Newsjelly brand story (Eng ver.)


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Newsjelly brand story (English ver.)

What is News?
The news that touches your heart is the real news!

Information Overload
1. Information Overload
2. News; Not on my interest list
3. Same contents with different headlines
4. News; Lack of contents
5. News for me?
6. The veiled stories of you by data
7. Data journalism

What kind of story do you want to know more?
(Data Driven Approach)
8. Data never lies
9. Public data is a window to see this world
10. Social data; unconsciousness survey
11. Partnership with professional research institute
12. Exploring the world in big data

Visual Storytelling
13. Fact-based article
14. Abstractness of statistics
15. Limit of text amid overload information
16. Newsjelly article, a power of image : infographic

Two-way Communication
17. Sharing information via RAW data
18. Open discussion with Jelly

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Newsjelly brand story (Eng ver.)

  1. 1. What is News? The news that touches your heart is the real news!
  2. 2. Information Overload • Terrestrial broadcasting, cable TV, comprehensive TV channel, radio, week of the press, SNS, independent media, internet, blog etc. • 3,850 companies enrolled in Internet news-paper in 2012. • Internet news updated per second Are you pleased with information overload?
  3. 3. News; Not on my interest list • News filtered by gatekeeping • Reflecting executives’ opinions not story of people • Not focuses on life but sports, entertainment, politics Wonder what would happen if the good news is buried?
  4. 4. Same contents with different headlines 97 articles published
  5. 5. News; Lack of contents • Self-repetitive articles emerge • Numerous advertisements interferes articles • Provocative titles & identical articles • Suggestive advertisements distract articles
  6. 6. News for me? • What if the news that affects my life gets ignored by a selfreproduction process and gatekeeping? • The real news doesn’t just deliver a fact, but it rather conveys the meaning that helps influence my life!
  7. 7. The veiled stories of you by data • SNS activation • Open to public data • Diversified research methods • Era of big data Data has stories of you and the world
  8. 8. DATA JOURNALISM • Big data & Journalism union. • Data analysis and collection from independent position. • Finding a new story hidden in data. • Searching the hidden meaning in classifiable big data. • The creative and affluent storytelling as ever existed.
  9. 9. What kind of story do you want to know more?
  10. 10. Data Driven Approach
  11. 11. Data never lies • For easily misinterpreted problems, data analysis based graph or chart is provided. • Deriving solutions from one’s own thinking process. • The importance of creating value via data is widely recognized by society.
  12. 12. Public data is a window to see this world • Public data is owned by government or public institution. • High ripple effect on data usage and high quality data • Public data as information release form is helpful for those who are in need of finding a special purpose. specialist of data collection and analysis is needed! A
  13. 13. Social data ;unconsciousness survey • Data is New Soil and Oil • Social media data can get insights on people’s thoughts. • Evaluating influence • understading community • searching relationship route
  14. 14. Partnership with professional research institute • Estimation limit on public data and social data. • Securing accuracy and efficiency through a partnership with professional research institute. • A way to discover problems and raise questions.
  15. 15. Exploring the world in big data • Public data & social data : useful but unprocessed • A specialist of collection and analysis is needed • The limit on collecting big data and analysis : a new question can not be raised • Public + social + professional research institute Exploring the world through big data by NewsJelly
  16. 16. Visual Storytelling
  17. 17. Fact-based article • Delivery of fact • Weakness in reporting • Emergence of new media and overload information • Just delivering fact leaving the key point • Difficulties in finding meaning, context, and flow • Necessity of news curation
  18. 18. Abstractness of statistics • Publics be fear of numbers & overflowing statistics of the article • Deficiency in conveying message by providing clearcut numbers • Infographic as an alternative Statistics ; a tool to talk a story without reading and analysis
  19. 19. Limits of text amid overload information Digital transformation of media, fast-growing data • information becomes multimedialized by digitalization • Limits of text in conveying effective information for people who are in overload information Visual storytelling is necessary!
  20. 20. How 2013 has changed since 1994? • Syndrome of <answer 1994> • How was our era of 1994? • Combination of social data and public data. • Understanding the difference ; lifestyle of 1994 VS lifestyle of 2013. • Looking back on the past and see the present
  21. 21. Remarkable coincidence between politics and entertainment • Conspiracy verification • Analyze SNS’s key words • Analysis and collection of the news of the year • Compare the response of SNS with the amount of articles of entertainment and politics
  22. 22. One day of December, 10 years of X-mas • Storytelling 10-years of Christmas • Matching temperature and the times • Discussing changes of our society with Christmas as a topic
  23. 23. Power of image : Infographic • Concise • Understandable • Finding the relationship among information • Monitoring parameter
  24. 24. Find, refine, analyze, create … repeat
  25. 25. two-way communication
  26. 26. Sharing Information via RAW data • Inducing secondary work by RAW data • Active discussion on new and diverse topics
  27. 27. Open discussion with Jelly • Communicate with users on information and opinions • One way communication to discussion by development of users participation
  28. 28.