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his 45-page PDF report comprises of extensive analysis of global game revenues, quarterly company reports and Newzoo’s primary consumer research, benchmarked and validated with actuals and secondary research. Next to global insights this report zooms in on regions (N-A, EMEA, APAC and LATAM) and has detailed data for the following 12 countries: US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

The Global Games Report contains key statistics that can be used to support strategic decision making, localization challenges and the development of realistic business plans.

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Newzoo Global Games Market Report Content

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  2. 2. Plan your growth strategy within a global perspective.Back up business plans with data presented in multiple ways.Scout opportunities in over 100 countries across the globe.Understand change and size market opportunities.Based on a unique combination of continuous consumer research,transactional data and financial analysis on a global scale.Developed by a research specialist that is an integral part of theindustry, essential in this time of change.And…. best value for money available in the market.Why buy this report?
  3. 3. www.newzoo.comNot just a one-off reportReport powered by Newzoo’s Global Games Market ModelThe 2013 Global Games Market Report is a result of acontinuous research effort combining transactional data,primary consumer research and extensive analysis of reportedrevenues into Newzoo’s new Global Games Market Model.Thijs HagoortCo-Founder and CFO at Newzoothijs@newzoo.comPeter WarmanCo-Founder and CEO at Newzoopeter@newzoo.com2013 Global Games Market Report
  4. 4. www.newzoo.comPublic growthKPIs, e.g. onlinepopulationObjective: Players, Payers, Money for Top 110 countries representing over 90% of the global population.Financial resultspublic and non-public companiesTransactionaldata, e.g. mobilegames (Distimo)Third party researchand Newzoo globalanalysisNewzoo’s Global Games Market Model5 yrs of primary research in 17 countries, representing 87% of the global marketA continuousresearch effort andservice to ourannualsubscribersAn annual reportcovering the globalmarketGlobal Games Market ModelCompany revenuesConsumer KPIsGrowth forecasts per segment/screen/regionTop 110 countries
  5. 5. www.newzoo.comWhat’s in it?Report content and example pagesSo,
  6. 6. www.newzoo.comContent l Overview
  7. 7. www.newzoo.comTrends, Introduction, KPIsPAGE 3 PAGE 4 PAGE 5-7
  8. 8. www.newzoo.comGlobal Market Size, ProjectionsPAGE 9 PAGE 10-12 PAGE 13-14
  9. 9. www.newzoo.comRegions, Top 50 CountriesPAGE 15 PAGE 16-19 PAGE 20
  10. 10. www.newzoo.com12 Key Countries In-DepthPAGE 21PAGE 22-45 PAGE 23-46
  11. 11. www.newzoo.comHow do I get my copy?And what other services could Newzoo provide me?So,
  12. 12. The Report |
  13. 13. Subscriptions | Newzoo.comwww.newzoo.comAccess and analyze online using the Newzoo Data Explorer and export directly toPowerpoint or Excel, or… request custom analysis support.Annual subscriptions starting at €2,000 / year (single segment, single country)Check out our packages
  14. 14. Free Stuff |
  15. 15. Newzoo, Focused & Forward LookingClientsNewzoo has a 100% focus on thegames market. A strict necessityto keep up with the pace ofchange. Our data and servicesassist in decision making on astrategic, product or marketinglevel. Backed up by a mix offinancial analysis of companyrevenues, primary consumerresearch and transactional data.75% of our clients are globalheadquarters.“We work with Newzoo because of their innovative insight of the entiregaming marketplace, including free-to-play, across all platforms”Corey Rosemond, Plantronics, Business Development Director – Gamingseveral key clients cannot be
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