Tips to Generate More Leads


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Tips to Generate More Leads

  1. 1. Ten Essential Tips for Generating More Leads, Sales and Profit From Your Website (Simple SEO tips that are easy to implement have little or no cost, and can help boost your website traffic.)
  2. 2. Ten Essential Tips for Generating More Leads, Sales and Profit From Your WebsiteTen Essential Tips for Generating More Leads, Sales andProfit From Your WebsiteYour website may be your most important marketing tool. With more prospects using the Web toresearch their purchasing decisions, its critical that your site is designed to educate and nurtureprospects until theyre finally ready to buy. For businesses that want to generate the most leads,responses and profit from their Web site, here are some critical strategies to implement:Tip #1: Give equal focus to your content and Web design.An attractive and well-designed website is important, but you can only turn Web visitors intoactual customers by giving them a compelling reason to choose you — and thats the job of yourcontent. Write content that is focused on your customer, not on you. Dont just list your servicesand products or rely on your companys history. When prospective customers visit your site, themajority of them are looking to be educated so that they can make the best decision possible. Tellthem why you are better or differentiate yourself from the competition.Tip #2: Use all of your marketing pieces to drive prospects to yourwebsite.Be sure to include your Web address, or URL, in every publication and communication piecesuch as letters, postcards, brochures, ads, business cards, e-mails, etc. Take an aggressive salesposition to promote your website and don’t assume prospects will visit your site just because it’slisted. Give them a reason to visit. For example, the next time you write a sales letter or e-mail,consider, if appropriate, a call to action to drive them to your site, such as, go to our website tolearn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and list the URL.©2010 Premier Marketing Resources. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Ten Essential Tips for Generating More Leads, Sales and Profit From Your WebsiteTip #3: Offer an e-newsletter on your website.An e-newsletter is an easy, cost-effective way of educating your prospects and communicatingwith them frequently, consistently, and systematically. It increases your brand awareness andkeeps you “Top of Mind.” Make sure your e-newsletter is professionally produced and that thecontent is relevant, educational, and interesting, and include a link to your e-newsletter on yourhomepage so visitors can subscribe. In return, you’ll create a database of e-mail addresses fornew leads that you can proactively educate on a monthly or even weekly basis.Tip #4: Optimize your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Fine-tune your website and use the most popular key words so that each Web page gets a highranking in online searches. SEO involves a number of processes. While a few may be simple,other actions require a more in-depth knowledge of SEO and technology to achieve maximumresults for your business. Consider outsourcing your search engine positioning to ensure your siteis generating the maximum number of leads and sales.Tip #5: Social media provides additional opportunities to increasetraffic to your website.The big buzz today is social media. Many companies are still on the sidelines trying to understandhow to make it an integral part of their business and increase their revenues. A blog is one of themost important elements for creating traffic to your website through a back link. Today,LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, and Twitter are a few of the many social media tools businesses arebeginning to use effectively to increase their brand awareness and increase revenues. Given thespace needed to cover this topic, a future whitepaper will be devoted to social media.©2010 Premier Marketing Resources. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Ten Essential Tips for Generating More Leads, Sales and Profit From Your WebsiteTip #6: Get other websites to link to your site.One easy way to maximize your search engine referrals is by getting in-bound links, or links fromother sites that direct visitors back to your website. The number of in-bound links you have is oneof the most important criteria used by search engines to rank your pages. So the more in-boundlinks, the higher your business will rank when customers are searching for your products andservices. And remember, the best links are those that come from high quality, highly ranked Webpages that are relevant to your industry and services.One easy way to start getting more in-bound links is to visit the websites for industry associationsand publications. Begin posting comments wherever you can — for instance, leave a comment inresponse to a recent article or post comments on discussion boards. Be sure to leave your Webaddress so that the comment can link back to your site. This is an easy way to immediately createsome in-bound links and, in turn, increase your site’s Search Engine ranking.Tip #7: Include a risk-free offer on your homepage.When prospects visit your website, the easiest thing for them to do is nothing. Thats why youhave to offer them a low-risk way to take the next step in the buying process. You can easily dothis on your website by offering visitors a free report, whitepaper, brochure, seminar, orCD/DVD. Be sure to feature this offer prominently on your homepage, and make sure you collectcontact information for each visitor who responds to your offer. This way, you can build adatabase of those prospects and begin proactively marketing to them.Tip #8: Write articles for other e-newsletters.Identify related but non-competing businesses and submit articles for free publications in their e-newsletters. These articles should focus on educating their specific customers with relevant anduseful information. Just make sure your article includes a link to your website. This is a highlyeffective way to access another companys existing database and make your own website visibleto another businesss customers.©2010 Premier Marketing Resources. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Ten Essential Tips for Generating More Leads, Sales and Profit From Your WebsiteTip #9: Partner with other businesses and link to each other’s websites.Identify related but non-competing businesses and begin referring customers to one another.Begin by making a list of those businesses, and then contact them and form mutually beneficialpartnerships. Also, include a resource page on your website in which you can link to yourpartners’ sites. And be sure they do the same to help you generate referrals and Web traffic, andcreate additional in-bound links.Tip #10: Submit your website URL to the major search engines.Help the major search engines find your website by submitting your URL several times each year.The process is simple and provides one more opportunity to improve your ranking, and it’s free.©2010 Premier Marketing Resources. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. Ten Essential Tips for Generating More Leads, Sales and Profit From Your WebsiteAbout Premier Marketing ResourcesPremier Marketing Resources LLC (PMR) is a full-service marketing and communications firmthat can help your businesses grow, become more profitable, and stand out from the competition.PMR creates each piece of your communication plan so that it works together as a whole toaccomplish all of your communication goals. We learn your business and help you determineyour marketing goals. Our team of professionals excels at developing custom communicationplans that focus on acquiring, retaining and communicating effectively with your customers.For more information about Premier Marketing Resources, visit our website.Premier Marketing Resources is the parent company of the Newsletter Factory, visit their websiteat the AuthorKen has more than 25 years of experience in the printing and publishing industry. His professionalexperience is strengthened with senior leader positions in both Fortune 100 companies and privatelyheld enterprises. As the COO of several companies, Ken has successfully directed the global sales andmarketing efforts of each company. As a board member and consultant, Ken has successfully directedthe strategic planning of several businesses. Ken has a B.S. and M.B.A. in Marketing and is agraduate of the Executive Program at Columbia University.Premier Marketing Resources1775 The ExchangeSuite 300Atlanta, GA 30339Web: www.pmr-nlf.comEmail:©2010 Premier Marketing Resources. All rights reserved. 6