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How to Create an odesk Agency
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How to Create an odesk Agency


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement

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  • 1. Are you an oDesk client or Contractor?Would you like to hire contractors to workfor you?Then an oDesk Agency could be youranswer.How do you open an agency?
  • 2. Step 1•From your contractor or clientprofile page•Click on the settings button on thetop right corner
  • 3. Step 2Under the user settingson the left hand side ofyour screen you will find+Create a companyOnce you click on that,you will have two options1. Create an Agency2. Create a Client Company
  • 4. Step 3 Choose your preferred agency nameI chose to call mine “My oDesk Agency” for demonstration purposes Click on the Create Agency button
  • 5. Step 4 Your oDesk Agency has now been successfully createdYour next step should be to browse for jobs
  • 6. Step 5Your account is readyYou have started browsing for, applying,and probably getting jobsNow all you need is contractorsQuickly and easily find contractors andsend out invites
  • 7. Step 6Next step is to get ready for the payments thatare surely comingClick on the “Wallet” buttonGo to the “Set up a Withdrawal Method” button
  • 8. Step 7oDesk will presentyou with withdrawaloptions that areavailable in yourcountryChoose as many asyou want and fill outthe required detailsThe withdrawalmethods may takeup to a few days tobe completely set up
  • 9. Step 8aAfter selecting your withdrawal methods youneed to fill out taxation formsIf you are living in the United States then youwill be required to fill in Form W9
  • 10. Step 8bIf you do not live in the United States you will be required to fill in Form W8BEN
  • 11. Your oDesk Agency is now completeFamiliarize yourself with agency reports like the Timesheet Details report
  • 12. Important Note to RememberRemember to read the oDesk Policy Statements Make sure you go through the oDesk User Agreements Make arrangements to pay your contractors for fixed price jobs on time
  • 13. Stay With US Web: Twitter: