent workflows – Save an entire SOAP note, then reuse it for common findings, using “Quick Note” – Retain your preferences for procedures and exams using “Quick Saves” Save a SOAP note then reuse it for common findings, using “Quick Note” Quick Note
  15. 15. The Home screen quickly allows you to work faster and see past HPIs, exams, assessments, and plans, as well as review medications, allergies, and past medical history. Easily flip through the chart with the auto-grow grids. Home Screen
  16. 16. The support we’ve received from NextGen has allowed Lone Star to develop a very sophisticated approach to connected care. I cannot think of any other EHR company out there that would have made this possible — not even close. Tamarah Duperval-Brownlee, MD Chief Medical Officer, Lone Star Circle of Care
  17. 17. Work connected. Enhance patient care via real-time access to up-to-the-minute patient data. As your one-stop connectivity solution, our EHR helps to ensure you stay well connected.
  18. 18. Work Connected Get real-time data access. Automate referrals and more. Connect with your community. • Add interoperability – use a shared database and single-vendor architecture • Gain real-time access to up-to-the-minute patient data for higher care quality • Ability to view and document Coordination of Care used by the whole care team – Team member list, referral history, care plan history, and more • Automate referrals, prescriptions, lab results, and more • Communicate more efficiently with your patients using NextGen® Patient Portal • Align your clinical and business requirements with our total, integrated solution • Connect with other exchanges, registries, and more
  19. 19. NextGen Ambulatory EHR integrates with our entire product suite—including NextGen® Practice Management, NextGen® Patient Portal, and NextGen® Population Health—for consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow. As you evolve, our enterprise architecture supports your changing business requirements.
  20. 20. Katzen Eye Group Providing ophthalmology care since 1968, this Baltimore, MD organization treats over 600 patients daily. With its NextGen® solution, Katzen Eye Group: • Received 100% return on Medicare audit • Reduced accounts/receivable days 58% (from 52 to 22) • Increased revenue 22% • Expected MU incentives of $400,000 • Increased patient encounters 18% We upgraded in only three weeks without missing a beat! Plus, it’s like NextGen built this new EHR with me in mind! It’s everything I’ve wanted. Brett Katzen, MD President, Katzen Eye Group
  21. 21. Chinese Community Health Care Association This San Francisco-based non-profit medical group has over 200 providers. Delivering culturally-diverse healthcare in over 15 different specialty areas. The key benefits the organization experienced with its NextGen® solution include: • Improved quality of care • Streamlined workflow and practice efficiency • Increased patient throughput and satisfaction • Prepared for ICD-10 and MU Stage 2 The 8 Series brought user sex appeal to the table—when I first launch it, I think, this is a system that is hip—it’s not something that’s been hanging around for 10 years. Jonathan Everett, Manager of HIT Chinese Community Health Care Association Client since 2007
  22. 22. Scalable to Your Practice Size NextGen® ambulatory products are scalable to any practice size and configurable to meet the unique workflow and content needs of both physicians and office staff. Our clients—who represent the gamut of practice sizes, specialties, and roles—demonstrate that flexibility. It’s not about IT, it never has been. It’s about the user. The physicians live in the EHR all day long. They love the clinical content that NextGen provides. Donald Cope, Director of Information Systems Newman Regional Health Client since 2010
  23. 23. EHR Replacement Are you thinking about replacing your EHR? You’re not alone. Studies show a strong national trend of EHR replacement — and getting stronger! We know. It’s tough. The constant frustration with your current EHR. Nevertheless, you cringe at the thought of switching and going through another implementation. NextGen Healthcare has helped thousands of providers, like you, make the switch to get the results they deserve. We made the switch because all NextGen’s solutions are fully integrated—not to mention the data download from our previous vendor into NextGen was absolutely seamless. Emma Mayer, CFO Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics Client since 2010
  24. 24. Meet Your MU, PCMH, and ACO Goals Value-based reimbursement delivery models require providers to meet quality benchmarks, focus on prevention, and better manage the health of their patient population, particularly those with chronic diseases. NextGen Ambulatory EHR provides the functional foundation you need to comply with ICD-10 and meet your Meaningful Use (MU), Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) objectives. Our EHR evolves with the healthcare market—and you—as needs and industry demands change. We can help you achieve these goals by: • Demonstrating Meaningful Use of a certified EHR throughout all stages of MU • Enabling the exchange of clinical and financial data across the continuum of care • Helping you measure, monitor, and manage your patient population • Partnering with you to achieve continuous healthcare improvement and cost reduction • Helping you improve your patients’ experience of care
  25. 25. We’re ICD-10 ready because the built-in tools really help facilitate this transition. Plus, our workflow greatly improved…it’s just more logical for providers. Mark Holliday, Director of Information Technology Services, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.
  26. 26. We upgraded to meet quality and regulatory requirements but got much more. We increased patient satisfaction and safety and reduced our clinical risk. Those are great results. Doug Mitchell, PhD, RN, CPHQ, Associate Vice President of Case, Quality Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, IASIS Healthcare® Corporation
  27. 27. Strong ROI equals peace of mind When you invest in an EHR, in addition to helping you provide better care, you want it to also provide a powerful ROI—and the peace of mind that that comes when your EHR helps you maintain and increase your financial health. Our 8 Series EHR content offers visibility into your profitability and proven ROI: • Better cash flow through optimized claims and fewer denials • Improve and track outcomes for pay-for-performance revenue—and more referrals • Increase patient volume, such as for health maintenance, by leveraging automated reminders • Streamline reporting via automated MU-related data capture directly into your workflow • Improve reimbursements with better EM coding accuracy • Reduce expenses for transcription, paper, postage, storage, and data exchange
  28. 28. A smart financial investment The 8 Series EHR content is flexible to purchase, straightforward to implement, quick to learn, and simple to use. All factors that help ensure you’ve made a smart financial investment. However, there’s more. • A proven best practices implementation methodology where you choose your pace • Numerous training methods such as on-site, web, and training centers—as well as continuing education • 24/7 support with a U.S.-based support team • Interoperability with major practice management systems, labs, radiology, and diagnostic equipment • A commitment to maintain current certifications We also guarantee that the software will work properly, stay interoperable, remain robust, enable your participation in federal incentive programs—and that we’ll train you to use it productively. Realize your ROI in less time than other systems, and quantify actual results. Choose a partner that evolves with the healthcare market—and you—as your needs and industry demands change. Let us help you reach your quality goals as you face the challenges of MU, PCMH, accountable care, and more.
  29. 29. This was our best implementation from a vendor. The solution enhanced our practices’ efficiencies, saved significant time, and helped free up administrative staff. Our on-site NextGen trainer and project manager were a joy to work with, and made the transition easy. Rita Moran, Director of Ambulatory Care Information System Services Doylestown Hospital
  30. 30. Interoperable with major practice management systems and diagnostic equipment Integrates with our entire product suite for a complete solution Delivers a strong, proven ROI via better cash flow, streamlined reimbursements, and more Provides the foundation you need to meet quality goals such as MU, PCMH, ACO, and more 10 Reasonsto Choose NextGen Ambulatory EHR 1 2 3 4
  31. 31. Developed with the patient in mind to help you raise your level of care for your population Comes with a proven implementation methodology designed to fit your specific needs Countless physicians have quickly adopted and embraced its user- friendly design Comes with 24/7 support via a 100% U.S.-based support team Scalable to any practice size, specialty, or role — and personalized to each user Evolves with the market, and you, while maintaining current certifications 5 6 7 8 9 10
  32. 32. Take the next step Contact us at 855-510-6398 Copyright © 2013 NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All rights reserved. NextGen is a registered trademark of QSI Management, LLC, an affiliate of NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC. All other names and marks are the property of their respective owners. Patent pending. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC | 795 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044 | p: 215.657.7010 | f: 215.657.7011 | PB1-10/13