Customer Activation in 8 Easy Steps


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Find how to activate your customers in 8 simple steps and make more business as your make your existing customer base alive.

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Customer Activation in 8 Easy Steps

  1. 1. NextBee Media Activate Your Customers in 8 Easy Steps
  2. 2. Spot Dormant Customers Look out for customers who have stopped purchasing a long time back Also include in your list customers who do not purchase frequently A smart Customer Activation software will offer detailed insights to customer footprints and purchases
  3. 3. Take Advantage of Detailed Insights Purchases Made Products Viewed Do some profiling Insights will give you a fair idea of what drives your customers Follow customer trails Check out what products interest them & the rewards that attract
  4. 4. Segregate Customers When you have the data, segregate your customers into different segments Reward Preferences Product Preferences Age Sex The bases of segmentation can be those mentioned below and numerous others, based on your targeting strategy
  5. 5. Target the Segments Now that you have segmented your customers, it has become easy to target the segments with relevant product pitches, deals and rewards Offer rewards & incentives to customers based on their reward preferences Contact them through their preferred mode of communication- phone calls or emails Send only the most relevant product information and deals, increasing your chances of making business
  6. 6. Entice Customers Through Exciting Deals It takes efforts to bring back customers from dormancy Contact them through emails Maintain a polite, engaging tone Send coupons to avail on purchase Tell them they are valuable
  7. 7. Referrals Rewards Referral Rewards motivate customers to act as your recruits Substantially increase your chances of going viral Give them rewards based on the number of referrals they make on social media and in person Mix and match rewards according to customers’ reward preferences Keep changing the rewards to see which generate more engagement Strive to offer social recognition as well through social badges & levels
  8. 8. Engage through Plethora of Options Make room for gamification Create contests Create Leaderboards to generate more participation from customers Discounts Coupons create excitement Keep your customers in touch with your business or else you run the risk of being forgotten Set up easy-to-play games
  9. 9. Appreciate and Acknowledge their Faith in Your Brand Do not forget your customers after you make a sale through them Thank them often Give them recognition on your social media page by liking their comments Allow them to share their purchases
  10. 10. NextBee Media