Nexenta at VMworld Hands-on Lab
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Nexenta at VMworld Hands-on Lab



View the performance metrics that turned the heads of VMware, EMC, and NetApp at VMworld 2011.

View the performance metrics that turned the heads of VMware, EMC, and NetApp at VMworld 2011.

See the reason why Nexenta is now the single biggest threat to legacy storage.



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Nexenta at VMworld Hands-on Lab Nexenta at VMworld Hands-on Lab Presentation Transcript

  • Nexenta Systems Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Running the Hands On Labs
  • Nexenta Systems Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Approached February 2011 with a design for a commodity white box solution to compete with Vblock and vPod. Designed to run High Density Generic Cloud Workloads as a trial within VMware Cost per TB primary design consideration but good IOP’s performance important Architected around Commodity X86 Hardware with our technology partners Nexenta HA design and scaleout for future with NFS referalls Classic POD Cloud Design TRIAL CLOUD - SuperRack
  • SUPER RACK NEXENTA STORAGE MODULE Part Description Total Qty System 2U 6HDD Storage Chassis 4 Motherboard X8DAH-+-F Motherboard 4 Processors Westmere 6C X5670 2.93G 12M 6.4GT 8 Memory 8GB NETLIST Hyperstream 72 HDD SEAGATE 2.0TB SAS 2.0 7.2K RPM 16M 3.5" 360 Jbods promise jbods 6 controllers LSI 8port controller 4 10GB NIC STD Dual-port 10G Ethernet with SFP+ W/ CDR 4 SATADOM Innodisk 64GB SATADOM 4 Lic 720TB RAW Capacity Lic. 30x6 RAID Z2 x 2 1 SSD STEC Zeus RAM 8GB x 2 8 SSD STEC Zeus IOPS 200 GB 8 SATADOM CABLE DOM CABLE 4
  • Other vendors Nexenta Systems Inc. CONFIDENTIAL
    • 2x EMC VNX 7500 platforms
    • 3x File Blades per VNX
    • 1 VNX was all SSD 96 SSD’s in total
    • 1 VNX 140+ 15K Disks FAST Cache, FAST VP SSD Tier
    • Approximately $1.6 million purchase price
    • Special purpose system for this work load
    • 2x FAS 3270 Appliances
    • 144 x 15K Hard Disks
    • 4 PAM Cards per Appliance
    • List price $ 1.4 M
    • Average purchase price $ 700K for each
    • Special purpose system for this work load
  • Hands on Labs Real Workload Nexenta Systems Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 148,103 VM's Created 1 VM created every 1.215 Seconds 2 Hours Lab time on average per attendee 50 Hours of Lab time during the show 12,388 Lab Hours sat in total By the way – we also destroy them at the end of each lab…..!!!! 13,415 Labs Taken by attendees 5042 Attendees took the Labs 487 Simultaneous Lab seats an hour Nested VM’s workload – Highly latency sensitive Each lab deploys between 10-25 VM’s per lab seat Completely Random based choice of labs – No way to determine and precache Each VM up to 26GB in size
  • How did we stack up? Nexenta Systems Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 7.9 Billion IOPs server from 4 Heads during the labs 3 Billion IOPs server from 1 Controller Peak controller load 154K 4K NFS ops at sub 1 ms latency Highest Bandwidth on a Single head (Average I/O 16k) 1,305 MB/sec Total 928 MB/Sec Reads 376 MB/Sec Writes Less than 2 ms latency 38,590 NFS 16K NFS ops Peak load on a single controller Ran 4 of the 8 Workloads for the duration of VMworld RAM failure in a head triggers HA failover HA works faultlessly and Controller 3 runs the workload of 2 controllers for 6 hours seemlessly. Cost $ 325,000
  • Custom written Analytic Screen Nexenta Systems Inc. CONFIDENTIAL NexentaStor technology demo only - not final product